Christian Wilde: “I’m Bottoming in 2013″


Unless the world ends tomorrow, everyone will finally get to see Christian Wilde bottom for the first time ever next year, exclusively on NakedSword. Here’s the official announcement.


Fans can be sure to continue seeing Christian at NakedSword in 2013 as he recently extended his long term contract to stay with NakedSword as an exclusive in 2013!

A bomb that he dropped during the special (watch trailer below) appears to be the fact the he will indeed be bottoming in 2013 FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER AND ONLY FOR NAKEDSWORD! In 2013 be sure to see the wildly popular Christian Wilde do what he’s never done on camera after all these years being in the business and only for NakedSword. No word as to who his scene partner will be but you can be sure that it will be someone special!

I’d like to think that I (and all of you who voted) played a small part in convincing Christian Wilde to get fucked when I started that rumor that he was going to bottom. It worked! Christian made the announcement in his new NakedSword special, “Christmas With Christian,” in which he reminisces about all the sex he’s had in 2012.

Here’s Christian Wilde putting the “Christ” back in Christmas.

[NakedSword: "Christmas With Christian"]


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20 Responses to “Christian Wilde: “I’m Bottoming in 2013″”

  1. eatme says:

    hotttttt! i’ll top him

  2. Bob says:

    A straight guy bottoming in gay porn? Who would have thunk

  3. JackNasty says:

    I’d really look forward to him bottoming for the first time if I could actually believe that he’s never bottomed before.

  4. Cole says:

    I’ll believe it when i see it!

  5. Ricci says:

    no interest i wanna see topher bottoming period

  6. Mike says:

    Cody Cummings bottoms, too.

  7. Naeem says:

    WOW! An actual gay pornstar that bottoms :O

  8. First Time ??? says:

    I’ve never watched any of his scenes, but I thought he was pretty charming and kind of funny in that Christmas clip.

  9. Marc says:

    God Bless Us! Everyone!

  10. Belize says:

    I probably would’ve gotten into him earlier had he been given the chance (or had he chosen to show) this much personality in his past scenes.

  11. Toby says:

    he’s such a good top tho,,,i’d rather see him top.

  12. MaV says:

    Christian is like my dream guy.

  13. Spongey says:

    I guess he’s a good top, all his scene partners seemed to be into it. I always think first time bottoming scenes are more hype than they are worth. I want to see someone really enjoy getting fucked, not some gentle, ease into it BS.

  14. Seaguy says:

    He’s not straight, he’s hot. Can’t wait to see him get fucked!

  15. Whome? says:

    uhm….I missed the “bomb that he dropped”….watched the vid like a 1000000000 times and didn’t catch it. But maybe I’m just to slow to get innuendo.

  16. Kyle says:

    Yeah he has to be a good top because his face screams fem bottom.

  17. Karl Rove's Mama's Dead Vag says:

    Cos I am freshly wasted on gallons of Christmas Old Taddy Porter
    AND you (from the vid above) actually look fantastic IN CLOTHES
    AND(from the vid above) I could tolerate you as a human in conversation
    AND from your twitter(a bullshit concept), you actually “clean house” & openly admit it
    AND because I didn’t realize until last week that I’ve been jacking off for the longest to you(’08 unrecognizable) ramming Dak Ramsey from an illegally downloaded clip(shhh…think it’s NDS so fuck ‘em) off a Portuguese website
    AND since Mick Lovell doesn’t offer an escorting gift card for(MERRY CHRISTMAS!) Zach.
    So, while I was buying a juicer, a steamer, Daley EP, Ministry & KMFDM…
    Happy Feet coming to you…you, you, you dirty ‘raffeist.

    Merry Mutherfucking Christmas To You All! Ho, ho, hos!

    **Who do I have to suck to get a cigarette around here**

    Zach, tell yer Mama I said ‘Hey’ & to keep her gown closed when the UPS man comes ’round the cul-de-sac. Kids don’t need to see her shit shining in the sun.

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