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[NSFW] Can You Handle All These Bel Ami Dicks?

belamisandrethumbThe number of inches in cock almost exceeds the number of years these guys have been alive.

[NSFW] Jake Lyons Goes Bareback

jakelthumbThe infamous debt-plagued twink says goodbye to lollipops–and condoms–in a new “breeding” scene for Chaos Men.

[NSFW] So This Finally Happened

RDTHUMBFans of Randy Blue’s Diego Sans and Raphael Cedano have been pre-cumming for months over the idea of seeing them paired up, and now it’s happened. But was it worth the wait?

[NSFW] Dayton & Rusty’s Flip-Fuck

daytonrustythumbIn episode 3 of Golden Gate, Dayton O’Connor and Rusty Stevens play old friends who are reunited. And what better way to reaquaint yourself with an old friend than to ride his cock!

[NSFW] That Former Sean Cody Model Made A Sex Tape

devonasshthumbAt what point do we stop calling these things “tapes,” because really are you watching this on a VCR? No.

[NSFW] Gay-4-Pay Dudes Go Rooftop Cum Eating In “Out In Public”

op333thumbFor $200.

[NSFW] In Which Steven Daigle Sucks Two Dicks

stwvedaiglethumbIn terms of the number of gay porn studios one gay porn star can work with in under one year, Steven Daigle is coming dangerously close to Jason Crystal territory.

[NSFW] “Brutal” Part 3: Hardcore

brutalalesxsandedrvaenthumbTake in the ass-slamming, deep-throating action from Raging Stallion’s “Brutal.”

[NSFW] The Men Of Brutal, Part 2

phenixthumbMore muscle, more cock, more men! Meet the second half of the cast of Raging Stallion’s “Brutal.”

[NSFW] A Massive “Brutal” Photo Gallery, Part 1

tommybrutalthumbThe Sword is celebrating “Brutal” (and, my god, Tommy Defendi) this week with giant galleries from the Raging Stallion mixed martial arts gay porn blockbuster. Here’s your first enormous look at one half of the cast.

[NSFW] Next Door Studios Model Also A Treasure Island Media Model

rodgordonNext Door’s Rod Spunkel (a.k.a. Treasure Island’s Gordon) has also appeared in the straight porn, “Your Mom Tossed My Salad.”

[NSFW] Meet The Solo Strokers From “Golden Gate”


Jeremy Bilding and Kennedy Carter lead an all-star cast of masturbators in the solo scenes from the newly-released web series, “Golden Gate.” Here’s an extended free clip.

[NSFW] A Fourgy Of Dreams

4waythumbTwo parts power bottom + two parts horse cock + a pinch of ginger = one epic gay porn fourgy. Free clips below.

[NSFW] Gay Porn Before & After: Dayton O’Connor

daytonoconnorthumbDayton O’Connor has been performing in gay porn for almost five years, and he hasn’t aged a bit! Has he had work done?

[NSFW] Introducing Roger Lambert , For Whom The Term “Donkey Dick” Was Invented


But how do you say “donkey dick” in Czech?

[NSFW] Bel Ami Closes Out “Orgy Month”…With An Orgy

belamiorgyBel Ami has been releasing orgy scenes all month long, and if I’m being honest, I just haven’t been able to keep up.

[NSFW] Travis James & Diego Sans Flip-Fuck For Their Lives

travisjames_thumbIt’s here: Randy Blue’s hottest scene of the year.

[NSFW] Goodbye Forever, Leo Giamani!

leogiamani_thumbWhenever one of my favorite gay porn stars retires, I like to honor them by dumping a bunch of their photos and videos into a blog post. This is that blog post, for retiree Leo Giamani.

[NSFW] Introducing Gay Porn’s Muscle-Bound Newcomer Logan Scott

LOGANSCOTTTHUMBAcquaint yourself with this new big-dicked porn star, won’t you?


[NSFW] That New Porn Star (With The Awful Name) Is With Another Man

mikemattersthumbIf I can do five Steven Daigle posts in 24 hours, surely I can do two Mike Matters posts. Here he is jerking off with another dude.


[NSFW] Davey Needs A Bigger Fleshlight

daveyflesh_thumbHere he blows again.

[NSFW] Why Are Alessio Romero And Logan Stevens Still Auditioning?

loganalessiothumbIt’s the 36th(!) edition of Lucas Entertainment’s “Auditions” series, but why are porn stars with several titles under their belts in a movie called “Auditions”?

[NSFW] ¡Ay Papi! Sean Cody Goes Latin

seancodylatinthumbSean Cody’s slipped not one, not two, but THREE hulking slabs of Latin beefcake into its stable of milky white models. *What* is even going on?

[NSFW] Tyler Torro’s Big Fleshlight-Fucking Debut

tylerthumbI’d rather watch him with another dude, but the Fleshlight will have to do, for now.

[NSFW] My Favorite Gay Porn Star Of All Time

branson_thumbThe week is finally over, and all I plan on doing for the next 48 hours is jerking off to my favorite gay porn star of all time.

[NSFW] Randy Blue’s Biggest, Most Ethnic-y Model Ever?

randybluecurtis_thumbFresh off their GayVN win for Best Website, Randy Blue unleashes a beefy slab of caramel-skinned meat. Is he Latin? Is he black? Is he just really tan? Also, what does this have to do with felching?

[NSFW] Will “Dad” Upset Raging Stallion?

joegage_thumbRaging Stallion won the GayVN for Best Picture in 2008 and 2009, and they’re poised to win again this year, but an old man and his fishing pole might be standing in the way of a threepeat!

[NSFW] How Many Cops Have Eyebrows Like This?

topher_thumbBehold, Topher DiMaggio’s eyebrows in Jet Set’s “Police Academy Gangbang.”

[NSFW] Gay Porn Flashback: When Brodie Got Fucked

brodie_thumbRemember when gay-for-pay porn stars bottoming for the first time used to be cool? Remember when *being* a gay-for-pay porn star used to be cool?


[NSFW] Fratboys, Fuckin’, And Food


It’s not quite sploshing, but close enough.

[NSFW] Gay Porn Fireman Samuel O’Toole!

sammy_fireReason #823627984 why you will want to fuck him. And by “you” I mean “me.”


[NSFW] Travis James Gets “Scorched”

travis_thumbOn loan from Randy Blue, Travis James appears in Titan’s new release, “Scorched.” Randy, may I borrow Travis, too?

Bel Ami’s Kris Evans & Dolph Lambert Prove That Even Ugly Guys Can Do Porn

belami_thumbI mean, just look at them! Ugh. Video below.

[NSFW] This Is How To Blow A Load

davey_thumbAttention professional porn stars: Amateur twink sensation “Cute Davey Boy” has something to show you.


[NSFW] “Don’t Ask, Just Fuck”

dontask_thumbIt’s the name of Raging Stallion’s new release, not Obama’s new policy on gays in the military–though maybe it should be? Would you enlist/be willing to die in an unwinnable and endless imperialist war in a place like Afghanistan if it meant you could fuck Tommy Defendi? I would.

“It’s Really Hard To Smile With A Ball In Your Mouth”

tristanbradyTristan Jaxx has trouble multitasking with Brady Jensen. I’d be nervous if I had Brady’s ball in my mouth, too.

[NSFW] The Gay Porn Star Comeback That Needs To Happen

brad_thumbNormally it’s the opposite, but here’s a porn star who actually looks better now than he did two years ago when he retired. Won’t you jerk off to him again?

[NSFW] He’s Baaaaack

malachi_thumbMalachi “I don’t like pornography” Marx makes his return to Randy Blue today. Hooray!(??)

[NSFW] The “Passion” Of Michael Lucas

PASSION_THUMBMichael Lucas’ Passion features one of the best casts of the year: Dean Monroe, Harry Louis, Rafaels Carreras and Alencar? I couldn’t even make it through the trailer. Watch it yourself below.

[NSFW] Corbin Fisher Gets Sloppy Thirds

hagan_thumbCorbin Fisher can’t really believe that we won’t recognize their newest model from his solo and bareback scenes on two other amateur sites, right?

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