Falcon Studios’ Lindon Hawk Murdered

PNJ.com reports that Lindon Hawk (real name Terry Lindon Kelley) was attacked in Pensacola following a car accident over the weekend.

Terry Lindon Kelley, 34, of Pace hit his head on the pavement on North Coyle Street after he was punched Saturday about 6:30 p.m. He died Monday afternoon at Baptist Hospital.

Telly Jabar Hill, 27, of Pensacola was charged Monday with manslaughter in Kelley’s death, Pensacola police Capt. Paul Kelly said. Hill later was booked into Escambia County Jail under $50,000 bond.

Hill and Kelley were involved in a fender bender outside T & C Food Mart in the 600 block of West Cervantes Street, Capt. Kelly said.

“When the victim gets out of the car and starts assessing the damage, an occupant of the other car walked up to him and punched him in the face,” he said. “That knocked him to the ground.” Kelley hit his head after falling onto Coyle Street, Capt Kelly said. The motive in the attack is unclear, Capt Kelly said.

“Apparently, it was unprovoked,” he said.


Though his stint in the industry was brief (he worked from roughly 2000-2002), Hawk was in some of the biggest Falcon movies, with some of the biggest names in gay porn, including Matthew Rush, Chad Hunt, and Travis Wade. Our condolences go out to Hawk’s family and friends after this tragic and senseless attack.

The fresh-faced performer was known for his passionate bottoming skills, and appeared in The Other Side Of Aspen V, Ready For More, Out Of Athens 2, and several other titles. See his filmography here and on Falcon’s site.









[Falcon Studios: Lindon Hawk]


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24 Responses to “Falcon Studios’ Lindon Hawk Murdered”

  1. Harvey says:

    Damn! That sucks. He was still so young. That seems like a low bail for a crime that led to a death.

  2. Max Phillips says:

    I shot most of the movies that Lindon made for Falcon and he was a really nice guy and always a pleasure to work with. It is sad what has happened.

    • Jörg says:

      Hi Max
      I’ am from Germany and I just checked the google search results for Lindon Hawk and found this bad news.
      It really makes me sad because he was a very cute guy with a pretty face and such a amazing performance in all his movies
      and I will never forget him.
      The killer must be a monster to hit such a beautiful man.
      Now what I would like to ask you if you know where I can find more pics of him.
      Best regards

  3. Such sad news. He was one of the nicest and most patient models I had ever met. Great bottom who was a pleasure to work with.

  4. Mike says:

    The trash who killed him had 31 priors, including battery. Don’t you start with “murder” and plea down to “manslaughter”?

    BTW, leaving out the hardcore would have shown some class.

  5. John says:

    Yeah I agree Mike, leaving out the hardcore pictures would have been much better in my view too.

  6. Legend says:

    Are these the photos that will be displayed at his memorial service?

    Oh, that wasn’t nice. Nope, not at all.

  7. Zach Sire says:

    I included these photos because they’re a part of his body of work, they are readily available across the internet, and they are demonstrative of his talents as a performer. If they are in poor taste, does that mean there is something “wrong” with his career as a gay porn star? None of you knew him as Terry, you knew him as Lindon; you knew him as a gay porn star. I don’t think seeing him having sex cheapens him or is disrespectful at all. I posted the photos in an effort to celebrate him. I’m sorry that some of you don’t see it that way.

    Everyone has different standards in a situation like this, however, and I appreciate the feedback. I do see your points.

    • Mike says:

      “they are readily available across the internet”

      The last refuge of the scoundrel blogger. I know your mamma raised a nicer boy than that.

    • Neil says:

      I think the pics were a great tribute and quite appropriate, especially since this is a porn news and gossip blog. In fact when I first started reading I thought the first pic of Lindon was a rather average and uninteresting studio shot, but once I saw the montage of stills that followed (well chosen and placed), I thought they showed the beauty and sexiness of a dynamic porn performer. Nothing at all wrong with that. Certainly his family and those close to him will find their own way to honor his memory, so it’s nice that this part of his life could shine for a moment in the wake of such a fucking horrible and pointless death.

    • jgcrews says:

      If they are so readily available then there was no reason for you to include them — you should have just let your readers go find them if they wanted to see hardcore shots.

  8. Big Stella says:

    Rest In Peace

    I lived in Pensacola for several years and I am not surprised at the random violence that has become so regular in that city.

    I hope that the scum that killed him never sees the light of day ever again.

  9. CHRIS says:


  10. Mrs Patrick Campbell says:

    Was Mary on ‘candy’ at the time?

  11. Aaron says:

    I saw the news bout this felow and I thought it so like sad…..i mean the man who did it wos black and the victom wos like gay ..i dont know seems akward.It makes me think how dangerous things can be sometimes and we dont know it …how carefull we have to be as gay people,one time some people tried to kill me or hurt me and its been a silent crime till this day.I grieve for this lad….he seemed beautyfull and very nice …..we have to be safer and carefull ..and not trust ourselves and or people at times….ourselves in certain places and as people well we never know what people can be capable of doing thinking they are right….when they do it agaisnt us.I state again we have be more carefull and be safer and smarter too.I pray for his soul to be in peace it must be very hard to suffer violance i know i have….and die from it like a victim….yes that his soul may rest in peace.my prayers for all of us to be safe and to have angels protect us always ..we are Gods adams and are made in his image and have as much right as any other straight adam too.i pray for all of us to be carefull and always be safe….maye he rest in gods arms!

    • dj says:

      i am so saddened…he was such a passionate bottom…and so beautiful from head to toe. i always wished he hadn’t retired so soon, but then thought the brevity of his career made those vids all the more special. i am not offended that the pics were posted…c’mon, the reason any of us know him and care about this tragedy is because he was such a passionate bottom and truly added a special touch to a huge volume of videos that aren’t as wonderful as his handful of appearances. to those who are offended by the pics posted, i suggest you leave the site right now and never return!…or grow up! you click on a heading that says “videos and favorite porn stars” and then get all enraged by pornographic photos? i always wished that falcon would do a lindon vs jeremy jordan ALONE WITH x TWO…and have them compete to see who could go bigger deeper wider with an array of toys from the falcon arsenal. such a heart-breaking and senseless death!

  12. John Anon says:

    I knew terry personally…. he always seemed cracked out. Very nice guy, he had def hit rough times in the past two years. He looked nothing like these pictures anymore. Old, haggard, tired.
    Great guy, very nice, sad too have seen him go

    • mr. kris says:

      liar i seen him prior to this he was no way looking like this….. John Anon must had been turned down for sex.

  13. MrsPatrick Campbell says:

    We started to get interested when we saw the sizemeat but those rubbers are a total turn-off.

    (The use of rubbers is FORBIDDEN in our house!)

  14. Brittany Tlyer says:

    I knew terry he was a close friend of mine, and I have been with him throught thick and thin, I knew his demons and what he was up agaist… we stayed close over the years.. I knew alot about his family life and porn life etc.. but I never judge him I only loved him for who he was and what he was, he was more than a friend, he was someone that I could tell things to and understood where I was coming from, he could allways stay with me , me might have had our moments but I loved him for who he was and what he was and I never judged him, I just loved him, I will miss his smile, his laugh, his temper, and just spending time with him, I am so sorry that the family has had to go through this… Its hard when we lose someone we love.. but he will allways be in our hearts and mind.. I love you baby and miss you so much.. not a day goes by that I dont think about you, my parter in crime, LOL. Love your sister and beloved Brittany xoxxoo Rest In Peace Baby… will see you later on ….xoxoxx

  15. TS_01 says:

    I’m very saddened by the news of Terry’s murder. Terry was a great friend to me as I was discovering the gay world and coming out in 2001 and 2002. I’ll always remember his bright smile, small framed body and his big red truck. Rest in peace, old friend.

  16. Will says:

    They guy who killed Landon/Terry was a violent drug dealer. I don’t know whether he was ever convicted or sentenced for this death, but in 2011 he was sentenced to life plus ten years for drug crimes.

  17. mr. kris says:

    he must not served much time because he has an arrest record 2 years later http://florida.arrests.org/search.php?fname=+Telly+&lname=+Hill&fpartial=True

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