Kurt Wild: “It’s All in the Prostate”

Read the entire interview here. Kurt Wild talks about cumming twice in a row and fingering his prostate. But we’re more interested in his mysterious comments alleging that there’s more to Bryan Kocis’ murder than people know:

Oh my god, oh my god… I can’t comment on the Cuadra thing. I guess if I did some people would be coming afer me. I actually know stuff about that…I heard there’s more people involved, there were more people fantasizing about Brent Corrigan as well…I was riding arond in a car and Brent told me…I’ve heard so much more… but I guess it’s still…I still think there’s a third guy involved.

As for lonely convict Nickolay Petrov, who bashed an elderly couple’s skulls with a hammer, Kurt recalls hanging out with him after they filmed a scene together:

I did notice one thing in particular about him that gave me a cue that he was aware of violence, that he had been around it. We went to this club after shooting one day. I don’t know why, but he always stayed right beside me and I felt like I had a bodyguard. And he’d smile and he’d talk to me, but I was the only person he’d talk to. If a person came up to start touching me or treating me weird, he’d stand up and stare them down, and they’d usually pee their pants and walk away. He had this aura of “I’m a badass and leave me alone.”

Then Kurt Wild describes going on Tyra’s gay-for-pay special, addressing the stupid comments made by Sean Kennedy — that whiny, irrelevent Advocate editor who eats unwarranted outrage for breakfast and may in fact be a lesbian. (Sean’s insipid input can be found here, fourth clip down, three minutes in.)

As far as the guy protesting what we were doing, the guy working for Advocate magazine, he tried to say I don’t have to deal with any ridicule because I get to be straight before I come in and then come out straight, that I never have to deal with any of the issues that gay men have to deal with. That’s not true obviously: I got fired from my job because of that.


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  1. radg says:

    the link to the interview isn’t an interview. can you fix it :(

  2. Legend says:

    Dude, you got fired for being in porn and it possibly being linked back to Subway restaurants. If it were straight porn, the same thing would have happened. Granted, maybe not as soon as it did with gay, but it still goes against their business ethics codes.

    I agree with the Advocate… for the first time. Thanks for making me feel so dirty.

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