Gay Times to Gays: Potential Employers Don’t Want to See You In a Diaper on Facebook

In the new issue of the UK mag Gay Times, editor Tom Bishop asks the burning question about whether homos aren’t over-exposing themselves online (you think?).  A little survey seems to have been done by British business network Viadeo last year regarding employers use of social networking sites in doing background checks on potential employees, and yes, they most certainly are.

Of more than 600 UK employers questioned by business network Viadeo last year, one in five admitted using the internet to search for personal information about job applicants. Of those, 59% said what they found had influenced their decision.

This is similar news to what appeared this piece from two years back about recent college grads in the NYT, and isn’t really news to us.  We would advise setting some privacy settings on your photos, and maybe not even showing your face on places like Manhunt at all, lest you not get that big job at Hung, Stroaket & Doomey, or worse, lest your tasteless ass show up someday on Lurid Digs or Hunters and Gatherers.

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