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LOS ANGELES… Weekly Scene

In a city whose subjects buy their duvets at Target to scrounge up enough money for their Bentley payments, the peroxide glare can sometimes be overwhelming. Luckily, the steady line-up of parties here hardly ever changes. So until everyone starts clamoring for that elusive party in the hills after the bars close at 2 AM, there’s no need to fret about the non-existent underground scene you’re not missing.


Mustache Mondays @ rotating location

This is a party for ironically-dressed hotties and too-cool-for-school freelance gays who may just be right when they insist that Mondays are the new Fridays.


Rimjob @ MJs
2810 Hyperion Ave

The drunkest weekday party in Los Angeles, Rimjob at MJs offers an undulating mosh pit of go-go dancers and East Side daddies. Go to the crowded patio to watch soused bears accidentally burn the shower performers with their cigarette butts. Arrive early or wait in line.

Beige @ Falcon
7213 W Sunset Ave

This swanky gayfest at an over-priced sushi restaurant brings out the mingly, upper-crusty fashionistas and the bitchy, rich old queens who love them.


Karaoke with Kenny @ Fiesta Cantina
8851 Santa Monica Blvd

Karaoke With Kenny brings out a big, drunk crowd that includes bartenders on their nights off, USC trust fund brats, congenial natives, and over-worked industry honchos who spend the night avoiding the daring glances of their assistants sitting a few tables over.

Jason Lavitt’s Club GAY!!! @ Fubar
1735 Vine St.

This sleazy dance party is Fubar’s newest addition to its weekly calendar.


Tigerheat @ Avalon
1735 Vine St.

Pedophiles and scenesters alike will enjoy this raucous warehouse party, which combines an earnest happy-go-lucky underage crowd with a ‘tudey contingent of too-cool scenesters.

Temptation @ Apple
1735 Vine St.

Jeffrey Sanker’s brand new party features pop music and dirty go-go boys. Chi Chi Larue presides and DJ Morningstar spins.


Shits & Giggles @ Club 740
740 S Broadway

Expect drunken performances, a packed smoker’s patio, and boys with wiry armpit hair scraggling out from under tattered tank tops. Dancing and booze abounds, of course.

Stallion @ Fubar
7994 Santa Monica Blvd.

Yes, this bar is trashy and wild. But it’s still technically located in West Hollywood, and the handful of snobby, watchful, pretty-people scenesters who come here prevent anyone from truly letting go. So the sleaze at Fubar is more of a piece of furniture in the corner than an all-encompassing vibe.  Still, now that Hot Dog is woefully defunct, this is the best place to go for a dirty night west of Fairfax.  …read more

Swallow @ MJ’s
2810 Hyperion Ave

Speaking of Hot Dog… this party comes via the loins of Mario Diaz, creator of Hot Dog and Big Fat Dick, and features DJ Barbeau. From Gay Bar Culture: “While the music is sometimes so gay here we feel like hate-criming ourselves, on many nights the music is just lovely, and the crowd and the DJ hold hands and throb together until closing.” …read more


Trash @ The Eagle
4219 Santa Monica Blvd.
9PM – 2AM
It’s LA. You’ve got to be tired of all the young pretty boys and aging pretty boys by now. At the Eagle, particularly if you’re a little on the hairy side and into leather, you’ll feel right at home. DJ Ted Eiel spins at this Saturday joint, which is “served up dirty with a side of sleazy.

Cherry Pop @ UltraSuede
661 N. Robertson
9PM – 6AM

It’s the only after-hours in West Hollywood, so expect the usual WeHo cornucopia of trainers who are really models, retail queens who are really aspiring set-dressers and former models who are now graphic designers all dancing to Rihanna and drinking Ketel sodas, splash of cran.

Free Dance Night @ Akbar
4356 W Sunset Blvd
10PM – 2AM

On the weekends the boys elbow the pushy lezbots aside and take to the dance floor, which is arguably the most reckless, least judgmental dance floor in L.A. (It’s also about the least cruisy.)


Beer Bust @ Faultline
4216 Melrose Ave
2PM – 2AM

We once saw a little person giving head to a war veteran here.

Size @ Here Lounge
696 N Robertson

The long, narrow patio here at Here Lounge (696 N Robertson Blvd) makes for some good people-watching here is good, but it rarely turns into people-meeting; snobbiness has never smelled so much like fear. Still, the boys are pretty, the men are rich, and the v-necks are low. It’s a West Hollywood signature, so give it a try before you too decide you hate it here at Here.

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