Johnny Rapid Did A Weird Interview And Revealed That He Has Children


Just how many kids does Johnny Rapid have?

It’s surprising not because no one knew he was gay-for-pay, but mainly because Johnny Rapid doesn’t look old enough to be a father—much less the father of multiple children?? Also, how does he find the time? He’s always getting gangbanged.

Here are excerpts from the undated (it was sometime within the past 30 days) interview with Johnny Rapid, from a blog written by someone who goes by the name “Stacey Gone Wild”(?).

Stacey Gone Wild: What would you be doing now with your life if you hadn’t gotten involved in porn?

Johnny Rapid: I would still be struggling to raise my children with a minimum wage 9 to 5.

If that isn’t weird enough, how about the time a fan went up to Johnny Rapid’s girlfriend in the mall and tripped her?

Stacey Gone Wild: Have you had any bad experiences with fans? Do you enjoy interacting with them?

Johnny Rapid: I love interactions with my fans. The fans are amazing. One fan did “accidentally” trip my girlfriend at the mall. That’s never cool.


Also, you’re in luck, Jake Bass…

Stacey Gone Wild: Which of your scenes is your favourite? Favourite co-star? Who would you like to work with?

Johnny Rapid: My favorite scene is Prison Shower as it is my most popular. I have many co-stars I like, I rather not choose favorites. My girlfriend Sara would love to see fellow pornstar Jake Bass and I work together.

Is this interview real?
How many kids does Johnny Rapid have?
Would you ever trip a gay-for-pay porn star’s girlfriend in the mall?
Would you ever go wild with Stacey?

Johnny Rapid’s infamous “Prison Shower” scene with Rafael Alencar:

[ Rafael Alencar Fucks Johnny Rapid]


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71 Responses to “Johnny Rapid Did A Weird Interview And Revealed That He Has Children”

  1. litper says:

    After so much rape it’s no surprise he got pregnant!

    • Todd Achen says:

      HA HA!….. but for real though, everyone knows that’s not possible. Straight men have ways of shutting that down when raped.

  2. Marvel says:

    The impression here was that Johnny was speaking hypothetically that without porn, he would be sitting there one day in the future working a 9 to 5 making minimum wage with children running around the house. That’s the bad thing about interviews that are really questionnaires that someone fills out…which is how most porn star & internet interviews seem to be done. And this was an “interview” where Johnny wrote in his responses.

    StaceyGoneWild (that is her twitter ID) is a savy Australian gal who runs The site has become big in a short amount of time. The Rapid interview was set up by as I understand and had there full cooperation. The site is not a blog…not by my definition.

    • J2 says:

      In August a Sword commenter said that Johnny has a Facebook, under his real name, which says he has a girlfriend and a daughter. I don’t know if that means he’s produced another kid in the last six months or already had more he’d declined to mention. I haven’t seen the Facebook page myself because I don’t know his real name.

    • quidj says:

      Well it said that he said still be struggling. Meaning that he had be struggling with children before starting porn.

  3. bruce says:

    ahhh he is so cute/sexy. more dicks in his hole please

  4. J2 says:

    Nah, tripping people’s low-class. I’m going to find Kurt Wild’s wife and put a whoopee cushion on her chair.

  5. StaceyGoneWild says:

    Firstly Yes the interview is 100% real. It was set up by my contact at and was done by Johnny as a means of connecting with his fans. I am thoroughly disgusted that you would use my name and this interview i such a pathetic attempt to gain more readers. Secondly whether Johnny Rapid has children or not is really no one’s buisness but his own. He is a decent young guy who’s trying to to make it in a tough industry. I think your constant potrayal of him as a gay for pay whore is both sad and irritating. He’s so much more than that if you actually took the time to find out for yourselves.

    • Marty says:

      Use your name to gain more readers? Girl please! Who are you? I have never heard of you and I suspect Zach and other readers haven’t either. Get over yourself!

      • StaceyGoneWild says:

        Actually if you read my comment you would have seen that I said he was using my INTERVIEW as a means of gainging readers. Maybe learning to read before you open your mouth is something you should work on :)

        • Marko says:

          Hey Miss Grammar Teacher – you did actually write “I am thoroughly disgusted that you would use MY NAME and this interview” blah blah. You’re clearly crushing hard and don’t like anyone speaking ill of your fantasy bf, and you can’t seem to decide whether we all think he’s a whore or a nymphomaniac twink (I just think he’s hot sex). Methinks you need to get laid.

        • Ghost Chelsea says:

          Oh sweetie, you should follow your own advice about learning to read.

          What you wrote was “I am thoroughly disgusted that you would use my name and this interview i such a pathetic attempt to gain more readers”

          MY NAME and this interview in such a pathetic attempt to gain more readers.

          You DIDN’T write *only* this interview ….and you combined the two in your sentence. My name AND this interview ….

    • another mike says:

      oh please get off the cross, someone needs the wood.

    • Eddie says:

      It’s the propper nature of his ‘ work ‘ that makes him appears as a male whore ( Sex for money…) When you know nothing about a person you make assumptions: Before read this a thought that he probably had a sugar daddy that allowed him to do porn…Zach told us that in the last Cybersocket Awards he was ” surrounded by a trio of handlers…” It smells like ” white slavery or mob’s wives ” (lol). Who would know that he had children to rise ?

      • StaceyGoneWild says:

        That’s the problem with making these assumptions about him. It’s assumed that he’s some bimbo twink who can’t possibly be doing what he does for any reason other than he loves to have sex. What people would be extremely surprised to learn is that he is very intelligent and has a solid and admirable work ethic. To those of you calling him “repulsive” I suggest you look in the mirror before making such comments. Thousands of fans would definately beg to differ.

        • yoyo69 says:

          taking cock up your ass is not WORK. tell him to go shovel snow or collect cans. that’s work. and it may be a tad less traumatizing to his ‘kids’ to know their dad has a real job and doesn’t have gay sex on film for a ‘living’. i would hate to be those kids on the playground after their classmates discover who ‘dad’ is.

        • gnormie says:

          I think people are just insecure that Johnny has children. I guess the queens are offended he has children with a woman yet the gays give him money to get fucked by guys. They feel offended somehow or maybe they’re jealous he can and does have children.

          How dare a model have a life outside of porn.

          • Marc says:

            Offended?? More like surprised. It would be just as surprising as finding out that straight porn star Jordan Ashe is a huge power bottom in real life. When I found this info out a while back, I was quite surprised. First, that someone that young has more than one child or any children and second that someone with kids is doing gay porn. No judgment, just that it’s obviously not the norm. Perhaps in your world it’s normal for 19 or 20 year old fathers to do gay porn; but it’s not in the real world. I find it ironic that you make a lot of assumptions in your post that are obviously born from your own “issues” with gays.

    • Lukes says:

      Sorry sweetie, but it’s more probable that you will get more readers because you were cited here than the opposite…

      P.S.: “constant portrayal of him as gay for pay”?? but Zach never mentioned of Johnny Rapid as g4p! (in this article he even states “no one knew he was gay-for-pay”) Besides, if he has a girlfriend and a daughter IS a g4p, so why do you complain?

    • TJ Johnson says:

      It’s First and Second – not firstly & secondly

  6. Marty says:

    That is odd. I never imagined that. But I don’t care as long as you are a good porn performer, which he is. That being said, he does nothing for me, he looks like a little boy.

  7. DD says:

    I’d just like to add that in an interview with Rocco Reed, Rapid (who was interviewing him for QMN) agreed with him that when you take as much dick as they both do, there’s really no way to call yourself straight.

  8. aslogan says:

    He doesn’t look old enough to have one kid, let alone multiple. Did he start allegedly impregnating girls when he was 11?

  9. dissi says:

    he’s repulsive. he actually made Rocco Reed seem classy in that interview (well almost).

  10. MIke says:

    Is he another like Brent Corrigan or Adam Lambert who have straight lonely hetero girl fans who hate “da gayz”? I suppose they want to rescue them or something.

    • StaceyGoneWild says:

      It’s amazing that people assume that someone like me must be a fan of Johnny Rapid because im some pathetic spinster who can’t get a guy. In fact a huge portion of the female population love gay porn. It’s no different to straight guys loving lesbian porn.

      • Michael says:

        Actually straight men love fake lesbian sex scenes in straight porn. They aren’t interested in real dykes.
        It’s perfectly fine for women to love gay porn, but when they obsess over them like Hollywood stars, and twitter stalk them, it gets sad and weird really fast.

        • gnormie says:

          That’s not fair. Straight men like attractive women having sex. I’m sure if attractive lesbians had sex they would be interested.

      • Cau Si says:

        Speak for yourself! Huge portion of the female population. What- you and your feral kind that maul each other, as evidenced by your bitter confabulating comments up here? It’s one thing for gay men and straight women to be friends, but straight women like you who can’t stop ogling at gay men they can’t have are creepy and pathetic. It’s no different from straight guys who think just maybe they can find a way to sandwich in between two sappho sisters. If you have actually managed to bag a man in your life, then I feel sad for him for your behavior. Cos nothing exudes masculinity like for a straight man to realize his wife/GF has the deranged need to resort to gay porn. Get a life. And counseling.

      • SkittleFitz says:

        You’re obviously too fat and ugly to get your own man. Keep fantasizing about breaking them up. He’ll never want you, Ms. HomeWrecker.

  11. CeeCee says:

    Am I alone in finding the crazy posts by Stacey to be the best part of the article?

  12. robirob says:

    I thought him having a girlfriend and being a father was an established part of his porn star image background already? I recall there was already an interview that stated that Rapid lost his job and had to find other means to support his girlfriend/wife and kid(s) when he started as Men’s exclusive rape victim. Why is this news now?

  13. Okay first off Stacey Interview is 100% real and for ppl to go and say its not is stupid yes Johnny has a facebook under his real name and also has his brother on facebook who i seem that my brother has His Brother on Facebook.. Johnny has a girlfriend and A Kid; Stop bashing her and saying these lies ABOUT the Interview she know’s the Truth and i know that truth so Zach Fuck Off and how about u interview Stacey instead of making up Falsely rumors

    • Cau Si says:

      People are not chastising her for the authenticity of the story. Frankly, I can care less about Johnny Rapid. She comes up here acting holier-than-thou, and is not appreciated. Her cyclothymic obsession with gay porn is pathological. Gone wild indeed.

  14. Eric says:

    Weirdos ..they’re all in the perfect industry.

  15. damques says:

    this stacygonewild person says that johnny rapid having children or not is really no ones business. yet here he is talking about it in her interview. she also says he is very intelligent and has a solid and admirable work ethic. with his great intellect and willingness to work hard you would think he could find a, oh lets see, less controversial line of employment. it seems like it will be difficult to eventually explain to his daughter the billy club being shoved up his ass and the huge gaping hole. i mean i’ve never seen any of his movies but from what i have seen on this blog it looks like his specialty is being raped or gang banged. stacygonewild says a “huge” portion of the female population loves gay porn. really stacy? even gay porn with the fantasy of young guys being raped by older men. wow, i guess you learn something new every day.

  16. SkittleFitz says:

    Stacy needs to pull the dildo out of her ass and stick it back in her mouth where it belongs. She more obsessed with gay guys than other GAY MEN are.

  17. KevinOhyap says:

    Who cares. These people make porno. Why they do it should be no ones issues. As long as the PORNO is good then I couldn’t imagine what anyone has to complain about. You have no idea where and what you will be doing to make it in this world. To each their own. Either watch the porn they are in or not and move on. YOU people are the repulsive ones.

  18. Lukebrux says:

    Johnny Rapid isn’t straight, is a nice little bitch who likes big dick all over. The only way he can have sex with a woman is to become a lesbian. Another so called gay-for-pay but in reality gay-in-denial.

  19. Ronnie says:

    Johnny Rapid hmmmm. So cute and maybe not making such a good career choice. I am pretty sure he will regret this later in life and I don’t think his girlfriend will last through all this. Maybe it’s because at 47 I have seen so many porn stars come and go. What does one do after porn? Try to find a job and pray no one finds you on the internet? Maybe in the 1970′s you could disappear, but not now.
    I am impressed that a bi man would do such wild sex. I haven’t seen many gay men take 2 cocks or a club and a cock like that. Isn’t there a saying that the cock doesn’t lie? He seemed pretty into these scenes. Where were the women for the bi scene. Does he make bi films or have straight porn sex as well? That would certainly prove his bi-ness.
    I must admit though, I do love to see him get fucked etc. He certainly loves cock and bottoms like a champ!
    This staceygonewild person’s comments are uncalled for. It is a perfect display of her intellect and class. She/he lives in some fantasy bubble. Someday it will get popped.
    Cheers men!

  20. Neil says:

    Huge majority of female population like-a gay porn and-a India is a billion and-a lost a gay purns.

  21. TNT says:

    If he’s G4P then he does a helluva great job pretending to like to get fucked. Because, i’ve never seen enyone enjoy getting fucked (especially DP’d)as much as he does.

    I think G4P is just an excuse (i speak in general) to do what you secretly desire.
    If you fuck a guy or get fucked by a guy then you’re at least bi.

  22. Lukes says:

    Well ok: physiologically you don’t need to be gay to enjoy anal sex. IT is well known that the back door is an erogenous area for men, due to blood vascularization, nervous receptacles and that thing called prostrate. Many straight men enjoy butt play in the privacy of their bedroom (which doesn’t mean they take necessarily huge dildos).

    Psychologically of course it’s different. And Johnny Rapid seems to enjoy to be penetrated a BIT too much.

  23. Ryanflip says:

    If you read his twitter, and his interactions towards other users, it certainly is gives the impression that he is at least bi. G4P does not apply to him, gf/kids or not.

  24. david says:

    Just another straight guy manipulating gay men into fantasizing about the “straight” image we are supposed to find attractive. Get over him. He’s a skinny twink. I boycott because they hire predominately gay4pay performers.

    • dissi says:

      here here!!

      and, bottom line, no matter how liberal a society is, doing porn to support one’s family is just a bad idea. Having kids while young and unable to even support yourself is a bad idea. worst of all, doing interviews about it and pandering to your “fans” is a recipe for disaster.

  25. C says:

    It never seems to surprise me how many porn loving, Model chasing guys think so little of these models/performers. Why is it so bad that these guys do porn? How do people think they are better then they are when they pay to see them have sex? This cuts both ways. I also find myself thinking “WTF” when people comment about when the kid will find out about the parents porn past. First, how will they find out? Will they be searching for gay porn sometime in the near future?
    Will this effect the way they raise there kids? Will they be more open to talk about sex and not be repressed like so many other people? It seems that a lot of the people who watch adult have a lot of shame connected to it and seem to believe that the performers should be ashamed of themselves and their partners should be ashamed to be with someone who does porn.

    It’s shocking to many that men raising kids shouldn’t do gay porn, yet there are plenty of str8 people in porn raising kids all over the world, where’s the shame for them. People always cry about free speech and expression just to turn around and people who are sex workers should be ashamed and not have families or kids and that those parts of their lives be kept tightly locked away somewhere. All the while those passing judgement are jacking off to them every chance they get.

    Stacy, YOU and Johnny put it out there he has kids and a GF/Wife. So if you or he didn’t want people to know or talk about it then it should not have been posted by you, let alone Johnny putting it out there for people to know. If it wasn’t for models doing porn what the hell would people be getting off too? People who are sex workers should feel as ashamed as the people getting off to there scenes.

    • D says:

      I certainly don’t think I’m better or worse than anybody else by watching porn. But after I’ve shot my wad in the privacy of my bedroom, I go wash my hands and go on with my day. Rapid wakes up every morning to a picture of him looking traumatized by a giant black cock that threatens him a concussion in a gay porn blog. To me, that’s bad.

      And don’t try to overgeneralize by uttering statements you cannot back up, like “straight people in porn raising kids all over the world.” You make it sound so pedestrian like taking the kids to McDonalds or something. In many countries, possession of pornography lands you in jail, let alone starring in your own skin flick.

      As for your WTF moment, are you really that naive that his kids won’t find out about how daddy brings home the bacon if they don’t personally search for gay porn? The Rapid household will absolutely be more open in talking about sex, but perhaps not in the most well-adjusted father-to-son/daughter way; more like, “Daddy, why is there a picture of a big black cock next to you? What is that slimy stuff on your face? What is”

      Whether there’s shame brought on by someone’s parents doing porn, only the kids can answer the question. If we lived in a society where we could run around naked and pet each other on a hot rock at will, the answer might be different. But these porn stars have brought their kids into a world much different from the above, a much less forgiving world in which people still try to fit in, where opinions influence and kids are too impressionable.

    • DD says:

      I couldn’t agree more. There have been times when porn got me through when nothing else would. I respect porn and porn performers. I don’t want to think of a world without porn; sure would be a much more violent place.

    • SWO says:

      With you 100%

  26. Spenace the Menace says:

    “Stacey Gone Wild” thinks it is “pathetic” and is “thoroughly disgusted” that someone on the Internet would comment on something else on the Internet. Does she not know how the Internet works? Isn’t that the purpose of, oh, a HYPERLINK to another site?

    Another thing that’s amusing: if you search “Stacey Gone Wild” along with “Johnny Rapid” on Google, there are no results. Her site has a PageRank of zero; the Sword has a PageRank of 4 and the rankings follow a geometric progression, meaning the Sword is 10,000 times more popular than this Stacey person’s site. Apparently Google has yet to find about this diamond in the rough with the sweet personality.

  27. Critifur says:

    There is something severely wrong with a world in which I cannot get laid.

    I am a bit better than average looking. I was a model in my younger days, I was February in a calendar, and had a few greeting cards, and did a few shoots with well known photographers, I was a go-go boy for 10 years, and Chi-Chi asked me to be in a movie. I am 44 now, but I still look good. I know I am probably too picky for my own good at this point. But seriously, “straight” boys are getting fucked by other “straight” boys in porn constantly. Bareback, eating cum, gang-banged. What does a gay man have to do these days to find sex, without having to endlessly troll websites and apps? Argh. Sigh

  28. DrearyDan says:

    Ugh, Kurt Wilde for a new generation. How dreary.

  29. owenstar says:

    It’s strange to me how judgemental a lot of people are about pornstars, although they watch and pleasure themselves to their videos. I’ll never understand that kind of hypocrisy.

    • Clance says:

      I am completely with you on this one. If anyone that commented knows who he is then Johnny is doing his job regardless of what opinions you have of the man. I mean really who cares if he has kids as Marty pointed out he is a porn star as long as he gives awesome head and a tight ass who cares what he does at home. Also, i am not sure why everyone is picking on Stacy. I mean she conducted the interview and would have some sort of idea as to who this man is in person, while most of us have not or will not meet him, in that kind of setting. Stacy is correct i have met a lot of girls who like gay porno and i don’t find it odd or weird that they enjoy it or that they like the dudes that are in it. I mean what does it matter if they do or do not. This blog amazes me sometimes, we are all forced to deal with assholes because we are gay but we are quick to be mean to one another and pass judgement.

  30. shubham says:

    I LOVE U JOHNNY RAPID…i can do anything for you!!

  31. Les says:

    I was married to a female for 20 yrs and we were swingers both bi and I have all ways enjoyed sex equally as much with men as with women and even being fucked although I am more top so why can it not be the same not the same for Johnny Rapid or many other people in the world

  32. Strepto Mycin says:

    Thank you for quoting Stacey’s interview. And thank you Stacey for interviewing Johnny. I admire him. Juggling career and family is never easy if you want to be an engaged parent. Fortunately it sounds like his gf has no hangups about his profession, unlike the hypocrites who wrote the critical comments above.

  33. Tadarise says:

    I simply such as the important facts an individual offer to your content articles. I most certainly will take a note of your blog plus analyze yet again here on a regular basis. We are rather sure I will learn a great deal of fresh material proper listed here! All the best . for one more!

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