Here’s Dante Ferraro Bottoming For Chris Rockway


The rumor I started here the other day was actually true! (There’s a first time for everything.) It’s Friday, and that means Randy Blue’s Dante Ferraro is getting fucked. And he’s bottoming for Chris Rockway, who has been a Randy Blue model longer than Dante Ferraro has been alive.

You can’t really tell from the preview, but in the full scene it’s clear that Dante has taken a cock or 12 before, and he really likes doing it. It’s impossible to take your eyes off him. Chris Rockway is there too, but I hardly noticed.

[Randy Blue: Chris Rockway Fucks Dante Ferraro]

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8 Responses to “Here’s Dante Ferraro Bottoming For Chris Rockway”

  1. half porco says:

    Awesome to seeDante bottoming , although Willam must be sad.

  2. MJ says:

    does everyone need to bottom for chris rockway?

  3. Luke says:

    I dont know the fascination you guys have with this guy bottoming. He is such a good endowed top that I dont care if he ever bottomed. So I guess this is a commercial for Randy Blue? Now if he was tied up and gang banged with a bukkake finish, THEN you have my interest. Until then, this looks like any other Randy Blue scene. No?

  4. Bowen says:

    Sigh. Chris Rockway is not one of the best tops at RB. They dropped the ball again.

  5. sigh says:

    quit your fucking complaining and make your own porn, if you feel it should be done better!

  6. Levine says:

    Chris Rockway is so much better to me, when he’s bottoming, with the mute button on, of course.

  7. freddy says:

    dante should indeed bottom, his ass is made for it, BUT he should enjoyb it and show he enjoys it not these faked ah’s and oh’s, the top is a bore

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