Exclusive: Watch Christian Wilde Get Fucked For The Very First Time, Courtesy Of Austin Wilde


He’s practiced with fingers, butt plugs, and dildos, but now, finally, the time has come for Christian Wilde to bottom for his life.

Unlike other “first time” bottoms, this time really is the first for Christian. When approached with the idea of someone as, uhh, well-equipped as Austin Wilde being his top, Christian was (obviously) a little hesitant. But in the spirit of “go big or go home,” he said yes.

I’m not sure if my favorite part of this teaser is the actual sex or the celebratory high five at the end? In 24 hours, the full Golden Gate episode will be live on NakedSword. Here’s a taste:


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12 Responses to “Exclusive: Watch Christian Wilde Get Fucked For The Very First Time, Courtesy Of Austin Wilde”

  1. buffy2004 says:

    I knew it :)!!! Well looks incredible hot really and that was only a minute trailer. Great choose for Christian first time.

  2. nhuixnhuix says:

    Oh god. Was the Sean Cody-style corny narration really necessary? I mean Austin Wilde is far from being small like, say, James Deen (gossip columns inside joke), but as far as porn goes, Christian Wilde didn’t exactly pick an intestine destroyer either.

    • nhuixnhuix says:

      But pursuing my mantra of trying to always say something nice when I bitch, even though the tattoos turn me off C. Wilde altogether, I will say that as far as “first-time bottoming” scenes go this seems to be an very well-produced/directed and flattering one with respect for the audience – probably staging a moment his fans were waiting for (We should do a list of the lamest-produced first time bottoming scenes ever one day: my pick would Brad Patton in Heaven to Hell).

  3. Beyonces Turd Piles Might Block Out The Sun says:

    appears much, much hotter as a bottom vs. a top. Should receive many more filmed poundings!

  4. Sheik says:

    SO happy it wasnt Tommy Defendi.. had enough of that rope being pushed…

  5. sxg says:

    I agree Sheick I’m glad it’s not Tommy either I love me some Austin Wilde! Not a big fan of Christian so I’ll definitely be watching this scene solely for Austin.

  6. Steve says:

    Looking forward to seeing Christian taking Austin’s cock. Hope Christian really enjoyed it and he will do more bottoming in the future.

  7. Steve454 says:

    Head exploding!!! But seriously, I hope this is the first of many more bottoming scenes from Christian. I always thought his scenes would be hotter with his legs in the air.

  8. Mel says:

    Looks hot!

  9. T-Bird says:

    This will either be the best thing ever or the most anticipated failure. Hopefully… they can mix it up again with a hot 3some with Anthony Romero tossed in.

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