Hooker/Liar Derrick Burts Films “Yes On Measure B” Ad For AHF

AIDS Healthcare Foundation has enlisted former porn stars Darren James and Derrick Burts to help their “Yes on Measure B” campaign in L.A. County. The law would require all adult film performers to wear condoms, and James and Burts both say they contracted HIV while working in porn. In the above ad, Burts says his employers “obviously” didn’t provide a “safe work environment,” which is, obviously, a lie. Derrick Burts worked exclusively in condom porn, so why he’s lying and how he even has a dog in this fight is unclear. On the other hand, Derrick Burts worked concurrently as a hooker (where he may or may not have used condoms), but didn’t admit to that until L.A. Weekly outed him and posted his Rentboy ad, so maybe he should be campaigning to make condoms mandatory for everyone who advertises on Rentboy? I guess just being HIV-positive–no matter how you got it or what you lied about along the way–is good enough for AHF!

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8 Responses to “Hooker/Liar Derrick Burts Films “Yes On Measure B” Ad For AHF”

  1. WebstersDick says:

    What a pile of shit. They were adults when they agreed to do adult films and they knew the risks involved (if in fact that’s where they contracted HIV). Most likely if you’re fucking on film you’re fucking in your personal life so quit blaming the porn industry now because you have HIV. Quit trying to control how people choose to fuck. I have more respect for a Craigslist cum dumpster than these 2 Assholes.

  2. Say What? says:

    Kudos to AHF. I hope the measure passes.

  3. phallus says:

    Victims victims victims… we’re all victims from our own stupidity. No person responsibility, let’s blame everyone else in the world for the poor choices we make in life. If Derrick Burts infected anyone with HIV, he should be prosecuted.

    • Say What? says:

      The last sentence in your post seems to be inconsistent with what you wrote before it. If those who stupidly and knowiningly choose to engage in unprotected sex become infected, they are the ones to bear responsibility for their choice, just as you said. Why blame–let alone criminalize and penalize–those who infected them?

  4. ggreen says:

    OMG yes, barebacking is MURDER!!!

    These AHF ass wipes are just a version of Operation Rescue.
    Keep your goddamn laws off my body and out of my ass.

  5. Michael Whiteacre says:

    He’s not just a liar — last year Burts’ employer had him arrested, and he was convicted earlier this year of embezzlement and burglary. Emails show that Michael Weinstein of AHF loaned Burts the money for his bail. When he spoke at an AHF press conference in August 2011, he was then a fugitive from the law in two counties (including Los Angeles County, where the presser was held).

    He is apparently a fugitive once again. According to the Riverside County Superior Court website, Burts is presently in violation of his parole and a warrant has been issued in his name. Burts has a previous criminal record and has violated terms of his probation before. The Orange County court website also lists him as a “fugitive.”

    As for Burt’s escorting activities, he has since admitted to having met at least one man off of a Craigslist post previous to his RentBoy ad. It’s not known whether he used condoms as an escort, but he has also admitted to bareback swinging in 2010 (the year he contracted HIV).

  6. Lynn says:

    Seems like the system in place for the adult performer testing is working, proven by years with STDs less than the general population. Why don’t LA City and County spend the resources somewhere where there is a problem?

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