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Roundup of Regular Weekend Events for SF, NY & LA

From here on out, please find our weekly roundup of selected (and generally awesome) events and parties in SF, NY and LA here

Messy, Messy Trannies at a Pretty Pretty Princess Party

Trannies from Tiara Sensation Take Over Charlie Horse San FranciscoOn Friday, a gang of trannies from San Francisco’s Tiara Sensation invaded the already punk rock drag show at Charlie Horse, and the results, were, well, inspiringly messy.

Salt Lake City Gay Does Party Roundup

Salt Lake City Party RoundupWe don’t mean to sound condescending to the gay scenes of other cities — we didn’t grow up in a gay mecca and hey, we all gotta drink! — but gay party roundups the world over always bring a certain cringe factor.

Maricon’s Mexico: A Gay Puerto Vallarta Day Planner

Puerto Vallarta is the gayest place in Mexico, but with so many bars, clubs, tequilas and prescription drogas to choose from, The Sword brings you this handy guide, just in case you have any plans to head down that way.

Drunken NYC Dispatch, With Swimwear: Drip

Drip Pool Party in NYC, Photo by Rebecca SmeyneOccasionally we at Sword HQ in San Francisco feel pangs of jealousy toward our fag brethren in New York and we wish we had never left there–even though it’s dirty and crowded and East Coast winter makes us want to die.

Will Sydney Mardi Gras Still Exist Without Artificial Serotonin Enhancement?

Is Mason Wyler Crazy?Police have cut off the major ecstasy supply to Sydney Mardi Gras. This means thousands of gays will be forced to listen to circuit party music without help from drugs.  Things could get very ugly.

San Francisco Dance Club To Lose Liquor License Because of Pubes

Go-Go Boy, photo by Nikola TamindzicDNA Lounge, a dance club/music venue in San Francisco’s SOMA district, has been battling the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, who’s threatening to revoke the club’s license because of a few lewd Latino go-go boys.

Man Found Dead Inside Pittsburgh Bathhouse

A 31-year-old man was found dead on Sunday inside his rented private room at Club Pittsburgh, the city’s local gay bathhouse.

Adam Joseph, Candis Cayne, Cazwell Top Glammy Award Winners

Downtown New York’s Glammy Awards–which are just about as renowned and prestigious as our very own Cybersocket Awards,

In Honor of Repeal Day: The 5 Gayest Drinks of All Time

You may have heard that today marks the 75th anniversary of the day we all regained the right to get shitfaced and make out with strangers–it’s Repeal Day, or the day in 1933 when the 21st Amendment was finally ratified, bringing to an end the nation’s long nightmare of Prohibition.

Drag Queens Getting Tired of All the Marching

While our tranny sisters play a vital and visible role in the ongoing protests for marriage equality, we at The Sword recognize that their hard work is made harder by doing it in heels–and we shouldn’t count on too many more weeks of participation from these gals because, frankly, they can’t afford to keep buying new shoes.

Anna Conda is a Sex Pistol

Here’s Anna Conda, famed hostess of Charlie Horse at The Cinch, performing to the Sex Pistols’ first single, ‘Anarchy in the UK.’ For Ms. Conda, Anarchy means a hatchet and an old TV, along with the usual spastic gyrations. Enjoy.

Five Haunts with Gay Ghosts

We’re a demographic that’s used to dancing til dawn and doesn’t always rest in peace: gay ghosts are everywhere.

Pics from the ‘Milk’ Premiere in the Castro

As you may or may not have heard (or cared), San Francisco’s been abuzz with the world premiere of Gus Van Sant’s Milk, which went down last night at the Castro Theatre.

The Steve Lady Extravaganza: Memorial for a Beloved Man and Drag Queen

This past Sunday at Harlot in San Francisco, there was a small memorial celebration for the first Miss Trannyshack and SF drag legend, The Steve Lady, a.k.a Steven Price.

Mr. Pam, Alone in a Serbian Bathroom

On the set of Collin O’Neal’s World of Men: Serbia, we find Mr. Pam alone in a bathroom, with a camera. She still needs to film a foursome cumshot, but all the boys are asleep, and she has “this thing” against waking people up. Why such sweepy wittle pornstars? Watch and find out.

Drunken SF Dispatch: Tiara Sensation at The Stud

MM-TiaraSensationProjectRuntTH.jpg Black really isn’t the new anything, and someday soon we hope to stop wearing it in mourning of Trannyshack. From the ashes of that venerable drag destination rise two distinct new weekly parties at the same venue, ye olde Stud Bar on Harrison and 9th in San Francisco:

Joan Rivers Addresses A Formal Leather Gala As We Play Red Carpet

folsom-joan-TH.jpgWhen Joan Rivers performed for the leathermen at a Folsom Street Fair benefit gala on Saturday, the tension was thick: would she like what Sir was wearing?

Nardicio Organizes ‘Panty Revolution Party’ on Fire Island

GC-Nardicio-Panty-Revolution.jpgNew York bon vivant and DList co-founder Daniel Nardicio has begun guerrilla warfare in the tony Fire Island Pines after outraged bar owners resorted to legal action to keep Pines barflies from fleeing to the neighboring town of Cherry Grove.

San Francisco Kisses Off Trannyshack Forever, Or Until Heklina Needs to Cover Rent Again

GC-TrannyshackKissOffTH.jpgAnd so it goes, the end of an era, yadda yadda.  We’ve talked it up plenty, and we’re still not convinced that Heklina will never trot the Trannyshack brand out again in the name of fame and a few thousand dollars,

Hot Mess Featuring Ben Andrews


The Stud
9th & Harrison
San Francisco
Saturday, May 17, 10PM

Daniel Nardicio and the boys of Dlist co-host this weekly party for the young and sloppy, where Ben Andrews will be giving away 30 of his enormous dildos.

Daniel Nardicio’s Atlantic City Road Trip


Pickup: Starbucks
177 8th Avenue, NYC
Sunday, May 11, 10 AM
If the last one was any indication, the porn stars and party people along for the ride are all going to still be drunk at 10 AM on Sunday, and the open bar on the bus is just going to make everyone that much sloppier by the time they descend on the casinos to frighten the elderlies.


BanaHpFeatured.jpgWall Street Bath & Spa
88 Fulton St/William St
New York
Friday April 18, midnight

Recalling the days of the Continental Baths of the 70s where Bette Midler got her start performing for gays lying about in towels, this occasional bathhouse/pool party’s 2nd anniversary will feature performers Gina Vitro and Leonid the Magnificent. Info and tix here.


Frat House

440 Castro

San Francisco


Come get it on at the Bar Formerly Known as Daddy’s with a truckload of straight-acting twinks and the gayer gays who love them. 

Cuckoo Club


Hiro Ballroom
363 W 16th Street
New York

Sundays 9PM – 4AM

It’s getting a little bit mobbed after midnight at this weekly fete, but given that Sundays are for drinking

Featured International Events


Icelandic Phallological Museum
Through Sept 10
It’s your last chance to visit the world’s only penis museum. Over 200 preserved phalluses represent every mammal that can be found in Iceland. (Yes, that means whales, polar bears and humans, among others.)


Run For More Time
September 14
This popular charity event is the German counterpart to America’s Walk for Life. Not into exercise? Don’t care about AIDS? Skip the race and go straight to the beer-soaked after-party.


Janet Jackson Rock Witchu Tour
September 10
After spending seven years away from the road, the mistress of thump kicks off her highly anticipated North American tour in Vancouver. Eh? Eh!


Folsom Street Fair
September 28
Are you ready, Daddy? This annual leatherfest is celebrating its 25th year of bald heads and hairy bodies. Time to polish those leashes and memorize those safe words!


Atlantic Stampede Gay Rodeo
September 5 – 7
Watch as that cowboy riles up a steer, mounts him and holds on tight. After the show, buy him a drink and show him what you learned.


Gay Sunday at the London Zoo
September 14
Hang out with the bears. Stave off the apes. Smile at the peacocks. And if you have time, go take a look at the animals too.


Get Wet Weekend
September 25-28
Star DJs, boat parties and art shows await. How nice: a Caribbean island that throws the gay boys a party instead of stoning them outside a pharmacy in a mass mob. (Holla, Jamaica!)


Rainbow March
September 14
Saporro is not just a premium Japanese beer. It’s also the host of Japan’s longest-running gay pride parade. Don’t miss the dance party the night before the march.


South African Gay Film Fest
September 4-14
Take in the best of gay and lesbian cinema with this diverse offering of screenings, workshops and city-wide events.


Gay Ski Week
Aug 29 – Sept 7
With powdery slopes, apres-ski socials, retro bowling, wine-country hiking and closing night dancing, this annual event attracts skiiers from across the gay globe.

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