It’s Jake


My question from yesterday…




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8 Responses to “It’s Jake”

  1. doubledose says:

    Insert tongue here!

  2. Allister says:

    Those asses cannot be real.

  3. MCole says:

    Jake Bass’s ass is perfect and so much better than the other one, which is also good, but i feel like Jake Bass has done something with his ass to make it bigger, since it didn’t start out so round when he first started in the industry over a year ago. he’s either been working specifically his ass out more or (i hope this isn’t true) he’s had some sort of collagen injections to make it more plump, just like michael lucas did to his lips.

  4. SkittleFitz says:

    The tatoo on his back says “tramp” all over it. Who wants to read your back when they’re fucking your ass?! Total distraction! I can’t decide what’s uglier…his back or Jack’s Bass’s cock-ring sized earlobes. Might as well start stretching the old head out with those neck rings they use in Africa. Maybe Diesel Washington can give ya a hand with that. Turn a white brother over to the dark side. Then you wouldn’t have to strain so much to blow yourself.

  5. Michel Veni says:

    Hi I’m Michel de chile … someone people talk about Dr. JAKE BASS because he is very cute and very good actor and I loved almost fans much JAKE BASS is very good player ♥
    COME SEE WHEN CHILE? but informed Manhunt
    greetings from chile

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