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Dicks By Distance With ‘Manhunt GPS’

A source has leaked details to The Sword about a new fucky fucky extension that will not be beholden to any of Apple’s pearl-clutching restrictions.

Inside The Brain Of A Slave Boy

I don’t take sex seriously enough to commit to a Master/slave dynamic, so instead I’ll just read this new blog written by a 39-year-old British sub slut named Fang.

Ten Things I Learned At International Mr. Leather

1. You know it’s a leather orgy when everyone takes a moment between foreplay and fucking so they can put their clothes back on.

Men Look Better Hairy, Did You Know This?

When I discovered that a friend of mine trims his chest hair, I told him to think of the children in Africa who have no chest hair to shave in the first place. Now I’ve found a fur-obsessed Photoshopper who is helming the good fight against body shavers everywhere.

625 Condoms On A Dildo, For Science

The hypothesis: you can put a shitload of condoms on a dildo. The conclusion: you can put a shitload of condoms on a dildo.

Penis: The Infographic

You will be tested on this later.

It’s An Ugly Underwear Contest

The fashion blog LYNN and HORST is throwing an ugly underwear party. Though I must say that the entries do not offend me nearly as much as those nylon, square-cut, twink-lounger bathing suits that have yet to die.

Johnny McGovern’s Stripper Slut Photo Album

The "Gay Pimp" has been publishing his candid photos of hot strippers whoring it up at various NYC clubs. Jealousy is what I have. My favorite shots are below.

Bear Is The New Fashion

The cream of the San Francisco bear crop was on hand last weekend at the Berkeley Art Museum for Belgian designer Walter Van Beirendonck’s first stateside fashion show ever.

‘I’m Sexually Inappropriate With My Friends, But I’m Actually Not Gay’

That’s the name of my new favorite Facebook group. A gallery is below.

These Days, Larry Kramer Just Wants To Fuck

Larry Kramer is horny, everybody. Here’s the outspoken gay activist and ACT UP founder, in a new new interview, talking about his sex life, which sounds a lot like mine.

The Memoirs of A Gay Old Fag

An elderly gay man has chronicled the vintage years of gay Manhattan in penetrating detail: gay bars before gay bars; poppers before metal bottles; the birth of leather culture; beefcake sex; patient zero.

More Ways to Find Sad Sex From Your Phone

The world awoke this morning to two new mobile hook-up engines: Adam4Adam has gone mobile and Grindr has gone Blackberry.

‘Fleet’ Discovers Sodomy

The company behind your favorite emerald green douche nozzle has a whole new ‘do! For the first time, the makers of Fleet Enemas are gearing their products to the pass-around party bottom market with a new "before you fuck me" product.

‘NYTimes’ Profiles Local Tranny Politician

Anna Conda’s always been kind of a bitch to me when I’ve seen her around town, and before Obama was elected she called America the "world’s largest terrorist organization," which is pretty retarded. But she’s got my vote, because why not, she’s a tranny.

The 2010 Hookies

With three medallions, Gio from New York City was the big winner at Friday night’s 3rd Annual Escort Awards. Below is the list of winners, along with some pictures for you to look at.

AIDS Back Then

Scott, the wise cockhound blogger behind Bill in Exile, has started writing down some of his not-so-fun memories of AIDS in the ’80s and early ’90s. I’m posting it because few men do I Remember When better than this man.

Photographs of Gay Men With Their Dicks Covered

racism in gay pornHalf of the men in Scott Pasfield’s pretty new ‘Gay America’ exhibit have dogs, a few are grandfather cowboys and at least one says he is not afraid of large groups of black people. But seriously with the dogs. Am I really the only fag in America who is not ashamed of his cat?

Take a Look At These Freaks

The British photographer Phillip Toledano took pictures of some few scalpel queens for a project called "A New Kind of Beauty."

An Illustrated Guide to Bears

Bears are sure into taxonomy, expecially considering that their sub-culture is based on little more than being fat and slutty. One San Francisco hipster went on an “exbeariment” to break it all down.

Contestant Is Newsier Than Contest

With disregard for his government’s ban and the support of his peers, an as-yet-unidentified Chinese man penetrated the Norweigan embassy on Wednesday to compete in the Worldwide Mr. Gay contest.

‘Homosexual’ Is Officially A Gay Slur

CBS has produced some interesting concrete evidence that the word “homosexual” is as bad and obsolete as words like “negro,” “oriental” and “fabulous.” This is good news, because it’s about time we went back to “faggot.”

Everything You Never Asked About Semen

It’s an infographic!

Go To A Gay Bar, Punch Your Buddy In The Face

BDSM porn stars Tony Buff and Derek da Silva like to punch, flog and yelp in public settings. This freaks out some people and irritates others, including at least one prominent blogger. Here are two opposing takes on airing your dirty sado-masochism in public.

The Leatherman Revolution Has Begun

It’s official. Leatherman title contests as we know them are dead. In a couple weeks, I’ll announce what one new kink collective has in store. But first, enjoy this must-read obituary of the leather scene written by one of its most honored members

Sperm Cells Are Not Down With OPP

New research shows that when a skanky female deer mouse has been flooded with sperm from multiple sources, one male’s sperm cells will clump together and form cliques, snubbing the other males’ sperm cells. Semen is magic.

Moving Across The Flo’: A Study

A college professor conducted a sciencey study that he thinks will help you dance in a more sexually desirable fashion.

How One Anon Gangbang Bottom Fucked Everything Up By Falling in Love

Things that one bareback blogger learned from last week’s Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend: bottoms should try not to eat, cumwhores mustn’t fall in love and lots of gay men are racist.

This Is How We Are All Going To Die

gay porn star malachi marx interviewTabatha — the star of Bravo’s reality show ‘Tabatha’s Salon Takeover’ — went to a gay club last week and, well, I recommend clicking to read more.

When Bug Chasing Means Fetishizing Public Lice

A collective of pubic lice fetishists has coopted the terminology of bug chasing barebackers to describe their “licing lifestyle,” which involves cherishing and spreading domesticated lice from Japan.

This Man Will Be Wearing a Female Condom When You Fuck Him

Reese Rideout porn star videoGay men interested in learning more about female condoms, and San Francisco tops interested in fucking my hot friend Trey up the ass, should keep reading.

When What You Like Is To Poop

Drew from Chicago has a fetish that he calls “scat-lite.” He doesn’t want you to shit in his mouth, but he’d very much like to listen to your bowel grunts, and if you’re his friend then you’ve probably texted him a picture of your poop by now.

Are You Buying the Hankie Code Resurrection?

A new hanky code iPhone app is trying to inject the language of retro cruising into the fuck-speak of web 2.0 hookups. The old-schoolers behind the new app are desperate for an alternative to Craigslist, but I would argue that slutty gays have outgrown the hankie code for good.

Sin and Suction at Mr. International Rubber 2010

Watch out, Miss America, because there’s another pageant in town, and its contestants are even sluttier than yours. Here are some pictures of homoesexuals being depraved at last week’s MIR 2010.

Cool People Have Asses Too

alessio romero butt[UPDATE] At a Palm Springs screening of their new Ace Hotel porno curation, BUTT Magazine asked a roomful of artfully disheveled fags to remove their flannel shirts and vintage Levi’s to show off their asses, toned and buff from all that single-gear bicycle riding.

When Nipples Bleed

gay bloody nipplesI’m not sure whether to be grossed out by this or whether to be *really* grossed out by this. Or whether to be turned on. A Flickr gallery is dedicated to what happens when marathon runners’ nipples stop being polite, and start getting real. 

Halloween Costumes That Are Better Than A Boy Scout

disgusting adult baby videoYou’re going to have to do better than “Balloon Boy” to impress people this Halloween, so take a look at some conceptual costume ideas that your blacked-out Halloween one-night stand will just love.

Pretending to Read in Public While Shirtless Is So 24 Years Ago

Mr. Gold Coast 1978: Gay Leather CultureDuring the summers of ’84 and ’85, Doug Ischar captured some pretty pictures of Chicago gays lounging beach-side in various states of pre-coitus. In a new exhibition called Marginal Waters, he’s unveiling his images for the first time.

Lycraman Loves Hugging Men, Fabric

lycraman gay lycra fetishThe shephard of “a worldwide lycra brotherhood,” Lycraman is the type of thick and tall mountaineer / accountant / author of romantic fiction that you’re likely to run into “in the neighboring forest.”

Now That ‘The Advocate’ Is Writing About Hookers, Does That Mean I Have to Start Writing About Legislatures?

A few months ago, The Advocate discovered porn. Now they’re starting to learn about gay escorts. If they keep walking down this road, who’s going to be left to interview Kylie?

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