Justin Bieber Shows Off Rippling Abs And Pecs, Bulging Biceps, And A Tight Bubble Butt In Skimpy Boxer Briefs!



Move over Arnold Schwarzenegger, there’s a new muscle man in town—in Miami, to be exact!! Yesterday, pop singer Justin Bieber proudly showed off his shredded 6-pack abs, gargantuan bis and tris, throbbing pectorals, and a booty-poppin’ bubble butt ass in a pair of fun ‘n’ flirty black boxer briefs.

The topless tart was flaunting it all for those pesky paparazzi, and with a bangin’ bikini body like this, who wouldn’t? Just look at those cum gutters! Talk about a “V-to-the-P”!

Think of all the 10-inch cocks that have been rammed in between Justin Bieber’s firm, excruciatingly tight butt cheeks. Think of all the creamy white loads that have been busted on Justin Bieber’s hairless abs…the semen dribbling down over each muscular nook and cranny, eventually collecting into a milky puddle inside of his belly button. OMG!!!

Imagine yourself stroking every last drop of ejaculate out of Justin Bieber’s still somewhat erect, gigantic, and beer can thick uncircumcised penis (he’s Canadian), with your ring and pinky fingers gently juggling his balls while you slurp the cum out of his belly button as he slaps you across the face (softly) while calling you his bitch. *faints*

Then, he gets dressed.

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30 Responses to “Justin Bieber Shows Off Rippling Abs And Pecs, Bulging Biceps, And A Tight Bubble Butt In Skimpy Boxer Briefs!”

  1. Loki says:

    Justin Bieber? I thought it was Hilary Swank…

  2. Daniel from Brazil says:

    Johnny Rapid is sooooo much cuter.

  3. James says:

    No. Just no.

  4. luke_s says:

    He should hire a fashion consultant ASAP.

    Those last two pics are laughable. They won’t age well.

  5. tom says:

    Those tatts makes him look so butch!

  6. half porco says:

    Still looks like a lesbian rabbit – dressed as a chav

  7. Alex says:

    The first pics make him look like “Cocky Boy’s newest twink” but then – as you point out he puts on those horrible clothes. It’s like he took fashion advice from a late 90′s lesbian or Will Smith from the same era.

  8. robirob says:

    Oh, he so pretty! He sure will be the next action movie star (if you believe his handlers desperately trying to extend his 15 Minutes of Fame).

  9. Denis says:

    When I was a malnourished, girly looking teenage “boy” with pale skin, bad hair and zero fashion sense, people threw rocks at me… This generation has it so easy…

  10. Glenn says:

    He is such an egomaniac. And he is FAR to old to dress like he does. He is one male who’d never get into my bed. No interest at all.

    • b.london says:

      He’ll be upset to hear that Glenn. He’s not exactly doing what the headline says but you can see he’s getting there! I wonder how he’ll age, such an odd looking boy. The car is only speeding up.

  11. Marvel says:

    It’s like Clown Week on the Sword…so many silly tats everywhere, TIM models, and now the Biebs. Porn used to be hot and sexy.

  12. Sheik says:

    Im telling you – 2013 is going to be the year of the Biebs Public breakdown. First Selena Gomez breaks up with him, then zero Grammy nominations, next he spits in a water bottle. NExt, heroin… I guarantee. He’s already addicted to tattoos, which is indicator #1 of heroin addiction…

  13. ceem says:

    I’d love to see him and Jake Bass flip flop!

  14. MaV says:

    Looks like a lesbian with generic tats.

  15. aDude says:

    I’d rather fuck an eel.

  16. aslogan says:

    How long ago was he Captain Pancake Ass? I’m ready to cry silicone injections…

  17. Eddie says:

    Always a little fag.

  18. LAChris says:

    He’s on the road to Michael Jackson creepy — I see it in the moon walk there and in the loud cries for attention (help)

  19. Jon says:

    What an adorable FTM young man, I hope his gender reassignment surgery goes well. These pics remind me I need to go sock shopping.

  20. T-Bird says:

    I looked like that too at his age then came the invention of the chicken mcnuggets :(

  21. suti says:

    c’mon pretty good eye candy and he’s soooo hot !! Drool

  22. Steve454 says:

    He’s pretty from what I’ve seen in interviews, but he has zero sex appeal.

  23. JerseyBro says:

    He has not ASS and the package is more like a small pouch…..and will somebody buy him a pair of drawz that fit…..

  24. jason says:

    Just wanted to tell you keep up the great work!

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