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Chris Porter Is The Salt To Alessio Romero’s Pepa

chrisalessio_thumbBig surprise: I’ve watched this 1000 times since last night.

You’ll Never Look At Bananas (Or Reese Rideout) The Same

reesebanana_thumbHis voice will give you nightmares, but his body will give you wet dreams. Video of Reese Rideout expressing his love for bananas below.

[NSFW] “The 1000 Load Fuck”

tim_thumbIt’s been watched more times in a single month than any other movie–gay or straight–in AEBN history. If you like seeing “over a gallon of cum” pumped up a “ravenous young ass,” you’ll love “1000 Load Fuck”! Video below.

Alexsander Freitas Got A Hand Tattoo

The abmazing top stud porn star filmed himself getting a new tattoo on his hand that reads, "P-O-W-E-R  F-U-C-K." Subtle, yes, but that’s what tattoos are all about.

Soldier Licks Unwashed Manfoot

God bless our troops. I want to eat them all. Here’s a soldier in Afghanistan licking his medic’s foot for $20.

Bitches: A Dramatic Reading By Colby Keller

A teacher found a hand-written list of 90 kinds of bitches on the floor of a third grade classroom in Washington D.C. Here’s porn star Colby Keller reading it out loud.

Riley Price Drinks A Beer After Sex

I sat down with the Randy Blue fuckstud, told him to show me his body and asked him when he last blew his load.

[NSFW] Let’s Get This Bladder Started

Precious porn star Phillip Ashton took a moment to make everyone laugh uncomfortably in this behind-the-scenes video from a Boys-Pissing shoot, featuring Chris Porter, a variety of twink chubbies and a piss-soaked tile floor.

[NSFW] ‘Thanks For Watching Me Shave My Balls’

In this edition of Nick Moretti’s University of Manscaping, learn things like how to avoid the "bald tree thing look" and how to overcome your fear of drawing scrotum blood.

This Weekend, The Sword Will Sit On Chicago’s Face

IML and The Grabbys are just days away, so pile some dead cow skin into a suitcase and check out this new documentary called Kink Crusaders, which examines a couple warring camps of the 32-year-old leather contest.

Before He Bottoms, Bobby Clark Eats Soup

That’s one of the many porn star secrets that we learn in this extensive footage from the release party of Bel Ami’s ‘Cocky Friends,’ featuring Jesse Santana, Luke Hammill and Florian Nemec.

Jeff Stryker: The Noam Chomsky of Dirty Talk

Here’s a vintage phone sex starring Jeff Stryker. Let’s never forget how much of a freak he was, and that our lives are better because he was born.

Welcome to Jonathan Agassi’s Nipple Piercing

Many things make this hot: the inappropriate growls of the man doing the piercing, the nipple close-ups and the fact that Jonathan’s dad is shooting the video.

Behind the Scenes: I Want Your Love

Here, have some exclusive on-set footage with the cast and crew of director Travis Mathews’ biker fag haute gay porno.

Learn To Stop Talking Like A Faggot

‘Details’ just published an interview with Hollywood’s leading voice coach. His name is Bob Corff, and he will rip that purse right out yo’ mouf.

This Stripper Slut Is Still Fucking Clay Aiken

At Broadway Bares 2010, Reed Kelly — a chorus boy on Wicked and Gayken’s boyfriend of over a year — taught us how he wooed an American Idol with rhinestone crotch.

‘Most Of Us Come From Other Places’

There are many countries where pride parades are more about revolution than daytime drinking. Here’s the trailer for a new documentary called "The Politics of Pride," which teaches us that embarrassing ourselves in public is a right we fought for.

[NSFW] Chi Chi LaRue Got A Face Lift

She also "loves to suck guys’ dicks in bar bathrooms," apparently. Who knew! Also Madonna’s a bitch. This is a great interview and you should watch it.

Up In Da Club With Brett Swanson

The twinkie Randy Blue porn star whored up at the gay bar recently. Here’s the slow-motion video.

[NSFW] On Set With Jonathan Agassi & Jean Franko

In this exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the cold water set of Lucas Entertainment’s Missing, two European fuck studs wage a war against shrinkage, and win.

Kellan Lutz Takes His Bulge Out For A Walk

Kellan Lutz must be as sick as I am of the latest Calvin Klein campaign, because he’s deciding to freeball it these days. Nice dick, dude.

[NSFW] On Set With Nick Moretti & Tyler Saint

My favorite interviews are always the ones where the subjects have big hard-ons. Here’s Jake Cruise director Jasun Mark trying to console Tyler Saint after a magnum condom left an indentation on his oversized penis.

Straight People on Cable Discover ‘Jersey Score’

Bad puns and hardy-har-hars abound in this mainstream media coup for Jet Set Men, whose upcoming parody of Jersey Shore caught the attention of both Joy Behar and TMZ this week. The videos are below.

Meet Taylor Burke. He’s Really Hot.

I would drag my dick through a hundred miles of sharded glass just to hear this dude fart through a walkie-talkie. (I stole that one, by the way.)

‘In The, In The, In The Gloryhole’

Auto-tune has found its consummate application in this filthy rap song about gloryholes, dedicated to the Romantix Adult Bookstore in Gary, Indiana. That’s where Michael Jackson is from. Is this his second coming?

[NSFW] More Fucky Fucky Talk With Brent Corrigan

What’s better than safer sex advice? Safer sex advice played over video footage of Brent Corrigan having safer sex.

Francois Sagat, Sans Skull Tattoo, In A Music Video

Francois Sagat wore a wig and gave some face in this new music video from French musician Jef Barbara. Fun.

Helium Dirty Talk With Steven Daigle & Alessio Romero

Enjoy this video of two porn studs huffing helium in the name of butt sex.

Jeff Palmer Blogs From The Deep End

Jeff Palmer — the onetime Falcon superstar turned cum-chugging bareback performer — has some things for you: an alarming video clip, some bible verses, two super weird original songs and the continued assertion that HIV does not exist.

Cayden Ross Likes Dildos

Before a live solo performance, Cayden Ross speaks with Randy Blue about his favorite scene partner, his new grill and the things he shoves up his perfect ass when nobody’s looking.

Francois Sagat Fingered Jeff Stryker

…’s plaster ass mold.

It’s Nice When You Know You’re About To Have Sex

We’ve all heard of the post-coital glow, but I think that the pre-coital glow is even glowier. Here are Craig Reynolds and Alexsander Freitas, who agree that they’re probably about to have some fun on a Hot House porn set.

‘I’ve Never Seen An Ass So Pink’

Also: "My brother has a big dick too." Here’s some behind-the-scenes footage from the set of Kristen Bjorn’s latest double penetration convention.

‘Forgive Me Father For I Want To Fuck You’

Here’s a softcore trailer for an upcoming UK Naked Men porno called ‘Priest.’ It marks the comeback of Dean Monroe and the birth of my priest fetish, which come to think of it I’m surprised I didn’t have until now.

Come Here, Sean O’Pry, And Sit On My Face

He’s pretty, and I’m guessing he likes to get slapped and spat on. I’m thinking ball-play too. Enjoy this random video from GQ China, set to the goth pop tunes of The XX.

Reese Rideout’s Dog Slams Head Into Glass Door

His name is Happy, bitches.

Trading In Natalie Portman For A Large Black Man

Devendra Banhart is a musician who once dated Natalie Portman for a while. He’s also one of the cool kids, which means that the next big trends may well be homosexual blood play and man cuddling.

Gus Mattox, His Accordion and His Body

Gus Mattox has brought his one-stud show to L.A. to teach us that inside every muscle top there lives a musical theater queen. With cameos from Chi Chi LaRue, Jason Sechrest and Jayden Grey.

Jean Franko In The Morning

I’m so obsessed with Jean Franko that I’d watch a clip of him brushing his teeth. Anyway, here’s a clip of Jean Franko brushing his teeth.

There Was An FTM Contest And It Wasn’t So Bad

Mr. Transman took place in Brooklyn last weekend, and New York Magazine was there. Below, video footage and my assessment.

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