Exclusive: Zeb Atlas Fucks Landon Conrad In 100th Raging Stallion Feature


Here is your first look at the upcoming 100th Raging Stallion movie, which brings together Falcon exclusive Landon Conrad and disco sensation/muscle god Zeb Atlas.

I’ve always been into Zeb Atlas’ music, but I was never really into his porn. Until now.

Before, it was just too much. Bodybuilder bodies aren’t a thing for me. But now, his body is perfect: Not too big, not too small; not too much hair, not too little hair. It’s rare for a porn star to get better looking with age, but Zeb has. At 41(!), I think this is the best he’s ever looked:

Aside from his movie The Boyfriend, this is Zeb’s first high profile porn since his debut in Falcon’s Best Men, when he fucked Adam Killian. I shouldn’t have to reiterate my feelings for Zeb’s new scene partner, Landon Conrad, but after seeing a scruffier, hairier, beardier version of him, I feel compelled to say: asdfghjkl;ytder3ftuyhji4rf

As perfect a fit as it looks, Falcon exclusive Landon Conrad working for Raging Stallion is a “one time only” thing, a studio rep tells me. Since the Raging/Falcon merger, studio head Chris Ward has been careful to not mix brands, but because of Zeb’s notoriety and it being Raging’s 100th movie, they wanted to bring in a major star for the occasion who would be something of a “surprise.” This is a very good surprise.

The as yet untitled feature will be out in May, and it also stars Jesse Santana, Micah Brandt, Tom Wolfe, Jason Michaels, and Heath Jordan.

[Raging Stallion]

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16 Responses to “Exclusive: Zeb Atlas Fucks Landon Conrad In 100th Raging Stallion Feature”

  1. xxjayxx says:

    and to think zeb atlas for years never did any actual gay porn.

  2. MIke says:

    Do my little eyes spy Falcon’s old Photoshop the dicks bigger here? I think so. I used to watch their videos and scream “LIAR!” at the boxcovers.

  3. Walnuts says:

    zeb is not attractive sadly. landon is a cutie.

  4. Half porco says:

    Zeb needs to bottom

  5. I thought he had stopped doing porn. I agree, he does look better now than he ever has.

  6. Isn't It Obvious? says:

    They’re both hot, but especially Landon.

  7. T-Bird says:

    Zeb is better looking hairy but I still can’t stand the guy. Love Landon but on this one I pass.

  8. Hugh says:

    Landon is sort of cutely funny, in a comic strip kind of way. Never mind photoshop; it’s not as though you can believe anything about his body is real. But what’s with the hair?

  9. Evan says:

    Ewww- just threw up in my mouth again…:-(

  10. Paul says:

    I think they both look great, cant wait to see this!

  11. SuperGay says:

    I have never been a fan of Zeb-Atlas and I’m still not let him join all the other G4pers and go make less money fucking bitches in str8-porn.And stop leeching off of gay men for money when he has a girl-friend and make str8-porn on his own porno website I don’t care how big his muscles are I still don’t like him he doze nothing for me.For years all he did was make money off of gay men before he decide to do more because he was starting to loose fans if he continue to do nothing more than solo-porn and turn to fucking men to win some new fans.Of which I am not one of them as for Landon-Conrad I use to be a fan of his until now by letting Zeb-A fuck him after all the str8-germs he pick up fucking with those bitches he should have stayed away from Zeb-A.After a certain gay porn star ate out his un-clean ass and got sick from it that why I have lost all respect for Landon-Conrad now.

  12. herbert says:

    landon conrand patent looks stunning with its new image more hairy, zeb atlas I thought it would make a flip-flop with landon landon conrad because the truth is bigger than your penis zeb atlas, flip-flop would have been very, very hot, I love landon conrad

    • Richard Kimball says:

      I have enjoyed watching Atlas in his porn endeavors. In each one he has his ass eaten and really gets into it. I think that it’s about time a hot man got into him deep and hard. I’m sure that he would enjoy it. Bareback would be great but with a condom would do.

  13. Dan says:

    im not sure if i will be able to handle watching 5 min of this without cumming

  14. frank says:

    I agree with several of the readers about Zeb Atlas. I feel that if had ” to do it all over again, would he fall in love with himself again and again?” His company has produced mediocre dvds and he has delivered fair performances. But, it’s the many occasions that he would ‘wink’ at the camera; ask a fellow actor in a scene if
    he likes his house; or ask others if they like his body. Very egotistical man..perhaps he is insecure.

    I dont understand why he decided to affix a tatoo on his body. Plus, he should let the hair on his body remain
    untact and not be so concerned about it being shaven in order to display his definition. He knows he is hot and
    he makes it quite certain to everyone else that he is. Not a good or appealing characteristic.

    Thank you.

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