Falcon Fake-Out: New Release ‘California Dreamin’ Has Condoms Digitally Removed


In a victory for Photoshop and bareback fans everywhere, Falcon Studios has gone the no-condom route. Except they haven’t, really.

For their upcoming release California Dreamin’, all the performers wore condoms on the shoots, but director Tony Dimarco and Falcon’s post-production team then digitally removed all the condoms to create “a completely safe sex movie that mostly appears to be a bareback release.” It’s a clever, first-of-its-kind, now-you-see-em-now-you-don’t editing move, and one I’m surprised no one’s done before, and it’s interesting to see it come first from Falcon, the grandaddy of all gay porn studios.

Dimarco says, speaking to Gay Porn Blog, that he wanted to make “a throwback to the classic, pre-condom Falcon poolside movies from the 70′s and 80′s … when life seemed more carefree and spontaneous.” He goes on to say that he “wanted to give the impression of a pre-condom movie” and he “found a way to film the movie safely and effectively, while giving the [vintage porn] experience that I had intended and using the hottest modern stars.”

Falcon has been committed to using condoms in all its shoots since the late 80s, as most of the long-established studios have in a steadfast stand against HIV. The past few years, as we all know, there’s been a shitstorm stirred up among porn fans and studios as most of the online entities like Sean Cody, ChaosMen, and Corbin Fisher, as well as bigger studios like Bel Ami and Next Door Male, have all gone the bareback route in order to remain competitive. It’s been well established that the demand for bareback porn is huge, and even though a lot of you out there still say you want to see condoms and you want to keep models safe, there are more of you out there who don’t care and just think porn is hotter without condoms, period.

So, all in all, is this a good thing? I’d say yeah. Falcon is sticking to their guns, condom-wise, but they’re still allowing the condom-free fantasy to happen for the viewer. I doubt anyone is going confused about this. Say what you will about bareback or faux bareback porn encouraging people to be less safe their real lives, but people are going to make the choices they’re going to make, and education only goes so far.

Also, it’s nice to see a studio using Photoshop for something other than removing bacne and making everyone’s cocks three inches longer.

Meanwhile, California Dreamin’ star Ryan Rose is defending himself against accusations of hypocrisy after he went on Twitter to say that he himself doesn’t want people to think he’s a bareback model who doesn’t promote safe sex.

Below, some screengrabs where you can see the fine editing job they did. Also, way below, you can see some stills that Falcon’s released that show the condoms in use, pre-editing, which is just kind of weird because they’re trying to have it both ways. But yeah.

Ryan Rose and Ray Han:


Lance Luciano and Ray Diaz:


Liam Magnuson and Donnie Dean:


Angel Rock and Adam Wirthmore, with condom, pre-Photoshop:


See a trailer over at Gay Porn Blog.



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10 Responses to “Falcon Fake-Out: New Release ‘California Dreamin’ Has Condoms Digitally Removed”

  1. Rik says:

    I say BRAVO to Chris Ward,Tony DiMarco and FALCON in general. This took time, and effort, and one hopes the public will respond in a positive and BUYING way.

    FALCON and RSS have (arguably) the best looking talent on the planet, and do a fantastic job of creating a video fantasy.

    I am sure there will be some detractors, but this is a good move. Certainly a GOOD thing for talent.

    • LoveRimmingAss says:

      Rik, have you WATCHED pretty much ANY Falcon movie in the past 7 or 8 years? MY GOD they are boring! Yes, they still have some hot models, but the direction/editing is horrendous. ZERO passion/chemistry. Rarely do the actors even seem to be enjoying themselves. The “golden era” of Falcon ended around the time of “Cross Country 1 & 2″. And I grew up on Falcon porn…it was the first studio I would seek out when I was in an adult bookstore/video arcade. Some of the steamiest and hottest gay porn EVER shot. Those days are long gone.

  2. Andy says:

    OMG Falcon’s time is over and it has been a long time ago. I don’t know anybody who still consumes Falcon porn. Gay guys used to do that about ten years ago. I’m sure their sales have declines tremendously.

  3. Qanada says:

    I like seeing facials in porn, but have no desire to see fake cum ‘digitally applied’ to a model’s face… I suspect most people into bareback porn will probably feel the same way about this. Personally, I agree with Andy in that I haven’t seen a scene from Falcon any hotter than tepid in years – taking the condoms off (digitally or otherwise) isn’t likely to raise the temperature IMO.

  4. Joe says:

    Big studio porn just doesn’t do it for me. Colt has hot guys but the sex scenes are dull as heck. Raging stallion has gross guys that look pozzed beyond belief. and Titan….same as colt. Never cared for falcon….

  5. RBlover says:

    Sorry, I’ve moved on — an unsheathed cock going in and out of a hole doesn’t do it for me anymore…I need to see cum drip out from an internal cumshot! ;-)

  6. Damien says:

    Actually, It was Raging Stallion that first announced that they were going to digitally edit out condoms back in 2007. However, for whatever reason, I guess it didn’t happen:


  7. Czer says:

    Falcon is still in business? WOW!! Wonders never cease.

    This pretty much puts to rest any debate about what the gay porn consumer wants. Clearly a desperate gimick on Falcon’s part to remain viable. However, I doubt that bareback porn consumers are going to fall for such cynical crap. Start the count down, Falcon’s days are numbered.

  8. Goodman says:

    Can’t wait for the day they start digitally altering skin tone. So many hot black guys out there who look normal.

  9. Dom says:

    Falcon seem to have mostly straight guys or just a serious lack of gritserious or passion. There’s no connection to it when you compare it to the other studios and that had nothing to do with digitally modified condoms

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