Even More Playgirl “Campus Hunks”

I thought Playgirl might have shot its wad too soon when they released their first “Campus Hunk” gallery of donkey-dicked blond Brent Walker, but the other guys are fun, too! I hope the ladies who read Playgirl appreciate them. I’m still waiting for the black model’s spread to show up online, but for now, here’s a look at two more of the Campus Hunks, who may or may not actually be college students.


First is Greg McKeon, a fitness trainer/pot smoker who makes videos.


Good thing he’s cute.


And here’s a sneak peek of “Justin” (sorry, no last name):


Finally, in case you missed him from last week, Brent Walker:


Click here for more group shots and full solo galleries on Playgirl.com.





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  1. Jesse says:

    They all look like a bunch of over-shaved hobbits!

  2. aslogan says:

    Uh, wouldn’t hobbits be more unshaven?

  3. Res1 says:

    These men look old as hell. What do they mean “campus”?

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