Comment Of The Day: “As Men, We Wanted Our Own Spaces”

Simon Dexter responds to the controversy over his failed bromance with Benjamin Godfre in today’s comment of the day.

After living together for less than a month, Simon Dexter confirms that it really is over for him and Benjamin:

LOL you people really love to reach…

A. we were never boyfriends

B. I have never had romantic feelings for ben nor he for I

C. As men, we wanted our own spaces. Simple. No emotion. Thats it.

Move on and stop trying to create something where nothing exists. You have a pathetic blog that feeds people lies.

I’m glad that Simon Dexter, as a man, felt compelled enough to defend himself against a gay porn blog’s lies.

Now, everyone please move on and give Simon Dexter his own space.

[SeanCody: Doug Fucks Simon Dexter/Harley]


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49 Responses to “Comment Of The Day: “As Men, We Wanted Our Own Spaces””

  1. ceem says:

    I actually miss Doug. He’s dorky but at least he was officially bi-curious (at the times when it was taboo for Sean Cody and models were being fired for being “too gay”).

  2. Nhuixnhuix says:

    I can’t believe your trolling them is still working. Surely at some point one of these sexually-insecure morons is gonna figure out that the only reason you keep calling them a couple is because we like to make fun of the defensive response it gets out of them every time, right?

  3. TrueWords says:

    Simon sees his world in an interesting manner…much like Kenneth…

  4. Marc says:

    Ok…irrelevant and catty reminders of his gay porn past aside, let’s ask the question…why would two adult men who weeks ago, JUST moved in together and were as “thick as thieves” suddenly have a need for separate spaces?? The way Simon uses Instagram, you would think he were an astronaut stranded on Mars and it’s the only way he can communicate with Earth. So why was there no obvious foretelling of this rather significant change? It doesn’t appear that they just suddenly moved into different spaces; it doesn’t even appear that they are “friendly” as they once were. Did someone get a little uncomfortable with a increasingly obvious truth that this “pathetic blog” shined a light on?

  5. Olaf says:

    It is very funny that this straight man would take such umbrage to a random sarcastic post on a gay porn blog

    • Karl Rove's Mama's Dead Vag says:

      HOLD ON!!!!

      There is AT LEAST ONE straight man out in the blogosphere who is crushed by Simon’s antics.

      Here’s some New Year’s fun–Wiki the Sean Cody site. Look for the famous alums section. Plug that non-Harley, non-Dexter name into Google. You’ll find a “straight man” blog where a guy once believed Simon would be a great straight kick boxer(video evidence exhibit #1)


      And, he is furious that Simon lisps in a homemade “what’s up with me” vid(exhibit #2–of course, none of the shit Simon prophesizes while driving has materialized) & this blogger is NOT happy (circa early 2011)


      Guy took all his Simon shrine photos OFF his blog. Calls him a ‘sister’ lmfao, blog-queen!

      Please, even I know when two straight men move-in together and disagreements occur after a few short weeks, first thing one does is move out immediately. What straight man would negotiate and stay put? Who called them Sheila???

      Funny though–(and a big hello to ZAPPY who must be watching us)–how Simon managed to sniff out that blog & leave a comment(or at least one of his multiples did) So YOU KNOW he is aware & reading this Sword shit nine times daily.

      That is, when he’s not wealth & power instagramming…enchanting twitter followers–a rolling-in-the-dough scheme.

      Oh yeah, has the personal asst. job for B & S been filled? What were those qualifications & responsibilities again? Did Paige get it? Anyone else submit? Did you have to know how to roll one freehand or could you use a Hamilton for density & texture? Where can I buy those Dex dong drawers too?

      UH HUH.

      My gryphon is double-parked–hungry & mad-as-hell! Geneva cops are so touchy. Off to brunch. Tell Simon that Halston, Jean Cocteau, Kurt Cobain and Dame Sybil Thorndike wish him a Happy New Year(Syb is such a cunt by her fifth Bucks Fizz)

      • Kraken says:

        Epic. Spot on. Simon lives to troll the Web for comments posted about him, sometimes defending himself vociferously, as he did with that ‘crushed’ gay-converted-to-straight-now-Christian blog. Simon was clearly wounded the man no longer thought of him as manly and heterosexual. And to this day, he creates online alias after alias, or sends friends to do the same, to troll these blogs. Well here ya go, Simon: Your reputation, if you ever truly had one beyond performances in Sean Cody porn, is trashed across the Internet — at your own hands. Dude, if you want to pursue grandiose dreams of joining the ‘power elite,’ then you need a solid PR pro, or a handler, who ensures you keep your mouth shut and your fingers off your phone or laptop, No one, and certainly TheSword, makes a fool of you better than you.

  6. TrueWords says:

    Simon is a confused man who was THRUST into the gay limelight with lots of money (more than he encountered coming from Rockford, IL) and “star” status thru nude modeling (please KEEP in mind, NO one in the print or runway industry wants to see him with his clothes on once you have taken them off)…Simon does not understand the following:

    1. why have “I” not blown up into a bigger star

    2. his actions and/or words have consequences in both the short term and long term of his life

    3. everyone has a limit and he is treading on thin ice with many people from Chicago to LA and all the places in between

    While he is intelligent in some respects (yes I have read some of his previous blog entries) and can articulate his thoughts; this is not a gateway into getting what you want through other people or making them feel as if they need you in their lives to make it all BETTER…

    Simon at the end of the day the man who sold the other man a house that has a leaky roof while using fancy words and stellar promises…will only be referred to as a liar, crook, a manipulator…nothing more or less.

    • Kraken says:

      Well, that’s the ballgame folks. Truer words have not been… written. From L.A. to Chicago to NY – the gig is up. So to he we say: Give it up. Bow out. STFU, and get a effing job before the sands of the hourglass run out on any possibility of a solid future for you. Cuz ya ain’t gettin’ any younger BRO.
      By the way — years of work in the NYC and Paris fashion industries and I can tell you Simon never had what it took to be a runway or editorial model for any house of luxury apparel. He’s a nice looking guy, but catalog and underwear model at best. And though he’s not my cup-of-tea, I can understand why so many Sean Cody fans enjoyed his work with the studio. End. Next chapter is on you, man.

  7. half porco says:

    Maybe they split because of Instagram’s new policy?

  8. Drew says:

    Maybe they split because they don’t like sharing books from the vast collection both have and are also both working on secret research in science?

    On a serious note Simon’s cock is straight as a board in that picture above and that’s more evidence that he’s only into chicks.

  9. MsTERM says:

    What does he mean “you people”? (obviously making a joke here)

  10. Nick says:

    Well said..”move on ” people…invest in a life…LoL

  11. Paint Drying ..... says:

    …. the holidays and the end of the year are always a slow news time ….but this is really stretching it, Zach. As always, nothing to see here.

  12. doubledose says:

    Nice! Oh how I missed the hot pix over christmas

  13. robirob says:

    Ego. A terrible thing that can get in the way of things.

  14. DD says:

    I don’t know these porn performers but that pic is hot! That guy’s got an incredible body and a beautiful cock.

  15. aslogan says:

    One of them probably took a big thunder dump, and it was enough to drive the other one away.

  16. Karl Rove's Mama's Dead Vag says:

    Refresher. Love this post! Cut & pasted from an old Simon Dexter Yahoo Group. It’s brilliant:

    Simon Dexter was in relationship with Yasmine Petty. This is what she says of Simon Dexter, “Simon is a pathological liar that believes his own lies. He even told people and his therapist that I hit him in a restaurant when we were eating with friends. Because he convinced himself thats what happened when I never even touched him. Not till after i went through the whole dinner with him step by step did he realize that I didn’t really hit him! Thats scary!” Simon Dexter’s ambition : “Ultimately my goal is to be in acting. I have a life goal that at 35 I’d like to play James Bond in a Hollywood film, which I personally believe is a very attainable goal”. When Simon Dexter attains his goal,The Sun would have a field day with that casting news. The headlines : “New Bond’s p0rnstar past”

    ***JAYE DAVIDSON——For ‘The Crying Game’——***

    Second refresher. Simon’s current car lust instagrams take me back…
    DOES ANYONE REMEMBER…as he was taking advantage of his ‘hot & new’ status on SC, Simon wrecked his auto. Began asking for donations and even put up a United Way-styled thermometer on his previous site to gauge givings toward a used BMW or Benz or Saab or Yugo or Pacer? This was waaaay before his public escorting and supermodel of the world (in his mind)moments

    Having spent a solid thirty minutes examining BenG’s & Simon’s outputs, I have deduced the following…

    BenG is BY FAR the more likable & talented of the two. I see him escaping a sycophant. Leaving someone who works hard to be devious & deceptive by nature. (BenG’s Dad is kinda hot too) And that is the man, BenG probably turned to in a crisis moment, saying, ‘Dad, I’ve made a huge mistake here in L.A. & I need help fast’

    Conversely, on instagram, Simon’s grim-faced/present-opening/Chris Burke-esque family is wonderful. Simon is THE photobomber. He is so clean & so shiny & so accessible & so fake. His immediate could give a fuck less. I was waiting for a shot of Lily Rabe leading each back to their respective Briarcliff cells.

    Ben would want fans. Simon would expect devotion. Ben would debate. Simon would excommunicate if anyone disagreed. Simon expects control. His fucking way! You don’t think, for one minute, inside, Simon hates the fact Ben has twice the Twitter(shit kills me!) followers???

    So in the end, who cares?! They’ll both manipulate their minions to believe. It’s their jobs.

    I’ll still jack off to Harley riding cock.

    Simon will still be a lying psycho.

    In memory of Harley—90s Chicago House is apropo to this situation—I’ll close with my theme song(officially designated in my will to open and close my funeral)


    • gnormie says:

      more stuff Yasmine said:

      First off I doubt Simon will accept this posting as is. He doesnt like to hear or face the truth!
      This is the situation!
      From the begining he pretended to be someone he wasn’t. He admitted that he is a chameleon. He adapted to me. He tried to act and be as he thought I would like. He manipulated his way into moving into my house and heart, Trying to do everything and anything to win me over.
      Behind my back telling all his friends and my peers, people I know and work with that he was Manipulating me and using me for my money and oppertunity because I know a lot of people in high places. He also told everyone that I was his sugar mamma. He made a mockery of me to people. I would hang out with these people, do photo shoots with them go out to eat and go out partying with them and yet I was a joke to them because of things he said about me to these people.
      He would introduce me to people as his gf. Everyone knew I was his GF. Especially people in the fashion industry! I am a model and fashion photographer. Our indusrty is very small and he made yet another joke out of me being his gf. My peers and people in the industry did not respect me because they all knew regardless if he was my bf or not they could have sex with him if he felt he would gain something from them and there contacts! He slept with photographers, agents and anyone in the fashion industry. Many my peers and best friends! Gay men. Behind my back he was having sexual experiences with my agent which resulted in a horrible fall out btwn me and my agent because my agent started to have feeling for Simon and then began to tear our relationship apart. This resulted me losing my agent as a friend but also not being represented by the agency and him being my agent any longer! The biggest and most top modeling agency in the World!
      Through out our relationship he lied and hid so many things to me! He also cheated on me with his EX gfs. He would talk and chat with them and leave them comments on the Facbook telling them how hot and sexy they looked in photos. Spoke to then regularly and followed them on twitter! He also told them that i was his sugar mamma cause they would see his fake posting and comments he would leave for me confessing his “Love” to me.
      He also cheated on me with Hookers. He would hire hookers and even invite them over to my Families house where my dad let him stay when he was out of town because he had no place to stay when visiting LA to see his clients.
      Simon is also a male prostitute for men. He lived with me and would leave the house sometimes 6 to 8 times a day to go have sex with men for money and I accepted and didn’t judge him for it! He has also had me drive him all over town and wait for him in the car while he would go in and have sex for men for money. Not one or two. But back to back appointments . I never complained. Then the time i did actually get to spend with him he was GLUED to his phone constantly txting back and forth with clients.
      Actions speak louder than words! On my birthday we were in Chicago and city where he is from and Im not. He didnt do anything for my birthday! Nothing at all! Not a card not a flower. He didnt even spend it with me. He left me all day and night in hotel room by myself while he went to visit and spend time with his Sugar daddy!
      I had surgery at the end of November. The night before my surgery your not supposed to eat or drink anything after midnight! When we flew into town he dumped me off infront of my hotel to go rush to see his clients. Told me to wait for him to come back to the hotel to get dinner. He didn’t come back to the hotel to go eat till after midnight….My dad offered to fly out to take care of me after surgery. Simon sad he would. Well the day of my surgery when I was loopy of drugs coming out of a 6 hr surgery I was waiting and waiting at the hospital in post op for him to pick me up. He didnt come till hours later. God knows what he was doing or who he was fucking. Then after the surgery one of the reasons I didn’t take any pain killers because If I did I would have not been able to make sure I was taking my correct Medication and Antibiotic doses at the right time. Because he was to busy working and having clients come over and he would fuck them in the same hotel room i was recovering in and he missed giving me doses and didnt give me the correct meds!
      I over looked all these things! I didnt break up with him till I found out that his intentions of him dating me was for my money and connections and the cheating/ lies. I didn’t talk to him for weeks. After many calls txt and emails of him apologizing and confessing his love to me we started to talk again. He promised to start being honest with me about everything. He even went to see a therapist to help him. Sadly a few days later I found out he was still lying to me and even about some of the stupidest things. When confronted his excuse was “Im sorry…it was like an automatic response…. I felt ashamed and I lied to protect myself”. “Im sick, its an unlearning process not to lie….”
      Simon is a pathological liar that believes his own lies. He even told people and his therapist that I hit him in a restaurant when we were eating with friends. Because he convinced himself thats what happened when I never even touched him. Not till after i went through the whole dinner with him step by step did he realize that I didn’t really hit him! Thats scary!
      Thats wasn’t EVERYTHING! Just enough to give you an idea of the situation
      No email, postings, or flowers are going to change what he did to me!

      • paul says:

        does everyone understand that Yasmin is a trannie? that says a lot about Simon’s so called straightness.

        • Winterhell says:

          Didn’t know that Paul. But, s/he is definitely a low IQ’d ho. Allowing to be treated that way……

        • Kraken says:

          She is still a pre-op ‘fully functional’ transsexual who advertises on Eros.
          But then, some pretty horrid things have been posted about her on other gossip site forums.
          Birds of a feather flock together.

      • His Type ..... says:

        …clearly he likes them a little sloooooooow. What the fuck is wrong with this ‘woman’ ?? She has more than enough of her own issues apparently.

        He seems to be a man-ho. But with people like her (and Ben ??) putting up with it, why would he bother to change ?

      • Marco says:

        “gnormie”..please just STOP STOP…LOL..get some help, it’s obvious you’re lacking self esteem and respect, you finally had a “come to Jesus moment” NOT after all the escorting and lack of caring as his so called GF..but after realizing he was using you financially i just can’t..LoL

  17. Marty says:

    LOL. I love the sword! Lets give him his space by watching him getting fucked in the ass!

  18. JackNasty says:

    So, when is their sex tape going to hit the web?

  19. Jason says:

    Simon, time to ride a few more cocks, and have some more nude shots done. Use what you actually do have, while you still can. We’re at about the 14 1/2 minute mark of your 15 mins buddy.

    • Jason says:

      Actually, if you actually put ANY work into your fans and did a site like Ben did, with the original content Ben does, rather than a couple of Amazon wish lists masquerading as half-hearted blogs, you may have got somewhere.

      What do you actually DO with your day?

      • Karl Rove's Mama's Dead Vag says:

        What do you actually DO with your day?

        Waking contempt
        Works out
        Endorphined contempt
        Smokes weed
        Crispy contempt
        Twitter contempt
        (recent additions)
        Zach Sire contempt
        Benjamin Godfre contempt

    • Jason says:

      PS I NEVER get tired of that photo of Harley half-impaled.

  20. Rob. says:

    Simon is an interesting character and very handsome.But he needs a reality check from this straight talking gay dude:SIMON,I AM SORRY TO SAY YOU WILL PROBABLY NEVER BE A MOVIE STAR OR A SUCCESFUL MODEL!But i’ll be more than happy to snuggle with you,or be your new bro, and let you take pics of you and I on a bed with some hot cocoa!(Hey it’s cold in this part of Arizona).Oops, did I just reveal the state I live in? Oh well, all the best!-Rob.

    • Karl Rove's Mama's Dead Vag says:

      Ummm, Rob,

      I think that Arizona showcase can be yours FOR approx $1500-2000 per night plus airfare/transportation/gifts/meals & tip. Please report back on how it goes & one or two photo(s) for confirmation would be appreciated.

      OH, and have your hooker’s pet spayed or neutered.

      • Rob. says:

        No way I am going to pay anything to spend time with Simon, or any guy for that matter. I don’t care how big his polish sausage is.

    • ceem says:

      You’re just outed yourself! I’d be ashamed of living in Arizona even more than Simon is ashamed of his homosexual feelings.

  21. Nick says:

    So let me see if i get the correct..this Simon dude was a SEX WORKER…ESCORT, yet the people who were involved with him in so-called relationships were appalled at his extra -curricular activities which was sleeping will multiple friends for theirs etc.
    What will it take for people to realize MOST SEX workers are MENTALLY damaged individuals, delve into their back grounds, you will find typically in most cases a dis-functional/abusive upbringing etc.
    Sex and Money is usually their only motivation in life,manipulation comes in a close third :-), these kinds of folks can’t have normal relationships, they can’t even be a good friend…. -_-

    • Jason says:

      I have known quite a few sex workers. I have one who is a very close friend. It is his job. He is actually not the slightest bit manipulative. He isn’t exactly damaged either, but at the moment the hours, the tasks and the money suit him.

      • Mike says:

        “Jason” hence my inclusion of the word *MOST*… reading is fundamental :-)

        • Jason says:

          I read all of it, and gave a reply to balance it a little.

          I wouldn’t even like to say MOST. SOME, yes; there are f***ed up people in all occupations.

          Just hate the generalisation, not neccessarily by you, but the general myth about these workers.

  22. Estelle says:

    Simon’s girlfriend or ex girlfriend, Yasmine Pretty, is also well known tranny hooker Jennifer Paris.

  23. LucasJ says:

    Straight guys who do gay porn are very interesting. I know what my personal feelings are: you must sort of a like it a little bit….right? However….I don’t feel compelled to challenge them or taunt them at every turn: Sure you’re straight…look at you sucking dick in this picture right here! People have the right to ID however they want. Women have been licking each others pussies in porn forever. No one argues that they have to be lesbians…or say they are.

    For a range of reasons, which include (I imagine) fantasy, internalized homophobia, and the way society has idealized straightness over gayness, straight guy’s “first experiences”, and “seductions” are fetishized. So while there are some who are cynical about these guys, there are many, many others who get off on it.

    I don’t know Harley/Simon. If the things written above are true, then clearly he has issues. And the Sword is capitalizing on his issues. Hey…you gotta make a buck right? I’m just over it. The Simon Dexter posts are kind of lazy. They read as: oh well…it’s a slow porn news day. Let’s drag out a Simon Dex drama. The Sword is a really fun read, but I’m sooooooooooooooooooooo over the Simon Dex vs. The Sword shit. We get it. Damn.

  24. michael says:

    What’s fun is to watch how hard Simon is trying to show how uber-straight he is. At least Ben Godfre played up his sexuality to appeal to both sexes and was unapologetic for it. I much prefer that than Simon’s Instagram where he has to state that he’ll KIK message women only. I don’t have an issue with him if he thinks he is straight. But dude, you did almost 30 hard core gay sex movies where you were convincingly erect and enjoying it, you purposely market yourself towards gay men all the time. So you are either a complete fake, a tease, a closeted self loathing gay, a user, a lying psycho or some weird combination of all of these.

    Lucky for Ben he got away from it because it sounds like everything Simon touches turns to shit. Simon might have taken some lessons from Godfre, because it’s pretty obvious that he is NOT liked.

  25. Glenn1441 says:

    I met Simon Dexter, aka Harley, aka Dax Dexter, at a social event at a friend’s apartment near Lincoln Center, NYC. Most guests were older, affluent gay men. When Simon approached me to speak, he was very polite, but quickly turned idle conversation to a monologue of grandiose dreams of becoming the next James Bond, and a men’s underwear designer/entrepreneur, and overall Renaissance man who would one day become a multi-millionaire — a global brand… and, and, and. Dreams are great, but best to walk before you run. My interaction with Simon was several years ago, and the underwear line is non-existent. The site he created in anticipation is empty, literally. His blog is empty, literally. And the one online underwear retailer to even reference the Simon Dexter underwear ‘brand,’ The UnderwearExpert dot com features an archived brand page without product. Empty, literally. Just like Simon’s never ending, grandiose dreams. Simon Dexter regularly posts escort ads in NYC, among other locales. He is actively discussed in the client forums of Daddy’s Reviews dot com, and the general consensus is that he is a classic hustler. He indeed dated transsexual Yasmine Petty, who stated, after their break-up, that Simon is a sick, pathological liar. So back to my conversation with Simon those several years ago in NYC — he indeed fits the mold of a malignant narcissist, and the Daddy’s Reviews forum comments posted by men who have hired him substantiate my assessment of him as well. If a truly straight man were in need of money — even easy money — then it is highly doubtful that the first thought to enter his truly straight mind would be ‘Hey, let me suck cock, or take dick in my ass to make some loot.’ NO. There are plenty of ways for good looking straight men to make money. And if that straight man is a hustler at heart, then there are plenty of women out there as gullible as some gay men. Simon has been in the porn and escorting bizzes for years. His malignant narcissism can be observed first hand, so to speak, in an article at PAPERMAG dot com (search for it). Or check out his interview on the Rentmen dot com blog (search for it). Simon is a classic, self-loathing gay man with extremely low self esteem. His malignant narcissism is merely a symptom of that, a deep identity crisis. And Benjamin Godfre also has a reputation of sidling up to older gay men, ahem, in order to fund his ridiculous ‘business ventures’ that never seem to get off the ground. In summary, there are many gay men who have had direct interaction with Simon, sexually or otherwise, and the overall verdict is that he is a mentally ill young man. Goodnight.

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