Exclusive: Golden Gate Season 5 Teaser


Golden Gate’s 4th season ended over a year ago, but in one week, the 5th one will debut on NakedSword. And unless you’ve been living under a pile of some nudist’s discarded clothes, you know what this one is about. Here is Christian Wilde, Tommy Defendi (both reprising their original roles from season 1 and season 2), Logan Stevens, Caleb Colton, Logan Vaughn, Dale Cooper (as San Francisco Supervisor Scott Cox), and possibly one mystery(?) gay porn star in Golden Gate Season 5: “The Cover Up.”

NakedSword’s Golden Gate Season 5: “The Cover Up” premieres on April 3rd.

[NakedSword: Golden Gate Season 5: "The Cover Up"]



























Did you pay attention to the trailer?

There’s a lot more to come…



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7 Responses to “Exclusive: Golden Gate Season 5 Teaser”

  1. bruce says:

    Austin Wilde is the mystery pornstar. HAH I WIN!

  2. Matt says:

    for a second, i thought he was Jake Gyllenhaal

  3. Gps says:

    It is way too cold to walk around naked in San Francisco.

  4. T-Bird says:

    JD Phoenix is the hottest thing going in porn today I am sold on this movie after I saw him. And yes Logan Stevens dirty sex on a stick.

  5. omg says:

    It looks like he is going into the exam room for an anal probe. That is the most uncomfortable face I’ve seen in porn.

  6. dan says:

    people have to wear clothing in sf now wow what a big deal…. and the people in the begining is selfish.

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