Landon Conrad: The Sword Interview

Watch out, Lauren, because there’s a new Conrad in town, and according to a scientific study of blog buzz, this muscle top is going to be huge. He fucked in a dingy motel room for, got humpy with Derrek Diamond in Dominic Pacifico for Falcon Str8 men and roughed up some firefighters in Chi Chi LaRue’s Playing with Fire 4 — and now he’s on his first boxcover for Falcon’s upcoming feature, Morning Wood.

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The Sword: Are you Mormon?

Landon Conrad: I was raised Mormon but no, I left the church 15 years ago and my parents were never that into it anyway.

TS: Ever fucked a missionary?

LC: Well my current boyfriend is an ex-missionary, and actually a lot of the guys I’ve dated have been BYU students, so yeah, a couple returned missionaries.

TS: How has porn affected your relationship?

LC: Well it’s just porn. We’ve been together for 4 years, so it’s still very new. I’m sure in the future there will be some challenges, but we’re pretty strong so I’m not too worried right now.

TS: Is your boyfriend as hot as you are?

LC: He is actually more attractive than I am. Whenever we go places it’s usually him who gets most of the attention. He does modeling here in Salt Lake City too, a lot of fitness modeling and local stuff, and we were just in New York so he could do some energy drink ads for the Asian market. Weird random stuff. So yeah, he’s a really good-looking guy.

TS: Are you monogamous outside of porn?

LC: Yeah.

TS: Why are your arms so big?

LC: It’s just genetics. I naturally have bigger tricepts and I work hard on them. A lot of people work hard on their biceps but the triceps are the bigger muscle.

TS: Ever had sex in public?

LC: I’ve had sex with people when we were at a house party, all in a room, but I’ve never had public sex in the sense of, you know, outside in the woods or behind the grocery store.

TS: How about at the gym?

LC: No, not really. Years ago a guy at the gym was cruising me, and when I left he was sitting in his car and motioned over to me. So I hopped in and we drove behind the gym and he gave me a blowjob. But I was never really into cruising. I always figure, what’s the point when there’s Manhunt? It’s private and you can be more selective.

TS: More selective? How so?

LC: Because there are a lot more options.

TS: Have you ever turned a guy down who you met online?

LC: Oh yeah, many times, when you think they look all great online and you get to their house, open their door and it’s them, 10 years or 30 pounds later.

TS: What about pity-fucking. Ever pity-fuck a dude?

LC: Well yeah, when they’re not exactly what you were hoping for but you’re horny enough. And a mouth is a mouth as bad as that sounds, so yeah, of course I’ve done that. But I’m pretty eclectic with the types of guys I like.

TS: That’s a good quality for a porn star. What kind of guys do you normally go for?

LC: It seriously varies from month to month. Sometimes I’m really into guys with buzzed heads, facial hair and tattoos, some months it’s latin guys, some months it’s clean-cut boys next door. But really, if you’re hot you’re hot.

TS: You’re hot. Ever go to bathhouses or sex clubs?

LC: We don’t really have bathhouses here, but when I lived in L.A. a little while back I went to the Melrose Spa because it was just a couple blocks away form my house. But honestly that wasn’t my scene.

TS: The guys weren’t your style or what?

LC: The guys were hot, but my whole life I’ve always been really into safe sex, and a lot of what I saw going on there didn’t seem very safe. So, you know, you want to get involved but you know you shouldn’t.

TS: Couldn’t you have just walked over to one of them and shoved your dick in his mouth?

LC: I suppose I could have but I didn’t. And I like to just watch too, I’ve always been a huge porn fan, so watching was enough for me.

TS: Have you started to get recognized?

LC: Just barely I think. Just yesterday I was on the elliptical at the gym and in front of me there was a guy with a woman, who I can only assume was his girlfriend or wife, and he kept looking back at me and smiling. I think I was being recognized.

TS: What kind of porn do you watch?

LC: I’ve always liked anything with Colton Ford.

TS: When was the last time you masturbated?

LC: Well I’m saving up for my live show tonight, so not today. I did a couple times yesterday though.

TS: You were watching porn?

LC: Yes, to Chris Wide. I guess he’s a bodybuilder now.

TS: Were you hunched over at your desk?

LC: No, I got my laptop and lay on my bed.

TS: Use lube?

LC: Yes. Swiss Navy.

TS: There’s cum-scented lube now.

LC: That sounds revolting.


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5 Responses to “Landon Conrad: The Sword Interview”

  1. julyan chrysthian h. l. says:

    i am from a very kind of important family( my father my uncle are ambassadors), have been lucky to meet real people traveling around the world(charities, onus) and you learn a lot from every single one, for being gay myself do not have a great relatiuonship with my family, but happy to be gay and proud of it.
    i am happy to know landon conrad has a normal life outside his work and i do hope one day people appreciate more; judging people not for what they do for living but how they really behave daily with you and the one around you.
    Julyan Chrysthian H. L.

  2. Tommy says:

    Well what a handsome chap, he has classic chiselled looks like the old school 1940′s actors’s ‘Cary Grant’ ‘Rock Hudson’…..swoon…..I find this type of guy so attractive, he’s very masculine, much better looking than the majority of Actors he looks very classy, a genuine heartthrob. His partner is a very lucky man, I wish you all the luck in the world with your career Landon, not that you’ll need it….stunning x

    Take care


    London, England

  3. WZR says:

    Landon is one of the hottest gay porn stars. He is damn attractive. I would like to be fucked and fisted by him:-)

  4. Bryan says:

    I don’t know whether you are landon Conrad, Em,
    I came across a web address, and lost my heart to you ,I like to make friends with white men,They look gentle and handsome,I really wanna know them,while not to do anything about sex cause I sincerely love them(oh,Perhaps it’s an inadvisable way to say so,I wish that you won’t laugh at me).I even hope to invite them to enjoy red wine and NANSHA CRISP (Imperial food) in my country……so please tell me your E-mail etc.where we could contact with each other,and convey my hearty words to them ,if possible.Thanks so much!
    Besides,As an asian boy, I couldn’t speak English well. and typed these words in hurry, please don’t mind of some mistakes which I may left.
    looking forward you!
    Best wishes

  5. Eric says:

    I invited Landon Conrad to a sex party in Hightland Park in L A, we met of adam4adam a year and a half ago he states that he doesn’t cheat on this BF outside of porn ( what ever the hell that means), He got pretty crazy and perverted that night, I saw him sucking some big black dick, So HOT!!!

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