Did You Miss Him? Muscle Bottom Bryce Evans Is Back On Dominic Ford


It’s been well over a year, but Dominic Ford was able to lure back muscular powerbottom Bryce Evans by waving Topher DiMaggio’s huge cock in his face.

Dominic Ford writes that this scene is actually “part an upcoming feature film” (Whorrey Potter 2?), and that “Bryce rubs Topher’s cum into his body like it is body lotion, he loves it that much.” I’ll bet.

Sadly, there’s no white sofa to fuck on this time. Just a bathroom wall and later a giant bed with a grey comforter.

AND: Is it just me, or did Topher DiMaggio’s eyebrow situation finally calm down?

[Dominic Ford: Topher DiMaggio Fucks Bryce Evans]


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10 Responses to “Did You Miss Him? Muscle Bottom Bryce Evans Is Back On Dominic Ford”

  1. doubledose says:

    Well i think topher is cute can I choose option C? I don’t miss either. Neither makes me wanna watch or subscribe.

    • QUICK! Sniff Her Chair While It's Warm says:

      Negative, two coats of Murray’s for control and big dab o’ Brow-mectress by Nexxus for faux Anglo-esque fullness.

  2. half porco says:

    YEAH SURE I MISSED HIM§!! I hope he warms up to the idea of bottoming, as his first scene was a bit “cold” but what a gorgeous man :o

  3. ceem says:

    Topher… topping… AGAIN??!!!

  4. Julien says:

    Yawn! When is Topher gonna give up that ass?

    • Boogywoogy says:

      Gurrrl, I know! I don’t watch any of his scenes now because I think his whole “I’m not versatile” shit is getting old.

  5. Rick says:

    Bryce is a hot muscle Jew. LOVE IT

  6. mister reality says:

    Brice: No boner = no porn actor. Simple requirements here. If I wanted to see a wet noodle, I’d watch cold spagetti.

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