Exclusive: Watch Cody Cummings’ “ShadowKiss” Right Here!

The Sword was the FIRST and ONLY blog to bring you an advanced review of Cody Cummings’ new film “ShadowKiss,” and now I am proud to be the FIRST and ONLY blog to debut a two-minute clip from the controversial and game-changing gay porn masterpiece.

“ShadowKiss” (or “Shadow Kiss,” if you prefer the grammatically correct version) features Cody Cummings in his most vulnerable, his most hungry, and his most curious encounter yet, and it is sure to go down as one of the most erotic, pulse-pounding, and ground-breaking events in the history of gay porn!

Here is your exclusive preview of Cody Cummings in “ShadowKiss,” co-starring Anthony Romero.

BEHOLD: Cody Cummings gets fucked for the first time in “ShadowKiss”!

As you can see, Cody Cummings has changed the game yet again. The gay porn icon and legend has crossed another line and raised the bar for his peers, leaving everyone to wonder: What in the world will Cody Cummings do next?

Kudos to the team at CodyCummings.com for smartly leaving just a little bit to the imagination in this clip. Obviously, you can’t show everything in a preview and give it all away! You gotta join Cody Cummings’ site to see all of “ShadowKiss.”


[Cody Cummings: ShadowKiss

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73 Responses to “Exclusive: Watch Cody Cummings’ “ShadowKiss” Right Here!”

  1. JooLuvr says:

    This is the most pathetic thing I have ever seen.

  2. Jason says:

    Yeah, Zach–I just watched this whole shadowplay bizness. Where was all this clearly visible in-and-out-and-in-and-out fucking? And did the part where Cody “swallows all of Anthony’s cum” wind up on the cutting room floor (alongside Anthony’s cum, it would seem…)?

    I didn’t think your original review was ironic. You’re a good writer; your use of irony is typically much more finely tuned than that.

    What gives? (Other than apparently still not Cody Cummings…)

  3. Barack Brobama says:


  4. dubstep says:

    “As you can see, Cody Cummings has changed the game yet again. The gay porn icon and legend has crossed another line and raised the bar for his peers, leaving everyone to wonder: What in the world will Cody Cummings do next?”

    THE FUCK….

  5. MaV says:


  6. bruce says:

    i don’t get it. even if cody was a fag…where is the appeal? his body is nice but his face is lookin’ like shit

  7. Jostlin Testes says:

    Have you guys seen the new episode of Who Gives A Fuck, I Mean Really? This Is Pathetic. Someone Should Glitterbomb Cody. It’s a great episode.

  8. Badda bleld oeldldddd ele Dlbledddffofoe says:

    Happy April Fool’s Day.

  9. Hitler says:

    The old one looks like a cross between a howler monkey and an old leather shoe, and the other one is a little fat.

  10. MaV says:

    Btw, I do love Anthony Romero!

  11. Winterhell says:

    haha. lol. LOL. LMAFAO. So sad of that studio to think their audience is dumb.

  12. Brandon says:

    I feel like they should have at least done a better job editing.

    I had to watch it just to make sure and there are NUMEROUS times when Cody is the “top” you can clearly see his limp piece bouncing around while the facial expressions are suggesting something more is happening.
    Same as when Cody is the “bottom”…the behind angle they show you can clearly see both of their balls being squished together.
    Why did they not catch these things if they wanted it to be believable??

    1. I hope the part about him retiring is true
    & 2. I feel bad for Anthony…I bet he needed it bad afterward.

    • AJB says:

      I completely agree with you. But there is one part that I’m sure A LOT of people noticed and the editors were very upset about. The part where you noticed both of their balls squished together also shows Anthony moving up a little too much and leaving Cody’s hole ever so slightly exposed. In other words, we KNOW he’s not taking it. It’s plainly obvious when you show all the goods that nothing is happening.

      The most upsetting part about this video, like many have mentioned, is that it treats us like we’re stupid and won’t notice that he’s not doing anything.

  13. Alex says:

    Forget the clip…let’s guess who of the commentors are actually Austin and Anthony. It is more entertaining. My money is on Badda bleld oeldldddd ele Dlbledddffofoe being Austin.

    I hope when Anthony negotiated his new contract that he got them to agree he didn’t have to do another scene Cody unless it was him and Austin fucking Cody with baseball bats,while Rod Daily and Parker London pissed on him, as Trevor Knight growls out what a pathetic douchebag he is, and James Jameson and Marcus Mojo smoke a hookah in the background.

  14. aDude says:

    So… is this CC scene marketed towards the blind community, because I got a secret to tell you…
    They can’t see, but they can smell bullshit a mile away! :P

  15. robirob says:

    There’s porn and then there is ‘you’ve been had’.

  16. Levine says:

    It’s amazing the lengths they will go to to trick people into thinking Cody is having anal sex with a dude.

  17. Michael says:

    Count me in on those who hope Cody retires. Anthony should just be shunned for agreeing to participate in this abortion.

  18. Alex from Paris says:

    i hate now Next Door Studios from now on. they are really seeing us, viewers, as fools and dumb people. i can’t forgive them from taking our money by doing those fake videos.

    as for Anthony Romero, i’m honestly disappointed by him. i’m a fan and i can’t understand him. if you are gay, what the fucking hell are u doing with that douchebag?! once with him, maybe. twice, i’m not sure i can deal with that.

    especially when this video is an epic fail. too bad because it was so promising. and yet… whatever!

  19. Gnormie says:

    Where are the prerequisite yet ironic quotation marks around the term game-changing?

  20. MJ says:

    Anthony, We know you and your boyfriend tend to read everything on here. would you care to explain?

    • Anthony says:

      What can I say that I haven’t already expressed in passive aggressive puke pictures and through sub tweets?

    • sxg says:

      They’re the last people who can give us a 100% honest analysis of this scene since they are exclusives to NDS. The studio may be the worst one out there, but just like in real life you don’t publicly talk about the negative aspects on the place you work, especially if it can get back to the owners of that company.

  21. Cock Sweatzz says:

    I remember being 14, wondering what sex was like. I would rub my widdle erection on a pillow and imagine what real sex felt like. Would you call that pushing boundaries?

  22. Natalie Portapotty says:

    If Cody thinks the people who watch porn are stupid enough to believe this crap, and if he thinks you’ll buy it, and if he uses people to try to salvage his sinking ship of a “career,” then make sure you hate Cody. Anthony was a dumb ass for doing this, but remember who the REAL asshole is here.

  23. Christine Marinoni says:

    Am I the only one who thought that this was way better than anything Porter-Potty’s done in years? I mean, the “ShadowKiss” soundtrack alone is WAY better than his “music.”

    • MaV says:

      I did like the use of up close cinematography showing arms, hands, butt, thighs, etc. The HD 1080p does make a difference, and I wish more studios would use better cameras…less than 720p is not cutting it anymore. The colors really pop up, and you can actually see the body hair!

      However, I felt like I was watching a softcore video. At least Cody did some male to male kissing.

  24. Skip Fields says:

    Everything about this scene was a total lie, including the information pt forth by The Sword. Pity.

  25. Paul says:

    The only thing that was new in this clip was that Cody actually took the initiative and kissed a guy. Other than that, nothing new.

    • Anthony says:

      No no no. I kissed him. I took the initiative to put my lips on those aging, rusted suckers. I figure if I was going to be roped into putting out some bullshit, I was going to at least give people some kissing.

      btw, I agree with all of you.

      • sxg says:

        lol aging rusted suckers. At the end of the day it’s work. Just like Erik Rhodes also mentioned it’s part of the job doing scenes with people you don’t want to work with, since most people don’t get to decide who you work with. I know people give you and Austin hell for working with these G4P trash (including me), but I do have to give you credit for putting up with it for so long and not blowing your brains out.

        • teeMDV says:

          Perhaps if scene partners got to chose we’d have a lot more real, passionate sex and not this ridiculous robotic “product.” But then a good portion of the g4p’ers would probably be out of work wouldn’t they? *wah wah*

      • aDude says:

        I hope you can still get a boner after this.

      • Andres Furtuoso says:

        at least you keeping it real!

  26. WTF?! says:

    Please tell me not all gay porn is as deceiving as this….. :S

  27. Adam Dunn says:

    It was so dark and shadowy I couldn’t even tell his race.

  28. ChrisDC says:

    How much did they pay you to deceive us? What a bunch of BS!

  29. 1209philip says:

    I just downloaded and watched the entire 32 minute scene, which was probably the worst 32 minutes of porn I’ve ever seen. The lighting was meant to “deceive” us (like we’re stupid shits), and no one fucked anyone. And even the kisses were fake. Just go away Cody……..we get so tired of this Gay4Pay shit.

  30. Asenath says:

    Say something nice. Say something nice.

    Um. The lighting was gorgeous. Anthony’s ass is still a revelation.

    … I’m out.

  31. Nick says:

    I would like to say thank you to Next Door Studios for again thinking we all stupid…..please before even discussing the scene itself; the promotional wording “hyping” the video is an insult. If you chose to watch a Cody video on NDS site everyone knows upfront what to expect. So please don’t insult us with these “special”videos, sure everyone knew again nothing was REALLY going to be happening but NDS did do a good job a getting folks to view it “just out curiosity” which they knew would occur. But come on please let this be the last….fans are tired of this, Cody is looking desperate for a check(or marketing genius) and the other exclusives are being wasted…..this guy’s time has past so it’s time to sit down to let others go for it.

    As for Anthony…we forgive you; I’m sure the studio didn’t give you much of a choice or many options; hopefully they did give you a hell of a lot extra money!

    NDS if you need to have a Gay-For-Pay model to promote big time like you do Cody; at least pick one that fucks….men!

  32. Ryan says:

    I have to admit that when I first discovered Cody Cummings a couple of years ago, I thought he was quite hot. Certainly his dick was nice to look at and he had a couple of pairings which, though leaving many things to be desired turned me on, for example the one with Philippe Delvaux.

    As weeks passed, I started looking less and less forward to updates. After all, nothing new ever really happened and it began to feel a bit forced. Certainly his being gay (or whatever you or he himself would like to call it) for pay and a possible douche had little to do with that. Plenty of nice gay for pay performers and plenty of gay douches after all. It all just became very stale.

    This update, well, for one it looks directed well. They’re also clearly trying to do something new for Cody which he definitely needs. Because of that, I’m not going to lable it pathetic, but I do think it might be too late in his career and public image to be game-changing.

  33. Kayak says:

    I was actually excited and was going to purchase the membership or scene before I realized it’s all fake. I thought Cody was hot in the beginning and yes, a REAL sex scene now after all the bullshit would be actually amazing. But now, kaputz. I ain’t buying no bullshit. peace.

  34. Markus says:

    holy shit………….what all did NDS do for you in order to get you to write all of this bullshit? Especially after the first Cody fake……..then they turn out another one? I kind of suspected it given the lack of hype the put around it!

  35. sxg says:

    Ryan & Kayak I think a lot of us found Cody Cummings hot when he first came out, including me. I remember the first video I saw him in was where he gave Patrick Rouge a birthday lapdance that he “ordered” at his place. I have a weakness for stripper scenes. Even when Cody said to Patrick in that video “I ain’t fucking touching you” (or something to that extent) I didn’t think anything of it and lost myself in the moment. I still saw a few of his receiving bj scenes afterwards and enjoyed them, but that quickly got boring. And then coming to these blogs and finding links to the things he says and does, it just sickened me. I’m sure that had I never discovered him being a G4P who is disgusted with guys I would still think he’s attractive. But now I only see him has a complete asshole douchebag that I just wish would go away soon by any means necessary.

  36. michb says:

    I beg everyone not to bash Cody. He is still the very best at NOT having sex with a guy. And we all should pause and allow us to savor this historic moment: according to Sirard’s twisted mind we are just witnessing the future of gay porn, dictated by, well, gay porn’s dictator. So,long live Cody and may you continue to give us what you can do better than anybody else and that is absolutely nothing.

    • michb says:

      One thing I forgot to mention: there is a good reason why Cody cannot bring himself to have sex with a men and I am surprised that nobody has mentioned it so far, because it makes everything understandable and forgivable. Mrs. Cody is a closeted lesbian. And forcing her to have sex with a guy is one step short of corrective rape and who would want that?

  37. pornfreak says:

    Limp dick is at it again. I love Anthony Romero! He could do so much better.

  38. Bakelely says:

    The lighting is so dark on this you can’t see a thing. What’s game-changing about that? Amateurs have been uploading poorly lit videos to XTube for years, and I avoid them, too.

  39. What is this? A parody of the Johnny Depp parody of Dark Shadows? Where’s my glasses, I can’t see a thing.

  40. Estelle says:

    It could be worse Anthony, you could be rimming Jake Cruise.

    BTW I wonder how wet Jean Marie’s gunt/fupa got when she saw this scene.

  41. daddycentaur says:

    From the sound of things I did the right thing by not waisting my time, energy and hard earned money watching bullshit. Some of you might do the same and boycott Cody Cummings just like I do. Stop watching, stop paying for his scenes, stop reading articles about him, stop buying his fleshjack toys. Just let him go make his money elsewhere.

  42. Andres Furtuoso says:

    I wonder how much NDS paid Zach to write that review? But being i like this blog I’m praying they just forced you to copy and paste what their publicity heads had already put out, though the tweets were a bit much too.

  43. JHON says:

    this video is a lie… they dont do anything…. why they try to lie to us,,,, we are not that stupid….

  44. Herman says:

    They need to tie this Bitch to a fence and fuck the shit outta him! lol

  45. Alex C. says:

    I used to think Cody was hot, hell, I still do. I watched the last fake video and this one too. It is just ridiculous that the studio has balls to put out another simulated fuck video. And yes, it’s even worse to read the Swords “review.” Not too long ago I had a NDB membership end, and no, I wont be giving them my money again.I’m just curious though, a lot of people in the above comments have been saying that Cody has said some disgusting or offensive things. What are these things exactly?

  46. Dustin says:

    Oh look, another video of Cody and some idiotic co-star stuntfucking. If they think we’re gonna fall for this, it’s a major insult. Seriously, Cody and his career means shit to me now. I was content with him just letting guys suck his dick, but faking a sex scene? Honestly.. Not to mention his “acting” is mediocre at best. Let me know when you can clearly see him take it up the ass. Not some dim-light scene where you can’t see shit.

  47. Thunderz says:

    I haven’t seen shadowkiss yet but did see a fantasy full filled. When I actually SEE him fucking or being fucked I will believe it. To me it just looks like fake sex,like faking the big O..you can’t see or really tell if it is actually happening…nice bluff Cody..as usual!

  48. DirkVA says:

    So I’m the only one who was turned on? I knew it was fake and didn’t resent it. It’s theater, and I’m not deceived into thinking I’m having sex just because the actors are really having sex. But I found the kissing very hot, and Cody made me absolutely sure that he has a lot of experience getting fucked. He has long since shown us that he like his ass played with, including with toys, and he’s just too comfortable in that position for it to have always been faked. I think he just doesn’t want to get actually fucked on screen yet because he thinks he’s building up suspense.

  49. marcelo says:

    For me, one of the most erotic and horny video I ever seen. Cody is simply marvelous! What a cock, what a body, what a look! He´s a male for all seasons!Anthony is not so horny as Cody but he´s good too. The kisses aren´t fake, the movements are hot, I liked very much. The video should be presented all over and not only a stretch. Please, show all “Shadow kiss”!…

  50. anonymus says:

    This is pathetic, about the 25:50 min you can see how anthony is riding nothing, because you can see all of cody’s penis no hard, outside of anthony. Is just ridiculous, Cody is a very hot men with a very hot body, but is pointless to try to convince us that his doing gay, he is just a whore that is selling his body.

  51. Fred says:

    Ok, as it’s a fact that Cummings is a douchebag who wants money through the G4P I’m just wondering something… He let guys suck his cock. Ok. The fact that he would have a problem to be fucked, I could understand. But for god sake, how many people (let’s say Hungary is a nest) are fucking guys in gay porn, while their girlfriends are waiting for them outside the building ? That’s also gay for pay, but at least when you watch it, it looks plausible !

    So my question is : if Cody Cummings is SOOOOO open-minded, what would be the problem for him to at least fuck a guy ?

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