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[NSFW] Things You Can Put On Your Dick

Did you come here looking for news? Here are some pictures of erect penises instead.

I Just Learned That I Want A Boyfriend

Based on how sad and alone their pictures make me feel, I’m awarding the gold medal in boyfriend self-portraits to Colin Quinn and Oisín Share from Manchester, England.

Popular Gay Teen Jock Blogger Exposed As A Fraud

It turns out that 17-year-old "Hockey Kid Mikey" is really a 48-year-old man with a twisted hobby. This list of people he duped includes, Ben & Dave’s Podcast, thousands of devoted readers…and me.

[NSFW] The Fairoaks Hotel, 1978

Polaroids are one of my favorite things. Bathhouses are another. Here are some never-before-seen candid images from a San Francisco bathhouse culture that would soon disappear.

Blog of the Month: Mr. Steed

The author of a new blog called "A Breeder’s Journal" is a barebacking slut who writes about sex better than just about anyone else.

Seriously, Though, BUTT Will Be Right Back

This morning BUTT Magazine announced that it will take a six-month hiatus to spend time revamping its website. I just spoke with its contributing editor, Adam Baran, so he could hold my hand and tell me everything will be okay.

Gay Artist Calls Gay Artist ‘Gay’

The glitter glam photographer Aaron Cobbett (left) has accused L.A.-based conceptual artist Brandon Herman of pulling out of a joint exhibition because of internalized homophobia, or something. Well it’s time for an enema, Aaron Cobbett, because you’re full of shit.

Exclusive Outtakes From This Year’s Folsom Poster

Titan porn star J.R. Matthews and a large horny pig furrie are the only usual fuckspects in this year’s just-unveiled 2010 Folsom Street Fair poster to break the 6’0" barrier.

Federal Judge Sides With The Cruisy Cock Fiends

For 20 years, the NYPD has been wielding a defunct and unconstitutional anti-cruising law against innocent gay men. This week, a federal judge announced that these police officers are assholes, and that homos deserve to cruise in peace.

A New Place To Read About Jason Sechrest’s Diet

Jason Curious, agent to the porn stars, has given his site a make-over. Give him a visit to read some chronicles of drunk porn star sightings, industry news, Tori Amos music videos (?) and Jason’s Weight Watchers progress.

The Hard-On-Warming Story of Gareth Thomas

You’ve probably heard about that gay rugby player from Wales, but a new in-depth profile from Sports Illustrated is as inspiring as it is boner-inducing. A cuddle-fuck with him is what I want.

Fashion Spreads Are The New Ass Spreads

The shoes are reportedly for sale, but how about that dude in the kennel? I’ve never been into fashion, but that was before fashion magazines stopped featuring clothes.

[NSFW] Drawn to Craigslist

Reply To This Post is the name of a fun new art project that makes me feel all empty and sad and aroused.

The Man Who Can Deep-Throat Himself

Here’s some show-and-tell from a man who is not like you or me.

[NSFW] Butt Is It Art?

Here’s an exclusive sneak peak at a first-of-its-kind video project that combines hardcore gay sex with good acting, good writing, hippie beards, good directing and the backing of several major indie muscians.

Owen Hawk Gives Good Poundings, Quotations

I think she’ll make a great Republican: she’s narcisstic, morally suspect, and will screw anyone for money." That’s what Owen Hawk told Politico, a leading news site, in response to another porn star’s possible Senatorial bid.

Documenting The Piers

In 1978, and then again in 1982, two artists set out to document a New York City gay cruising space that they correctly assumed was about to go extinct: the decaying warehouses at the Hudson River piers, post-Stonewall, pre-AIDS.

Semen in Advertising: A Roundup

Five confusing examples of spermvertising.

Public Bathroom Sex, It’s So Now

Money, success, fame, glamour. Fashion. Anonymous cock.

Herpes To Human: ‘Please Be More of a Slut’

You already knew that sluts tend to get herpes, but did you know that having herpes might make you act even sluttier? Some scientists speculate that the virus heightens sexual cravings and sensations in order to spread to more hosts.

[NSFW] ‘Thanks For Looking At My Cock!”

Craig is a 25-year-old whose hobby is taking high-res close-up photographs of his cock, replete with foreskin and a urethra that’s been split in half by an old Prince Albert piercing.

Gus Mattox Is Among Those ‘The Advocate’ Stiffed

A week after the folding of Unzipped Magazine comes news that Out Magazine and The Advocate have a payment problem. Regent Media’s publishing arm has had gangrene for a while now, and it looks like it might be time for an amputation.

This New Equality Campaign Is Fucking Retarded

The new gay activism is mutual masturbation. LA photographers get to expand their portfolios, former reality TV stars get flattering pictures of their biceps, and everyone gets to pretend that they’re saving the world.

[NSFW] Liquid Hot Molten Slava

In Slava Mogutin’s new photo series, Stock Boyz, the "pinko commie fag" in Russian exile shows off his talent for finding exceptionally hot dudes and getting them to smile, and sometimes take out their cocks. I love it.

Karl Lagerfeld Loves Hookers, Hates Gay Marriage

In a new interview for Vice Magazine, Bruce LaBruce gargles Karl Lagerfeld’s swamp-ass and we get to learn from quotes like: "She was a horrible, ugly woman" and "Physically he was quite repulsive."

Sexually Desirable Homosexuals At A Party

The 2010 Winter Party is the Gay and Lesbian Taskforce’s "Party With a Purpose." That purpose is to teach me that if I weren’t skinny I’d have a boyfriend.

A Guide to Being Butch in 1982

Back when the most dreaded gay STD was gonhorrea, a man created a facetious guide to being butch. If you say you’re straight on Craigslist, but consistently forget to hide the porcelain figurines when tricks come over, this manual is for you.

NFL Player Kept Masturbating In Front of Everyone

A new book reportedly has some fun anecdotes about the Cowboys linebacker Chris Haley, who enjoyed jerking himself off to completion in front of his coaches and teammates, and who incidentally hated "faggots."

The Android Phone Gets Its Fuckslut App

Encountr is the Android’s new cruising app, which means Grindr no longer has a monopoly on cruising nearby strangers for sex. This is great news for those fags who like to fuck a lot of people and who also like their phones to have buttons.

Fun With Sex Fonts

If you can eject it from an orifice, a graphic designer can put it into typeface.

You Can Listen To Me Talk If You Want

Ben and Dave’s Six Pack — a kind-of-a-big-deal podcast about gay people — interviewed me for their latest show. The audio is below.

Time To Die, GLAAD. Time To Die.

There is a finite amount of money that people can donate to organizations, a finite amount of stories journalists can cover and a finite number of articles people will read. GLAAD is monopolizing this gay activist tap, and today was the last straw.

British Government Directs Kids to Gay Porn Site For Balloon Fetishists


Look, Hot Jews

The new issue of Attitude brings us this goofy, masturbatable-to editorial called JILF. That’s “Jews I’d Like to Fuck.”

XTuber’s Advice: ‘No Duck Lips’

Also: “Don’t be an asshole.” I found this fun interview with the lithe and perma-hard “SexyAlex90″ that celebrates the freak pervs and takes down the haters.

Sexually Assault Tony Ward, Interactively

By clicking and dragging the mouse, users can participate in a mildly amusing new ‘Wrangler’ ad campaign by doing things like ripping off the cockteasing gay muse’s clothes and injuring him.

The Frigid Bitch And The ‘Rosa Parks’ Prostitute

The ‘NY Post’ commissioned a hit piece on America’s First Legal Male Prostitute, even though the reporter had no intention of fucking him. What’s next? An anorexic food writer?

Hot New Accessory: A Boner

Thanks to Vice Magazine for this curiously hot bulge-tent fashion spread. 

Mike Diamond Submits Himself To Charity

I despise Peta. Comparing goldfish to cats? Goat over-crowding to Holocaust victims? Peta’s almost as bad as GLAAD. But their latest collaboration with Mike Diamond has left me pretty touched.

Sir-Chasing Pale Boy Blog of the Month

It’s difficult to pontificate and entertain at the same time, but a certain hot sub skank named Ben In Leather Land pulls it off with earnest posts about mentorship, cum, pain, hypno-play and learning the ropes.

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