Finally!! Cody Cummings Fucks And Gets Fucked By Another Man For Real This Time In New Hardcore Penetration Anal Sex Fucking Scene!!!

cody jay 4

Cody Cummings’ last so-called anal sex scene with Joey Hard and even his so-called anal sex scene before that with Anthony Romero may or may not have actually included Cody Cummings having actual anal sex and bottoming, but this time, let there be absolutely NO doubt whatsoever. Cody Cummings honestly gets fucked this time. I swear.

This is the God’s honest truth. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes, and this time, there is absolutely NO QUESTION at all. All the haters need to back off, because Cody Cummings FINALLY fucks and gets fucked, hard, in a new gay anal sex scene with Jay Cloud. The two play heterosexual prison inmates who flip-fuck in a prison cell, and let me tell you, if you like watching gay porn inside a prison cell where there is an extreme close-up of a 10-inch hard cock sliding directly in and out of Cody Cummings’ asshole, this is the gay porn for you. Even better than the close-ups of the cock and ass are the close-ups of the facial expressions that Cody Cummings makes while having gay anal sex for the first time, signaling to the viewer that he is in sheer and utter ecstasy!

To be honest, many fans were disappointed with Cody Cummings’ last two hardcore homosexual anal sex scenes, “Shadowkiss” and “Code Red,” because there were no close-up shots of the actual anal penetration, but this new scene, “Throwin’ Bones,” leaves NOTHING to the imagination. I promise. If you believe nothing else you read on the internet today, believe this. But don’t just take my word for it. See for yourself:

Honestly, having just watched the full scene, I can tell you conclusively and without hesitation that Cody Cummings once and for all finally does insert his raging hard cock into another man’s asshole, and yes, Cody Cummings allows another man, Jay Cloud, to insert his raging hard cock into Cody Cummings’ unbelievably tight asshole. Trust me, this is what Cody Cummings fans—and fans of quality gay porn in general—have been waiting for their entire lives.

I’ve got to be honest with you, this may be the best gay porn scene of the year, and I predict that a boatload of Cybersocket Awards, Grabbys, TLA Awards, Swordies, and JRL Awards may be coming to Next Door Studios and Cody Cummings next year. Just a thought.

Honestly, it’s so hot, I can’t even talk about it anymore.

But don’t just take my word for it; watch the trailer yourself and then check out the full scene. You honestly can’t make this shit up!

[Cody Cummings & Jay Cloud: Cody Cummings Fucks And Gets Fucked For The First Time In "Throwin' Bones"]



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46 Responses to “Finally!! Cody Cummings Fucks And Gets Fucked By Another Man For Real This Time In New Hardcore Penetration Anal Sex Fucking Scene!!!”

  1. Darkhog says:

    Just per say that Cody did have sex on film with Jay, I didn’t see any thing that hadn’t been done before on his site. It’s really not a big deal anymore to me. He’s a handsome man, sexy even, and a good actor, but it’s hard to keep believing that Cody will fuck a man and be fucked. The way this scene was set up.

  2. I hope my fellow homos will just ignore Cody and this stupid fucken scene. If a dude is so disgusted of another dude how can u find it hot 2 watch?

  3. MaV says:

    You can really tell on Cody’s face that he’s riding the Greek saddle!

  4. Nick says:

    …This is where i should insert a “laugh” emotion :-)))))

  5. JamesM says:

    Why do you guys care so much about this guy? He pretty much already said that he doesnt like gays and is clearly doing it for money. There are many guys out there much hotter and actually like being with other men compared to this loser. He can have the women and stay with them, we dont want him!

  6. Ghost Chelsea says:

    Yah, right …. and I believe I’m going to come back to life someday.

    I call bullshit. If there was even a single second like what Zach describes, it would’ve been in the preview. It wasn’t and I say ‘Lies’.

    • Marty says:

      Thank you for saving me the time of watching that (probably) boring trailer

      I’ve said it before, he is NOT hot. His face is a 4/10

      • John says:

        The site owner just gets paid more if people actually click the referral link. There is NO PENETRATION. and yes CC is fucking hideous. HIDEOUS.

    • SteveG says:

      Exactly what I was thinking. The funny part is that in the last two scenes as mentioned in the article, the exact angles were displayed as were in this “preview”. And anyone who’s ever seen a porn preview knows that if there was penetration, it would have been in the preview. Sadly, I don’t think this was a preview. I think it was exactly what someone would see if they actually paid to watch the whole thing. Move along, nothing to see here (again).

  7. doubledose says:

    How many times have we heard this? And did u care the first time? Yea me neither.

  8. FieldMedic says:

    Why does Cody do this to us? I’m devastated… DEVASTATED I tell you!! Why does he keep having sex with all these men?? It’s unnatural and goes against the sacred heterosexual nature of our beloved Cody Cummings. I implore you Cody, turn back from this sinful nature and find some good vagina that will brake you out of this cock and ass haze before we loose you to the gays for good!!

  9. pornfreak says:

    Please stop posting stories about Cody Cummings. They really are pointless.

  10. Re says:

    This would have been news YEARS AGO! Real news would be if Cody takes the “next step” and does an Arpad Miklos or Wilfried Knight. Now THAT would be news worth printing.

  11. Estelle says:

    April fools is still a few weeks away.

  12. Devin says:

    lol I knew it was BS..
    But you self hating gays keep writing this man’s paycheck.

    Stop supporting NEXTDOOR STUDIOS!
    Are you that obsessed with the gay 4 pay?

  13. Ariel says:

    Zach apparently Cody Cummings is paying you to lie to your readers. I’ve watched the entire video and there’s is absolutely nothing new here. The dead give away is Jay Cloud who has never been able to keep a hard on while being fucked has a hard on the whole time. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO PENETRATION HERE!!! Readers Zach has lied to you. I’m not surprised but for it to be this blatant well it just confirms how much of a joke you are.

  14. Ken Kaniff says:

    Didn’t we vote that this cunt wouldn’t be mentioned on here again?

    • daddycentaur says:

      Yes…..So why are we seeing a brand new Cody Cummins post. Apparently the poll was a joke and not to be taken seriously. Zach obviously had no intention of following through with it. I guess you can’t trust him either.

  15. Timothy says:

    I don’t believe anything until I see his dick in his ass.

  16. lolz says:

    When will you all understand the moment you click on the link you’ve increased views on the story–thus, causing merit for future posts and articles about this guy.

    And to those who think this guy will ever bottom, keep dreaming. To him this is work, and the sex he is having is demeaning and embarrassing; he is a heterosexual, and at the end of the day the pay check is needed to pay down his truck loans and child support. This guy is a loser, he can’t even get regularly employed, nor get work in the straight side of porn(unless you count the stupid “Bi” scenes they use at NDS to lure morons to work in gay scenes where they don’t even bother to produce a good scene).

    This guy is a major boner killer. Bad news.

  17. lolz says:

    I’m telling you all, Cody has to be sucking Stephan Sirard’s cock, for being kept on the roster for so long for doing so little! :D

  18. KevinOhyap says:

    You guys do realize this Blog will continue to post on things/people that get you to click on link–they get paid for every sale. So expect to see another post about him sooner than later.

  19. Jason says:

    Odd, that NOBODY who has posted comments here has acknowledged the fact that this post is a huge pile of tongue-in-cheek sarcasm. Of course there is no penetration. The post was just a stir, and it seems to have worked!

    • Steve454 says:

      Everyone already knows this is a joke, since it’s not the 1st one. We just resent that it’s posted at all.

  20. P to the Fuck says:

    Oy… That was LAME…. CC is looking wore out in the face and 1,000% sure he’s not fucking or getting fucked. Zach post some funny shit about CC and not pass off this boring ass stuff!

  21. Matt says:

    Its not April Fools Day yet! :)

  22. shawn says:

    I am disappointed in Zach ! Why promote this supreme example of a jerk. :(

    I would have been happy had Zach just ignored Cody. Unless, of course, Zach’s getting a “fee for service”. Hey I understand, even bloggers have to make money.

  23. Steve says:

    You must be kidding about the flip-fuck. there if no fuck at all. the biggest fiasco of thesword!!

  24. Julien says:

    *yawn* Here we go with this foolishness again.

  25. alex says:

    While Cody Haters are vocal, there are plenty of guys that want to see him. I run a “tube” site with nearly 35,000 videos. Since April 2011, I’ve tracked the top 50 most searched words/phrases. “Cody Cummings” was in the top 25 for 21 of the past 23 months. Also, he was in the top 5 searches during six separate months.

    Lately, total searches per month have been between 14,000 and 23,000. That means anything in the top 50 searches has been entered on multiple occasions by multiple visitors. (It’s not a lone Cody fan, either. Unless that guy is spoofing his ip address for each search.)

    But, please don’t yell at me. I’m only reporting facts from my site. I don’t get the appeal of Cody.

  26. Bonita Springs says:

    Oh please Mary, 2C soooooooo over….

  27. Lexington says:

    Another middle finger out to all Cody Cummings fans. Dude, just retire. It’s like sex with a thing of mayo except Cody only rubs his dick on the outside of the lid. Stop flipping us off and either show a real scene where he’s taking it up the butt or giving it to some guy or dont even bother wasting the film.

  28. jessi says:

    Zach, I’d be more apt to believe you if you said Cody did a film called “Two Guys One Cup”… In other words, Cody would be more likely to eat shit than take a dick.

  29. Steve454 says:

    Oh, please. Must we endure an update on this blog every time Cody comes out with a fake sex video? The trend seems to be he’ll continue making these. What really bothers me is the free publicity he most certainly doesn’t deserve.

  30. Not Impressed says:

    Zach you’re losing your touch. And our interest for that matter….

  31. MaV says:

    Guys, it’s a joke post from Zach. We all know that CC is a straight guy, getting paid to have sex with other guys. However, other viewers find him sexy, and it’s just a matter of taste on whether you find CC hot or not. The point is that Zach is being sarcastic with these CC videos.

  32. marco says:


    Like all the time.

    I’m tired see Cody faking gay sex.

  33. aDude says:

    I’ve been constipated all day today, but because of this post, I’m shitting myself from all the laughing. You have my thanks.

  34. EJ says:

    Imagine a production meeting where Cody is coming up with ‘new’content–Cody: “Hmm, how do i keep these dumb fags paying me their good money to be teased with fake sex? I KNOW! Play with some camera angles, low lighting, and make it look like a dick is actually going inside me when you squint your eyes! That will get those fags to cough up another $40 this month!—Christ, I am brilliant!”

  35. yawn fest says:

    Yawn. Someone should get a petition going, cody take cock. Get a ton of signatures, then he’ll see what fans REALLY want. None of this soft shit that’s for sure.

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