Cody Cummings Takes On Role As “Pray The Straight Away” Counselor


A lot of work (not to mention a lot of acting!) has gone into this new production from Next Door Buddies. In it, Cody Cummings is the Marcus Bachmann of reparative therapy counselors, only instead of helping gay men become straight, he’s helping straight men become gay. Because who would know more about being gay than Cody Cummings, right?

The fictional brotherhood (“Rectodus Society”) and group therapy session ends up turning into one giant gay orgy (where all group therapy sessions end up), where Parker London is double penetrated for the first time. The “art imitating life” aspect to this is the fact that all of these models have identified as straight, in real life! So, watching them finally convert to homosexuality should be fun for those of you who complain about how everyone is gay-for-pay. They’re finally gay now!


[Next Door Buddies

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51 Responses to “Cody Cummings Takes On Role As “Pray The Straight Away” Counselor”

  1. Estelle says:

    A few observations-

    1.) Looking at the video closeups of a few of these guys, Mick Hicks needs to get his ass to Hollywood where his photoshop and touchup skills would make him a lot of $$$ as a photographer to the stars. Yikes!

    2.) I wonder how long ago this was filmed? A few of those guys in the video have gotten the hell out of dodge as far as doing porn goes.

    3.) I think you officially lose the right to call yourself straight after you take take 2 dicks in your ass at once.

    4.) Parker London I think it might be time for you to take a break from shooting porn. You are looking a little rough.

    • alexis says:

      yeah parker HAS been looking rough since his “comeback ” estelle ,where you been?

      unfortunate b/c he used to be so hot in 2010
      wtf happened ?he looks like he’s aged 5 yrs in ONE yr
      now he’s puffy /chubby and wrinkles on his

      • aiden says:

        Poor Parker London,what better way to celebrate his new found heterosexuality then being double fucked in gay porn!?And ffs someone tell him that shitty music taste is not a sign of homosexuality,I mean he should know this first hand.FAIL and second hand embarrassment.

    • MaV says:

      Have to admit, Parker looking not so hot upclose. OTOH, loving James Jamesson and Vance Crawford.

  2. Asenath says:

    I have an overwhelming urge to kick someone in the balls now.

  3. T-Bird says:

    If this company really wants to make a splash they should have had cody suck a cock at the end. I will pass, with an exception of one or two guys these people do nothing but make me click on the next story.

  4. Alex says:

    I KNEW that you would be posting this wretched offensive piece of shit after I saw the promotional materials.

    Could we all agree that the only things worthy of promotion at Next Door is Austin Wilde’s site and stop promoting the rest?

    Cody just sign a new contract. What the hell for? What new thing will he do? Nothing. Why not simply start reposting the videos from 5 years ago the pathetic self loathers apparently would still pay for it.

    • wow says:

      It’s a good thing you’re probably not responsible for much more than folding clothes at Abercrombie! With your business sense and marketing sense, you would be sucking cock on the streets for money and NOT for fun!

      • Alex says:

        That self loathing observation hit a little to close to home?

        I never said that NDS weren’t good marketers. In fact, that is the only thing that they actually do well. They are so good at it they are still selling their product to a large number of people who fall for the “straight guy experimenting” crap that should have been extinct a decade ago.

        As for business sense, it doesn’t make good business sense to renew Cody’s contract when Cody’s membership and traffic have dropped significantly. The way the site and its star are presented have alienated a big audience and are disliked by most of the industry. Two years ago Cody was being promoted every month on the blogs and now the name is a punchline not a selling point. That means they will have to keep pumping money into promoting an increasingly stagnent product with little chance of growth. Every “stunt” promotion will seem more contrived and pathetic than the last until even the most loyally delusional of his fangirls gets tired of the same 3 videos.

  5. Halfpig says:

    Whhhhhhooooa Tyler Torro looks like a zombie
    Parker London like a little pigglet.
    Still Parker is hot I m glad to see him double-stuffed his fat ass deserved it!!

  6. niles says:

    I love it when they get your panties all in a bunch.

  7. alexis says:

    vance crawford is the only hottie in the video .so adorable to see him smile

  8. Julien says:

    So Cody still isn’t doing anything gay in this video? He’s been making the same tired ass video for the last 6 years! Fucking boring!

  9. bigmack says:

    I have spent 25 years of my life fighting for Gay rights. All through college and still today. I will be damned if I pay to watch straight for pay MF’ers on hard-on pills. There are too many great looking guys out there who are GAY who SHOULD have their job. Every time I find out that straight actors are getting paid to be gay I get mad! I have laid on the ground in front of the White House and stopped Gay Rights Parades so we could have the right to be gay and be OK with it.Well also to draw attention to HIV and get funding for them!
    If these MF’ers want to suck a cock so bad tell them to go do it in the toilet at the bus station. They most likely have camera’s there now! They should not have the right to ask anyone to pay them to be gay. It is just not an option with me. We still don’t have all the equality we should and I would think Porn industry would hire a gay over a straight man any day for a gay scene! That is why we fight/fought for our rights to be gay! Not just marriage,fight for out country,to teach and hold an office. For those of you who get hard only for stright men.. SNAP OUT OF IT. YOUR A QUEER,FIND A QUEER OK!!

    • Hephaestion says:

      To what Phallus said I agree withThanks for all you have done for us bigmack. I also agree with you and disagree with Phallus about I want GAY MEN in GAY PORN no GAY 4 PAY or BI SEXUAL no offense against them ,but I really don’t want to see men who are either looking off screen at *straight porn* or eyes closed so tight that they look like they are in pain. Pathertic REAL GAY MEN are OUT THERE START LOOKING PORN COMPANIES.

    • Ono says:

      “Every time I find out that straight actors are getting paid to be gay I get mad!”

      Then that just makes you as bad as the people you claim to be fighting against.

      I’m sorry but I’ve been for gay rights as well. And I don’t fight for it in the US. I fight for it in Asia where there is very little acceptance because of the mental corruptions caused by some religions. Despite this, however, I still find that statement offensive and, quite frankly, ignorant.

      If a “straight actor” plays a part perfectly better than any gay man could, then he should receive the part because THAT is what our community is supposed to be about–acceptance. We have been subjugated because of our gender preference. Are we really going to do the same by discounting the talent of another human being just because he prefers to have sex with women? That’s hypocrisy.

      Straight people are not the worst enemies of gay men. That role goes to gay men who think that they should have more rights than straight people JUST BECAUSE THEY’RE GAY. These gay men are the reasons as to why its so hard to find peace between us and the “straight” camp.

      “There are too many great looking guys out there who are GAY who SHOULD have their job.”

      Not all good looking gay men want to be models, porn actors or actors, though. Ever considered that?

    • Belize says:

      “I have spent 25 years of my life fighting for Gay rights.”

      LOL. Is that the reason as to why we’ve made little progress, old man?

      Reading through your comments, it seems that you are just as discriminatory as the people you claim to be fighting.
      I believe that gays should be fighting for equal rights–not special treatment–since we are the ones who claimed that homosexuality is NOT an affliction. Sit down, you old queen. It seems that your Alzheimer’s is making you contradict yourself. And before you do that, tuck Alex down. The little girl is way past her bed time.

  10. phallus says:

    Kudos bigmack for all you’ve done for the LGBT community. People such as yourself makes our future generation lives that much better! I do agree with you as far as mainstream cinema is concerned but I stop at porn. If a man who identifies with being heterosexual wants to earn money having sex on camera with other heteros or gay men then have at it. I don’t see anyone protesting in front of the White House or Gay Rights Parades to protect the rights of gay men only to have sex on camera that is labeled gay porn.

  11. Reality Check says:

    It’s porn. There is no right or wrong. Porn has always been about sexual fantasy. Gay4Pay or guys who are just okay with fucking guys and girls have been embedded in our industry from the beginning. Fuck, Jack Wrangler even loved women yet was a pioneer in the industry of gay porn. Listen, I am sorry you guys were tortured in high school and life in general for being told you “lacked” something to be respected, but now doing the same to others every single day of your life doesn’t make you any better… it just makes it a fact that you are a repulsive individual who is a coward because you need your computer to say these terrible things about people. Stop being WEAK people!

    • Alex says:

      The fact that you use Jack Wrangler, to prove a point, shows your age. It isn’t WEAK to demand that a company that makes their money from selling gay sex to men, who enjoy watching gay, and are likely gay, treat the subject as something worthy of respect. It also isn’t weak to demand that if they use straight men that those men are willing to be convincing. The fact that NDS has been called out repeatedly and still they have their performers making some of the most offensive stereotypical comments possible, outside of a Focus on the Family rally, shows they are all about catering to the straight performers while relegating the gay performers to punchlines and human Fleshjacks. It isn’t WEAK to say that it isn’t acceptable.

      You might be from a generation where it has been ingrained in you to believe that gay men should be happy for a straight guy would use them for a one off but it is that attitude that makes a person weak and repulsive NOT demanding to be treated with respect.

      The only way things change, including porn, is when people speak out and say enough. If you are comfortable being treated as second class then good for you but you have no right to tell a new generation they should accept it because you did.

      • bigmack says:

        I’m in love with you Alex!

      • Patrick Sleazy says:

        I think it’s weak to “demand” a company change their product that you’re not required to use. I don’t like the Lifetime channel, it’s not for me. But I’m not commenting on any blogs about how I don’t like the shows they’re airing! I turn the fucking channel for godsake.

        • aiden says:

          you’re not required to read negative comments either,but here you are advising others to do what you’re not doing yourself in the first place….interesting logic you have.

      • Urethra Franklin says:

        What are these stereotypical comments that NDS is “having” their actors make? Do you mean the shit the actors decide to say themselves, not within any kind of NDS affiliation, like on their blogs or twitters?? Give an example of something this production studio is “having” its models say.

    • bigmack says:

      Thanks for taking the time to read my remarks. I have never been tortured! It has always been a matter of human rights. A job is a job and for a man to be taking cocks up his ass and then proclaiming to be straight is just wrong. If you choose to be a sex idol you should really not be a phony about what and who you are. If I bid on you a charity event for a date…I would be so disappointed. Lower the Bidding!! But with your mindset you don’t most likely do charity! It is always about money for you.
      I like to be a fan of actors that I can identify with and admire their talent and attractiveness. Not some phony fag hating character like Cody.
      I know nothing about contacts and payment in porn. But I would assume Gay Male actors make more money and that is why you have your tongue in some mans asshole. I am not hiding behind a computer. Zack knows my name and so does Austin I will always call someone out when it’s wrong.
      Yes, our rights are threatened. They want XXX sites to use a new address and to censure what can be put on the net. If your one of the straight/gay porn stars you should have been already aware the the changes the government wants to make with adult industry sites. Shame.. your nothing but a hard-on and not a star as in Austin or Donny or a few other GAY men in porn who give memorable performances! My wish for you is the very best Golden Shower!

      • Nude Gingrich says:

        I think it’s strange to be upset about the orientation with which an individual identifies, no matter whether that person takes cocks in the ass for his job. Is it because you believe its impossible for someone who’s straight to do that and not be truly gay or bisexual?? If that’s the case, who CARES? Let an individual consider himself whatever he wants!

        And why do you think Cody is a “fag hater.” Because he says he’s straight? I don’t think that makes him a fag hater.

  12. Slick says:

    Randy Blue already did this.
    Andrew Stark played a reparative therapy counselor with Trent Davis as the patient in “THERAPY” from their Dirty Secrets collection last year. Can’t anyone in porn come up with an original idea? If its not a spoof of something, its a company blatantly ripping off another company. Its tired. I’ll pass.

    • Nude Gingrich says:

      Yeah, and I saw another video where some guys fucked each other! Come up with something original for once, Porn!

  13. steve says:

    Cody Cummings is an insult to gay men everywhere. The way he sets himself up as something to be serviced by gay men with no reciprocation is pathetic. He ranks right up there with the rediculous notion of “Gay for Pay.” What a crock. Cummings is not all that….someone needs to stick a big cock up his ass.

    • MaV says:

      But, Steve! This is supposed to be Cody’s dramatic debut as an actor, that’s what we’re supposed to be discussing here.

    • Urethra Franklin says:

      Why is it such a crime that some people enjoy the fantasy of gay for pay? Isn’t the motivation behind making porn in the first place to stimulate individuals’ sexual imagination? Why hate on what turns someone else on?

  14. MaV says:

    Btw, I’m too distracted looking at mega-star James Jamesson than Cody Cummings. ;)

  15. mark says:

    Are you sure all of these guys have identified as straight in real life? I could’ve sworn I heard or read somewhere that Parker London identifies as bisexual. His performances seem convincing, so I’d be surprised if he were gay4pay.
    By the way, he still looks good to me. I’d be thrilled as hell if I could look half as good as him. I just wish there was some way to get rid of the excessive amount of tattoos he has. This video would be worth watching just for him bottoming alone, but the fact that he’s getting DP’d is something I’ve been waiting to see for a long time. Can’t wait!

    • aiden says:

      he id as straight.all ND models at a certain point id as bisexual just to avoid being blacklisted.They are just desperate and it’s better to be fucked and get some money out of it then being fucked for free in jail,because that’s where you end up when you don’t pay child support.

  16. Jeanne Marie says:

    As Cody’s most loyal and delusional fangirl, I can guarantee that I will Never get tired if his videos, and will remain a loyal member as long as he is there. Haters come and get me. =)

    • Alex says:

      I’m sure that when Cody finally goes the fuck away that you will still be able to get off, as your dog licks that peanut butter from your 40 year old virgin twat, as you watch one of the hundred of versions of the same scene.

      Until then, I think I speak for all gay men, when I say if you don’t want to watch two men have sex on a website that is produced by a company that makes gay porn and infact you actively encourage them not to, as you have on Cody’s blog, that you should go away and keep your opinions out of gay porn.

      There are alot of women who like gay porn and they are wonderful women. You are a straight woman that likes straight porn and demands that a gay website cater to your taste. You are also not the only one but you need to remember that gay porn is for gay men so when gay men say that something is offensive or unaceptable then you need to try to see it from their point of view if you can’t support them then don’t attack them.

      Also if you took the money that you spend on Cody’s website and spent it on the gym then you could probally actual get laid instead of giving you money to a 40 year old male stripper who thinks you are just as pathetic as the gay men who spend money on his site. You should listen to your sister when she tells you how pathetic it is to worship him.

      • Hephaestion says:

        Bravo Alex no wonder bigmack Loves You Bravo!!!! :) As for Jeanne Marie a waste of space like Cody so not worth Getting. So as much as you would want your imaginary “haters” to GET YOU your not worth the time I mean really. Moving On

      • Belize says:

        Alex, you are a RABID DOG that gives gay men a bad name. Sit down.

        One of the foundations of our fight against discrimination is the fact that we DID NOT CHOOSE to be gay. Ergo, that means that we do not choose who to like and what not to like. And who we like (or not like) is something that some people SHOULD accept. Therefore, it is rather disappointing to see a self-proclaimed gay rights advocate condemning people who like Cody Cummings.

        Also, it is disappointing to know that someone as presumptuous as you are (ASSUMING A LOT OF THINGS WITHOUT ACTUAL EVIDENCE,) is fighting for gay rights.

        NO WONDER THE EQUAL RIGHTS MOVEMENT CONTINUES TO LAG. People like you are the ones pushing for it.

      • Jeanne Marie says:

        See, I knew I could count on a hater like Alex to get nasty ;) .. one thing guys like you always get wrong about me is that I only like straight porn just because I’m straight. I also find it quite interesting that so many Cody Cummings haters seem to always know what is written in his blog, and even the replies he gets. And why the hell would you be reading my Tweets? Very interesting Alex. Mwah

  17. Belize says:

    Gay people should only like gay people? WOW. That sounds familiar. It’s almost like saying men should only be with women and women should only be with me. You old queens crack me up. You’re just as bad as Catholic priests who don’t know jack about the human anatomy while proclaiming that God wants us to demonize all our natural impulses. Give me a break and go back to your closets. You people, ESPECIALLY YOU, ALEX, are just as bad as the judgmental homophobes that have been torturing gay men for years. F*cking hypocrites. SIT DOWN.

  18. TheGull says:

    So let me get this straight… a bunch of gay guys are pissed because a bunch of straight guys are moving in and taking their jobs? Sounds like right wingers and immigration. “American jobs for American people, dammit!” How pathetic! The point of porn is FANTASY. It’s not fantasy if you’re watching two men who you could pick up yourself any day of the week fuck each other. The gay guy converts straight guy to porn thing is kind of hot for many of the rest of us gays. Yeah I think it’s bullshit the way Cody Cummings cockteases us and for that reason I don’t go to his particular sight, but for the rest who do go the extra mile, I want more of what they’re serving. I have always preferred the straight types (much to my chagrin) and that particular genre or whatever you want to call it appeals to people like me. So please stop with the pious “Gay jobs for gay boys” bullshit, thanks.

  19. bigmack says:

    Sissy’s we all need to just get along. Inducing gay for pay into gay porn gives us bad quality pron to watch. Low Budget! They are they to make a buck and not a career and laugh all the way to the bank. Then the Gay community never gets a penny. Re-check your long cabin mentality!

  20. LN says:

    I *know* several of these guys, and they have girlfriends…who are usually cool with it, lol.(occasionally the girls are bi…)

    It’s funny this is a light-hearted satire of the ‘ex-gay’ movement, which says that sexuality may be fluid and changeable, and this usually angers gay activists…yet the world of porn demonstrates that there is so much fluidity amongst both genders, even amongst people who never thought of themselves as fluid before trying out porn…this includes guys who mainly do straight porn who still have some gay scenes to their resume, it includes the ‘straight-for-pay’ satire done with gay-identified perfomers…

    There’s an amusing cross-message here.

  21. The Man at NDS says:

    Are you serious? Nude Gingrich got his own blog entry before I did? Haven’t been this insulted since yesterday at Starbucks when the lady gave me Chai instead of my customary latte. Do not confuse The Man with anyone else. You know me. You love my work. You’re like my second biggest fan behind me mum.
    So why you giving Gingrich all the props?

    Urethra Franklin has left for the day. Kathleen Turner Overdrive is still around. Shall I have her weigh in on this as well?

    Editor 1, aka, DaFilmCutta aka the Man.

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