Grumpy Old Man Zeb Atlas: “I Need My Sleep”

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1. The eternal question remains: Have you ever jerked off to Zeb Atlas?

2. Why are Zeb Atlas and Kirk Cummings fucking if Zeb Atlas “needs his sleep”?

3. Do you remember when Kirk Cummings was on American Idol? Who knew Kirk Cummings would grow into his age/body so well?

4. Kirk Cummings is still young, however, and should be able to maintain an erection without the use of a sexual aid. Why is Kirk Cummings wearing a cock ring in the below trailer?

5. I see glimpses of potential hotness underneath all of Zeb’s ridiculous muscles. Would Zeb Atlas actually be hot if he had a normal-sized body?

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[ Zeb Atlas Fucks Kirk Cummings]


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18 Responses to “Grumpy Old Man Zeb Atlas: “I Need My Sleep””

  1. Derek says:

    Kirk looks like hes bulking up. Good for him.

  2. doubledose says:

    No! And while I always thought that Kirk Cummings was hot I do not want to see him fucked by Herman Munster. Gross…

  3. ceem says:

    Whenever I see Zeb Atlas’s ass I always think of parasites Matthew Rush got from rimming it.

  4. T-Bird says:

    You posted an older photo of Zeb a week or so ago and he looked so much more normal then he does here. The more muscled he gets the more unappealing he is getting all joke aside. And Kirk who I thought was so cute and while I still do I prefer a little less muscled appearance. On another note his stuff has been really hot and he has posted some nice stuff on his twitter, this scene is just scary. It’s like you have Frankenstein trying to fuck one of the villagers who has come to burn down his castle. Ugh

  5. Pinochio says:

    Zeb Atlas? Beurk

  6. aslogan says:

    I don’t know if it’s his age or overdoing it with whatever regimen he follows, but Zeb Atlas is starting to look fat instead of bodybuilder-huge. I know he’s naturally pretty hairy; maybe it’s time for him to segue into bear porn.

  7. Ken Kaniff says:

    Kirk looking a lil’ mo’ buff = good.
    Zeb’s lazy eye = not good.

  8. sxg says:

    Yes I think Zeb Atlas would be hot if he was a bit more “normal” looking

  9. JB says:

    1) Only if I couldn’t find my Joan Rivers porn.
    2) Because nature figures if it pairs up these two monsters together it’ll free up two attractive guys to be able to hook up.
    3) “Grow into his age so well????” What, was he a turnip before????
    4) Kirk needs a cockring to stay hard because some wiseass left a mirror laying around on the set.
    5) The ONLY way Zeb Atlas could ever be ‘hot’ is if he dropped you off at Christian Wilde’s trailer.

  10. half porco says:


  11. Nolan says:

    Is it me or is Kirk Cummings femme twink shit a little grating? Your hair is thinning–stop with the high pitched lisp.

  12. jeremyrain says:

    I had to admit, back in the day of Dial-up internet, where the only thing I can download was pictures from Men Magazines (remember them?), Zeb Atlas was the hottest thing I have ever seen in my life. I often fantasize about him and Nate Christianson (who was on central fold with him) fucking the shit out of each other. Now he’s just a roided-up douche bag who fucks an ugly hole for his juice money.

  13. says:

    its just odd, he has great hair, I think a very handsome face and yet he chooses to like that. Don’t get it.

  14. Kyle says:

    I can’t watch the Kirk Cummings scene with Arpad because of how awful his facial expressions are, hopefully the Zeb one is better.

  15. Dan says:

    Everything I hate about gayporn (well, fortunately they removed their socks) captured in one video. Bravo

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