Kurt Madison (a.k.a. Quinn Jaxon) Jerks Off, Poses, And Giggles In Nude Photoshoot Video


After all the photos and videos you’ve seen of Kurt Madison’s practically inhuman bubble butt and monster cock, are you tired of him? No, you’re not. Here are more.

Just when I thought the Randy Blue porn star and underwear model was done showing off, he goes ahead and shows off some more and, surprise, he is still perfect.

This time it’s for Paragon Men. This is ridiculous.

Click photos to enlarge.

And in case there was any doubt that everything is really as big as it looks in pictures, there is video evidence. Preview (full video here):


[ParagonMen.com: Kurt Madison]


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6 Responses to “Kurt Madison (a.k.a. Quinn Jaxon) Jerks Off, Poses, And Giggles In Nude Photoshoot Video”

  1. Michaelangelo’s “David” has some competition now, and I’m not just talking about the dick size!

  2. DPS says:

    Thank god he ditched that ugly puka shells necklace.

  3. Ben says:

    His cock is just….just….heavenly!

  4. mike says:

    I would totally compromise my integrity and everything I believe in for some quality naked time with that man! He is impossibly beautiful! OY!

  5. Half porco says:

    HE shouldn’t shave his body!

    Gorgeous guy, please keep posting about these photoshoots every time he does one :)

  6. kitoshi says:

    I can be his personal fluffer. What a man!!!

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