Is This Big-Dicked XTube Star Finally Ready To Show His Face?


I only learned of Bravo Delta after watching a shower video he posted two weeks ago, but he’s been jerking off on XTube for over a year and a half. And through a variety of tricks–camera angles, sunglasses, blurring effects–the 20-year-old New England college student has managed to never show his face. That hasn’t mattered, of course (he has over one millions views and nearly six thousand subscribers), since his body, cock, and cum shots are amazing, but maybe he’s ready to finally show you everything?

Or, maybe not? It all depends on whether or not he ever does gay porn for a traditional studio (which he concedes would likely require that he show his face)–something Bravo Delta told me he would like to try. So, if you’re a gay porn studio, stop reading this, contact Bravo Delta, and hire him immediately. The rest of you, enjoy his first-ever interview below.


Hi, Bravo Delta! So, what do I call you? Do you have a name, or do you just go by Bravo Delta?
I just go by Bravo Delta I guess. I don’t have an official stage name or anything yet.

In your movies, you’ve shown every part of your body except your eyes. Why?
It’s mostly because I don’t want to be recognized.

So then, why make movies? What got you into making them in the first place?
I don’t really know. I’ve always been into film; producing and editing, and I always thought it’d be pretty cool to produce porn, so I guess I just tried it one day by myself and decided to showcase what I came up with.

It says in your XTube profile that you’re a wanna-be porn star. Given the opportunity to make an actual “real” porn, would you?
I’ve actually already had an opportunity and I took it! I got flown out to California for a shoot with a pretty well-known studio, but my shoot got canceled. Still got some money out of the deal and a weekend long vacation though, so it wasn’t all bad. I’m still on and off the edge, but if I want to try again I’ll just hit up Tommy Wells and Greg Braddock–they won’t let me down. Plus I’ve gotten offers from a few studios too. I just worry about being able to get a job after college if I have a face in porn.

Wait, go back a minute. What California studio did you almost work for?
It was Cody Media [Sean Cody]…nothing against them, though. They were nice about it and it wasn’t like some of the horror stories people told me about them when I told them about what happened to me. I got $200 out of the deal and a weekend trip to California, so I can’t really argue.

Would you want to make a gay porn or straight porn, and why one genre over the other?
Making it into straight porn would be nice, but obviously there isn’t as much of a demand for guys in that. I’ll most likely do gay, but if I could get with a studio that does bi scenes too, I’d definitely be up for that!

You identify as straight, but say you have no problem having gay fans. Is there any part of you that gets off knowing that men are watching you?
I think I might just get off in general from people watching me. Either that or the fact that I’ve lived with a few gay guys for the past couple years makes me really not mind whether it’s guys or girls watching. Hell, actually I think I just like being naked on camera.

Have you ever done anything sexual with a guy? Ever thought about it?
Nope, never have. I have thought about what it would be like though, since if I got into porn I’d probably end up doing something sexual with another guy.

At what point did you know that you had become “famous”?
I’m not sure, it’s always seemed like this: upload a video, get a load of messages, comments, and friend requests. Maybe I’ve just never really thought about it. But sometimes I’ll Google my XTube name and find stuff about myself on a bunch of blogs which is pretty cool. I’m glad I have a good fan base–they’re all awesome!

Have people online sent you things or given you gifts?
I’ve gotten money donations and stuff which is great–it’s how I bought my Fleshlight, wrestling suit, jockstraps, and supplements for the gym.

What’s the strangest thing someone has said to you?
Strangest? Once I got a message asking me if I went to [my college] because some guy said he thought he’d seen me before. I was kinda creeped out by that at the time, so I didn’t respond. People do ask for my old underwear a lot, though. One guy has dedicated a part of his Tumblr to me though, which is pretty cool.

Did you know you were hot before you started making videos, or did hearing people tell you make you realize it?
I’d always gotten the occasional compliment about my appearance before, I just get a hell of a lot more online from the videos and photos. I think it’s because in person I’m usually wearing clothes, whereas online I’m naked. But since I started working out a lot more over the summer, I definitely get more compliments in person. Actually, last weekend one of my friends started telling some girl that I had tried to get into porn, trying to make me seem crazy or something, and she exclaimed, “Oh my god so he has a big dick too?!” The reactions from the people around us were hilarious–it made my night.

Do you hook up with a lot of girls in real life?
Yeah, on occasion I’ll find a nice girl, maybe we’ll fool around a bit, maybe we’ll go out somewhere, but work, school, and research takes up most of my time so I haven’t been getting out much lately. Being stuck in a lab or office can take a toll on your social life.

How long will you continue making videos?
I don’t know… I can see myself continuously making them. I just don’t usually make them when I’m away at school unless I go home or I’m in the mood and have the time to.

What, if anything, would lead you to stop making the videos?
The only thing I can think of that would stop me would be if I signed with a studio and wasn’t able to make videos for XTube because of some contract. Or, ya know, if I get hit by a bus or fall off a cliff or something.

That would be awful!
Ha ha…I know. Knock on wood!


[XTube: Bravo Delta]
[Twiter: BravoDelta]


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14 Responses to “Is This Big-Dicked XTube Star Finally Ready To Show His Face?”

  1. Legend says:

    Why did Sean Cody cancel the shoot?

    • Loki says:

      Maybe they got wind of his XTube channel? I mean, why pay for the cow when you can get the milk for free?

      He isn’t anything special IMO. I don’t think seeing his unobscured face will make much difference; he’s already shown off the more important bits.

    • maverick says:

      I am a model scout and they cancel guys all the time for anything really. They don’t really care that they flew you out and paid all that money, if they don’t think you will sell they send you back home. I am guessing he might not have been in the best shape when he got out there, or he had acne or something like that. Tattoos they don’t like is another common reason. That’s why their guys are so hot, they won’t just flim anyone.

      • JC says:

        Tattoos they don’t like? Considering some of the ridiculous tattoos on guys that have made it onto SC, I’d hate to see the ones they turned away. Just look at Karl and his paw prints.

  2. Mike says:

    Ok, I’m in love

  3. Carlos says:

    I think I know him!

  4. phallus says:

    I thought that is what Photoshop was for. Granted somethings you can’t cover up but who cares about a little acne.

  5. Derek says:

    Zach, when you interview regular Xtube guys like “hoovermouth” or “robaroni,” then perhaps I might be interested. Another scrawny white boy jerking his cock on film is about as yawn-inducing as Masterpiece Theatre on PBS.

  6. Max says:

    this guy is hot, great body, cock and vids…but, he’s been 20 and in college longer than this site has been around!!

  7. dion says:

    He’s shown his face in his early days on xtube. Pretty boy face which doesn’t match with this muscle man type of look he’s trying to sell of himself. He’d be better off having the natural body he had in the beginning allied with the pretty innocent face and natural body hair and in this case working for some skaterz studio like defiant productions.

  8. johnn says:

    does he really think he’s actually been hiding his face with a pair of sunglasses? if someone knows you they are going to recognize you in your sunglasses…i always get a kick out of these porn guys who think they can’t ever get caught …he needs to really THINK if he’s worried about porn interfering with getting a job someday …(dont get me wrong here i LOVE porn and i’m not trying to be mean)

    i have a bunch of friends in the porn industry and have heard some really really horrible stories about some of these guys losing family, jobs and being kicked off teams etc etc..its not right but they all went into it really believing they wouldn’t ever be discovered…

    maverick, i bet you have some stories …when you hire guys do you ever talk to them about this ? or at least warn them?

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