James Jamesson Posts His HIV Test Results Online


Plagued by anti-gay online trolls harassing him with claims about his status, porn star James Jamesson answers the question once and for all: Is he HIV-positive?

The answer, which anyone with a functioning brain has known all along, is of course no. He’s HIV-negative. Jamesson wouldn’t be regularly shooting with Next Door Studios (one of several online studios that doesn’t use positive models in its productions) if he were positive, but that hasn’t stopped homophobic straight porn rejects from attacking him online. Why? And where? I won’t link or mention any of them by name, but let’s just say there are a lot of out of work straight porn actors (and actresses) who despise performers, like Jamesson, who have found crossover success working in both gay and straight porn. And, fueled by the fact that Jamesson had once worked with “Patient Zeta” (a.k.a. Derrick Burts, who tested HIV-positive months later) in a scene, the anti-gay, racist, and obviously jealous gang of unemployed porn stars (or wanna-be porn stars) seized on the opportunity to scapegoat Jamesson as the reason for the spread of HIV.

A sampling from one of the message boards that was going after Jamesson, under a thread titled, “All out war on HIV POS James Jamesson – fag will not learn!”

–How much nigger meatpipe up the shitter is it going to take to make this fag understand he will never be fully accepted in any society. Let them waste their time trying to get this place shut down. That is less time they are fucking someone and possibly increasing the HIV statistics.

–what is his real name? have his high school classmates been contacted on classmates.com and facebook?

–the issue is james popping his dumb mouth off and making videos and lying about his status. he should have balls like mason wyler and admit what he is.

–contact the health dept about this disease spreader

Their vitriol is nothing short of insane, but it’s eclipsed by their stupidity.


For the record, it makes no difference to me what Jamesson’s status is. And it should make no difference to you either, unless you plan on sleeping with him. It might be useless to publicly respond like this to people who are obviously monsters to begin with, but it’s understandable why he did. If people were spreading lies about you, it’d be hard to not respond when it’s so easy to prove them wrong.

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20 Responses to “James Jamesson Posts His HIV Test Results Online”

  1. Asenath says:

    His test results, like his eyebrow game in this photo, are flawless. Well played, sir. Well played.

  2. Spongey says:

    Umm, perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea to post his real name. I suppose he felt this was necessary, but somehow I don’t think this will convince his detractors. And you’re right Zach, it shouldn’t make any difference.

    • Lubica says:

      where do these people get their info from? out of thin air??it is very, VERY dilficuft for the Top to contract HIV from a poz bottom: there has to be a point-of-entry for direct contact if Top doesn’t have any cuts/sores, the only point-of-entry would be up the urethra ..fluid transfer that way is extremely unlikely, but Top should always urinate as soon after as possible to flush-out any possible backwash no matter what kind of sex with whoever. as for the HIV+ bottom ..if they know they are poz they are likely on meds and if so, viral level is so low it’s virtually impossible to pass along. Was this answer helpful?

  3. Estelle says:

    Spongey I’m thinking since the forum that Zach is referencing posted his real name, he may have wanted the test result to show his legal name so he can put the issue to rest once and for all.

    If any of those people looked at the facts, Derrick Burts claimed he contracted HIV on a porn shoot in Florida and referenced both of those scenes (Out in Public and Unglory Hole which are both owned by the Bang Bros McPorn company) and neither one starred Jamesson and the site has pulled both of the scenes.

    Another thing that pissed me off about this was Jet Set Men releasing the interview with Jamesson/Burts around the same time all of the Patient Zeta shit hit the fan and his name started popping up on blogs, twitter pages, and forums. It connected James to Patient Zeta and in all of the hysteria the implication was that James had infected Derrick because at the time Burts wasn’t talking and there was no other point of reference. It was unfair to do to James and at the very least Jet Set could have pulled the interview, not only did it appear that they were exploiting an awful situation they were also set the stage for all of this homophobic bullshit to start.

    The language that Zach posted shows up regularly on straight industry forums which should give you a good idea of what kind of people are working on the straight side of the industry.

  4. Chris Porter says:

    No dis to him. But by posting that online he is just giving into all the haters and shit talkers. He knew his status and that’s all that matters. The outsiders of this industry are out of control and pathetic. Attacking all these models, myself included, for absolutely no reason. It’s sick and it needs to stop.

  5. Anonymous hater says:

    I don’t believe it. Photoshop.

  6. JoeBagOfDoughnuts says:

    People are gonna hate no matter how nice you are. Most people don’t have happiness but they do have a computer, a keyboard and typing abilities hence they have a voice if you listen. So porn stars listen up, don’t pay attention. PS James Jameson can fuck me no matter the status.

  7. bobby says:

    who cares either way shut the fuck up and i guess now we can excuse that charlie sheen like video he made oh wait “can you be so masculine that your feminine”. he needs to put energy in getting a job and move on. the kid isn’t dumb at all but enough already

  8. Brandon C. says:

    Bet he’d never post the results to a random drug test. Yeah, I went there.

    And Chris Porter can drop the persecution complex. He’s an idiot if he thinks simply knowing your status is enough.

  9. TrueWords says:

    It’s porn and if he feels the need to speak up about his HIV status in this day of bareback, breeding, seeding etc videos going CRAZY…I say DAMN good for him…more “pornstars” need to disclose their HIV status…but once again this test shown is only as good as the period for which he has been tested…it seems the “gay and straight” community has forgotten that it can take 3-6 months before HIV anti-bodies can be present…but it is a good first step for him…make sure YOU are doing your part for yourself…HIV medication is EXPENSIVE (over $20,000 a year) if you do not good insurance (but there is also the toll on your mind and body not just the pocket) so let me think…condom ($1.00) or the high cost of bareback sex…

  10. The Shadow says:

    He’s very cute. More articles about JJ!!

  11. jorge says:

    es por el bien de todos crear conciencia de que toda actividad sexual sin protección puede generar ets mas vih sida causando graves consecuencias en la salud de los que nos rodean
    hay que ser responsables con nuestras actividades y estilo de vida
    bien por jj que sigue sano y que a sus vez genere conciencia de sexo seguro

  12. DWG says:

    This guy should not get made fun of or threatened for being on gay porn. He does STRAIGHT porn as well. Also, it has been said that Gay porn gets stars more money than straight porn. No matter what, James Jamesson can fuck me as well!!!XD

  13. VegasDude says:

    All these haters are just JEALOUS…. He’s HOT, He does Gay Porn, and he’s a REDHEAD !!!!


  14. karlyle says:

    Yeah, but how does he score in the steroid test?

  15. DonkeyKongBK says:

    I’m glad he’s ok. And I am a huge fan, but James is misinformed on how easy or difficult it is to get HIV, based on a Youtube video I’ve seen. Caveat: that’s based on what he said in that video at that time, he may have become more educated about HIV since then. Or at least that’s my hope.

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