It’s Come To This: Marc Dylan Fucks Michael Lucas


Marc Dylan has come a long way! After having sex with literally every single human male on Earth, he’s finally made his way around to Michael Lucas. Talk about saving the best for last! And, because Michael Lucas is such a great guy, he not only fucks Marc Dylan, he also pisses in his face.

Marc Dylan has stated publicly that he and Michael Lucas are “friends” in real life, which is completely believable and makes total sense since they’re both such outspoken supporters of Israel, they’re both from Mississippi, and they’re both the same age! And isn’t this what friends are for, peeing on each other?


 [Lucas Raunch: Michael Lucas Humiliates Marc Dylan]

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43 Responses to “It’s Come To This: Marc Dylan Fucks Michael Lucas”

  1. bruce says:

    this looks hot as fuck!

  2. Myself says:

    Thanks for posting this.
    Piss, fist fuck., bareback, is far away from what I like.
    I will not follow Dylan not Mr. Lucas work anymore.
    Same for some studios filming Piss, FF and Bareback.
    Strange gay world.

  3. mattsy says:


  4. Jimmy says:

    Have not seen it yet. I know Michael Lucas has some detractors, but his studio turns out some really great porn. Diverse casting including race and ethnicity, age and body types. There appears to be good chemistry between the performers, the “behind the scenes” content is great and the editing is good. The Raunch content is good and edgy.

    • Stu says:

      Michael does make great porn, just not any he’s starring in. He can be paired with the hottest of hotties and his pouty face just kills it for me.

  5. Bruce says:

    Marc Dylan is hot! Michael Lucas is not – when will that outdated has-been retire?

  6. Estelle says:

    Isn’t this still a step up from SX Video and Treasure Island Media?

    I think the “It has come to this” statement might be more appropriate when he has has tongue lodged in Jake Cruise’s asshole.

  7. sxg says:

    Michael Lucas is pretty disgusting looking, but he definitely knows how to fuck guys. This scene looks pretty good. Wish Marc Dylan was being pissed on by someone else, like Tony Buff, Spencer Reed, Francois Sagat or Shay Michaels!

  8. roger says:

    To whom it may concern-

    My name is Roger Silver and I’m a long-time reader of you’re web site The Sword. Although Editor & Chief Zach can be a little “bitchy” sometimes, I do enjoy reading about the antics of these crazy porn stars. This is the first time I have ever felt the need to leave a comment (I hope I”m doing it right!). Here is my comment (Please don’t publish my email address):

    I consider myself Mark Dylan’s number #1 fan and I have joined every site he’s ever performed for and even bought every DVD he’s ever appeared in (No easy task considering how many scene’s the little bugger has been in). I didn’t think I would ever tire of Marc Dylan (or his amazing butt! yum yum!!!). He is what I would call “A True Southern Gentleman”

    However, this scene is just in poor taste and makes me loose all respect for him. First his scene partner, Michael Lucas: I’m no “looker” myself, but if I wanted to see him having sex with an old man, I would sign up for that Jake Cruz website. No thanks!. He should have more respect then to let another man urinate on him. Urine should be left in the toilet bowl — not played with. What’s next? Mihcael Lucas rubbing his bowel movement on him?

    Shame on you Marc Dylan.

    Former Marc Dylan Fan

  9. Sausage Smoker says:

    Guzzle that piss Marc!!!! Ggrrrrrr!

  10. Michael says:

    I’ve been over Marc Dylan since he started using condoms. He and Michael Lucas are friends? Michael Lucas hates everyone. Hasn’t that moron read Michael’s blog? If he is that dumb pissing in his face isn’t the only thing he needs. Now, hopefully this will end his career as the most boring bottom in porn.

  11. R says:

    I had hoped to hear some of ML’s LOLworthy dirty talk.

  12. DD says:

    Looks hot to me.

  13. MJ says:

    1: Marc hasn’t fucked the entire gay porn stable just yet. just the ones that get the most coverage

    2: Michael Lucas though? and this is the deal breaker.

  14. DPS says:

    Duckface Lucas! I want to feed him little pieces of bread.

  15. Levine says:

    I have never understood how guys are turned on by someone urinating on them. But I guess it’s not meant for me to understand. That short clip just looks degrading.

  16. I can definitely do without the piss play……. As for ML. Whether or not you like him, gotta give him credit, still performing after all these years. And he has his own company. How many others can say that?

    I don’t know enough to like or dislike him. However he isn’t my type. I’d watch the vid, just to watch Marc though. I’m def a fan of his.

  17. Bill says:

    ew at Michael Lucas, his permanent duckface is gross and he is a racist

  18. SirFUCKSaLOT says:

    MARC!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHHHHYYYYYYYYY? I think you have jumped the shark! Why would you let Miss Lucas do this to you. ( a sad fan)!

  19. robirob says:

    To me Michael Lucas produces the naughtiest condom sex in gay porn. His films are deffo what I go for when my horny mood isn’t satisfied with ‘vanilla’ sex.

  20. daddycentaur says:

    If you go by watching the trailer Dylan in peeing on himself just as much or more than Lucas is peeing on him. Not into piss play myself but Dylan is one hott and sexxxy little fucker who I would have no problem playing with.

  21. jorge says:

    Gag! but then again, what’s a little piss after being a cum dump at Treasure Island Media…

  22. marcelo says:

    michael lucas still has an issue with himself with being gay, it’s as obvious as that. Still i can’t blame him wanting to fuck any desirable man on this planet, and marc’s ass isvery desirable YET I’m soooooooooo through with piss, gee who on earth is really turned on by this shit? I know of no one in my wide gay friends circle who does!!
    Dylan YES, piss NO

  23. Absurdist says:

    Here’s my thing:

    I had been led to understand that Lucas Entertainment had an unwavering policy that prohibits hiring of performers who have performed for bareback studios. So what happened here? Is Dylan a really good liar, or is Michael Lucas — if not completely delusional and/or stupid — totally clueless?

  24. mitch says:

    dylan is hot but michael should really leave the biz as an actor for something else, he’s definetely passé…he’s afriad of losing his “youth” , in fact he lost it but he doesn’t realize it as yet: bottox notwithstanding

  25. whyowhy says:

    I am still not tired of looking at or hearing about Marc. Yea, he is all over the place.. but that body, face and cock. YUM!

  26. yoyoyo says:

    honestly marc dylan has a nice beefy lil body. but i would rate him a 6 out of 10. he looks short. his frame, while beefy and defined, still seems small. his shoulder span isnt that big. he cant be taller than 5’7”

    and his face….ehh….. he is not THAT handsome in the face. but compared to other porn stars he def has a nice face. but he just seems so average to me.

    as for piss play…NEXT! its human WASTE. its nasty to see people playing in it. just my opinion…

  27. Me2 says:

    Now all you Marc Dylan lovers can get Ms. Lucas’ sloppy seconds: Hes now a hooker!!

  28. Hot2 says:

    Marc Dylan and Michael Lucas have never, and will never be of the same age!

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