Kris Evans + Leather Daddy Outfit = Good. Bye.


Nice knowing you.

Did you need further proof that Kris Evans has one of the top 20 best bodies in gay porn and can pull off literally any look? Here’s Bel Ami’s biggest star posing as a sort of Tom of Finland leather daddy for the studio’s new “art collection” series. And here I am being dead: ___. Bye.

(Click any photo to enlarge, if you can handle it.)

[Bel Ami: Kris Evans and Ryan Kutcher]


ICYMI, here is Kris Evans’ latest, in which he fucks four of Bel Ami’s Kinky Angels (Jack Harrer, Adam Archuleta, Andre Boleyn, and Kevin Warhol).

[Bel Ami: Kris Evans Fucks The Kinky Angels]


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30 Responses to “Kris Evans + Leather Daddy Outfit = Good. Bye.”

  1. carey579 says:


    One of the few hunks at Bel Ami in a sea of twinks (although they’re all gorgeous).

  2. Jason says:

    I’ll see you on the other side, Zach, ’cause I’m right there with you.

  3. lolz says:

    So does this mean he is officially gay now?

  4. Dirty Lopez says:

    Yuck! Leather is so redunkulous. Get over your GAY 70′s MAN DRAG FETISH.

    (Of course, Chris’s body, despite being in Lurch’s head, is in-fuckin-credibly edible).

  5. Tonyl says:

    He looks like Zeb Atlas younger, harder to understand son.

  6. sxg says:

    I love the leather look, but even with his hot body Kris Evans has too much of a bitchface to pull it off in my opinion. Whoever that other guy is could have pulled it off a whole lot better. Still, good photos!

  7. James says:

    Give me Ryan. That boy needs a good rutting.

  8. Jason says:

    I must be the minority, but Kris has never, and will never, do anything for me.

  9. Absurdist says:

    Call me back when he’s gone on just enough T to keep him this side of open aggression. The child needs body hair to pull of that look.

  10. Freddie, the commenter says:

    He has a manly body and a face of a high school student that has been taking ‘Cs’ in math, fisics, chemistry, biology,…

  11. stranded says:

    Pass. Lots of nice bits, but in general he really doesn’t do it for me. I’m more of a Dolph fan.

  12. Lukes says:

    The photos where he’s dressed or half dressed are even more arousing than the last ones where he’s nude!

  13. Jordi Lim says:

    That’s what Im talking about a not “super white” white guy equals to HANDSOME. He’s even more goodlooking than some hollywood actors.

  14. robirob says:

    The problem is: It’s not BelAmi. The studio is popular for its playful muscular twins. Not for ‘dress-up’ gimmicks. I assume the pictures were taken by someone like Rick Day?

    While the concept sure is sexy and interesting in theory I think the execution fails when it comes to Kris’ scowly bitchface facial expression which is hardly sexy or intimidating. To me it’s almost off putting.

    Neverless Kris Evans has an insanely hot looking body.

  15. MaV says:

    Kris Evans has one of the best bodies in the business. I see some body hair on his arms that’s pretty sexy.

  16. Jim says:

    With that body and that dick he can wear anything he wants!

  17. mister reality says:

    He wears a rubber- that just sent me over the top. Sexy, stunning to look at and smart? Definitively hot.

  18. Johnny says:

    Good fucking lord! I wish his performing was as hot as his body.

  19. Paul says:

    Lets see more of RYAN naked and fucked too Bet his ass isv ery tight

  20. mitch says:

    He’s muscular, sultry and sexy but not a Tom of Finland type.
    To me the look captured here is more reminiscent of the great Peter Berlin.

  21. Carrel says:

    Kris Evans: great body…face like banjo playing in Deliverance (1972)

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