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Phillip Aubrey Aroused By Eating, Belching

It’s an interview with Phillip Aubrey: porn star, Spencer Reed’s boyfriend, burp fetishist.

Getting Activisty With Adam Champ & Carlo Massi

The COLT superstars joined a protest in Rome against the Catholic Church in order to make the claim that gay people are not pedophiles. There was a chihuaha involved.

[NSFW] He’s On His PC, And He’s A Macrophiliac

I feel sorry for people with fetishes that can never be realized in real life. Take this Flickr user, who has to make do with his giants fetish using Photoshop.

Conner Habib Whips Out His Book Blurb

I’m not one for bragging about intellectual accomplishments (it’s something I learned from, you know, graduating with honors from Brown University), but Conner Habib is justifiably excited about his blurb in a book written by Carl Sagan’s son.

Robert Van Damme’s Wife Speaks Out

While the bodybuilder porn star sits in jail awaiting trial, his wife is unloading her side of the story, accusing Robert of striking her in an outburst and faking his love for her so he could get a green card.

When Porn Star Auctions Don’t Quite Work Out

After Reese Rideout cleared $1,600 in used underwear sales last month, porn stars are trying to replicate his success. It’s not working.

Straight Porn Star Murders Co-Worker With A Machete

Breaking: Stephen Hill, who worked both behind and in front of the camera at a Van Nuys, CA porn company, is on the run after allegedly going postal at his production office, killing one of his co-workers and injuring two others.

IML 2010: The Leather Market


The boxes of free condoms were the only thing that went unmolested at this year’s leather mart. Sling daddies, prosthetic penises and a few porn stars are below.

Red Carpet Goodness From The 2010 Grabbys

The guests of  honor, in my book: Kayden Saylor’s face, Diesel Washington’s mom, Drew Cutler’s nipples and Roman Heart’s spray tan.

Happy Places And Shitty Dicks With Austin Wilde

“The kid shit on me and then asked, ‘Wait, did that come from me?’” and more below!

Let’s Talk More About The IML Bareback Ban, Bitch

iml bans barebackLeatherati asked a few prominent leathermen to publish their thoughts on the 32nd annual IML Weekend’s first-ever ban on bareback vendors and promotions. What I learned is that the pro-ban argument needs some better representatives.

Robert Van Damme Is In Jail

UPDATE: has obtained the police report that Van Damme filed in his defense the night he was arrested. Read it here.

Matt Williams Is In A Contest, You Know What To Do

The GayVNs will join the Folsom Street Fair this year, so porn stars will be sharing groping room with all of San Francisco’s pedestrian whores. Manhunt has rounded up the most fuckable of those locals for its Official Folsom Model Contest.

D.O. Grows A Beard, Signs With Raging Stallion

The Sword is the first to bring you the news that Raging Stallion’s newest exclusive is none other than porn star D.O., the former fashion model whose body hurts to look at. "I’ll die for a hole," D.O. told me.

Everyone Survived The Bear Fair

These pictures of the first-ever New York Bear Fair make me wonder whether tough guy face is the new duck lips.

My Friend Barry Would Very Much Like A Job

Barry Muniz recently lost his job as a photographer to the porn stars. Some of his boner-inducing photography is below. Now please send him a job offer so he won’t have to keep bringing his own alcohol into bars.

The Backstreet Boys Will Play San Francisco Pride

It seems like everyone else has moved on to Acne Scar Lambert, but I’ve never forgotten the original gay American Idols: Howie, Brian, A.J. Nick and Kevin (the latter’s no longer in the group, which is okay, because Brian was always the hottest).

The Jarics Hate Each Other

The Jarics are depositing their break-up drama onto Twitter with mean messages and pop song quotations. Calm down, you two; and if you really want closure, I’m thinking on-camera gangbang.

[NSFW] Thanks For Looking At My Cock, Continued

That 25-year-old freak from Virginia is taking pictures of his dick again, and this time he’s got gummi worms and a bench vise.

Steve Cruz Will Blow The Firing Squad

In his latest blog entry, Steve answers a few questions, like whether he’ll ever fuck a woman on camera (uh-uh), and what he will request for his last meal if he’s ever sentenced to death (executioner cock).

Johnny Hazzard Drives Cross-Country, Loses Tooth

"The next day after looking at it I became strangely attracted to it."

In Which Lame Straight Men Have Something to Say

My first impression of the straight dude underground "pick-up artist" community was that it’s just a bunch of smarmy, rapey douchebag losers. My second impression was, "How can I learn to be like them?"

Hot Olympic Athlete Sucks Cock Just Like You And I Do

A rather fuckable New Zealand speed skater named Blake Skjellerup has joined the ranks of other gay Olympians like Mathew Mitcham, Johnny Weir and that poz daddy Equestrian.

Titan: ‘I Will Sell This House Today’

For 1.6 million dollars, you can now purchase the real estate version of a porn star’s used jockstrap.

There’s A Manhunt Ad In My Sports Illustrated

Manhunt is going after the "girlfriend’s out of town" demographic with a new ad buy on Sports Illustrated’s website.

Career Exposed, Kris Evans Flees His Hometown

The Bel Ami stud has been forced out of his police officer job and into exile after his small Hungarian hometown discovered that Kris was fucking men on camera.

The German Porn Star Who Cut Off His Foreskin

Lars Svenson — bareback porn star and the owner of Raw Riders Studio – opted for adult circumcision. Below, Lars tells me about excruciating erections and his upcoming dick-warming party. Also there’s a picture you shouldn’t look at.

Stop Pissing People Off, Diesel Washington

The jackhammer top porn star went crazy on that boozy supermodel who tried to suck a cop’s dick a few months ago. But at least Diesel took a picture right before the supermodel stopped speaking to him.

Did A Mormon Hacker Dismantle

The new porn site dedicated to Latter Day Taints was taken down over the weekend, and the rattled owner says the hacker attack originated out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

‘One Two Three Four; I Declare A Race War’

Bill In Exile is one of my favorite blogs, and yes, I still love the man who writes it, even though he thinks it’s okay to call dark-skinned black people "blurple" and doesn’t think his black readers should be upset that he only fucks white guys.

Jeremy Bilding Regurgitates The HIV Conversation

Jeremy Bilding wrote a blog post this week attempting to reconcile his views on the opposing condom policies in straight porn and gay porn. It’s a conversation we’ve all had before, so let’s have it again.

Aden & Jordan Jaric Break-Up Shocker

Breaking: The Jarics have just confirmed that their 5-year relationship — along with 2 years of on-screen monogamous ass-fuckery — is over. According to Facebook, at least 5 people "like this."

Erik Rhodes Would Like To Thank The Klonopin

It’s another Dear Diary from your favorite fucky he-man.

Wentworth Miller Got Kind Of Fat

The "a celebrity is now fat" beat is one of my favorites, so thanks, Wentworth! Also, pretty impressive jewfro for a gentile.

Yale University’s Bitchfight With Brent Corrigan

UPDATE: Looks like Yale was lying. 

Aden Jaric Had Sex With A Camera Again

Aden Jaric is still in the running towards becoming America’s Next Top Model. So you can go suck a dick, Tyra. In fact, I’m starting to think of Aden as a model who does porn, not a porn star who does modeling.

Sincerest Condolences to Lucky Daniels

The smiley porn stud Lucky Daniels received awful news this month when his younger brother, Chris, an Iraq veteran, was killed in a car accident. Below is information on how you can donate to a memorial fund.

Reese Rideout’s Underwear Fetches $1,600

Not bad. Reese Rideout made more money just now selling a few pairs of underwear than most porn stars would make for six arduous hours of hooker sex.

The Case Of The Plagiarized Porno

"A complete, blatant and rather pathetic rip-off" is what Cocksure Men director Jasun Mark calls the latest scene from rival studio Suite 703. "Oh hush," says Suite 703. Rawr; hiss.

When Bareback Jackhammer Top Studs Do Drag

I was in a black-out when I snapped this photo of a perfectly pleasant young woman holding court at The Hole in the Wall in San Francisco. Out of drag, bitch is a porn star. Guess who!

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