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‘I Never Thought I’d Hate a Bottom’: The Finale of ‘Go-Go Boy Interrupted’

We’ve reached the end, everyone. It was only 7 episodes long. So, 25 minutes later, it’s all over. The entire, rich, edifying journey of Danny Carter, over-the-hill WeHo go-go boy.


OK This New Halloween Scene From Randy Blue Is Really Fucking Scary

… and hot.

chris melonix01

Christopher Meloni’s Ass Makes Me Want Prison Porn!

When sexy Christopher Meloni teasingly Tweeted fans a photo of himself bent over ‘twerking’ yesterday, my blood pressure went though the roof. Certainly anyone familiar with the Law & Order: SVU beefcake, who bared his hot, round ass on the highly homo-erotic HBO prison series Oz, had a similar response.

Frat House Cream Contest Poster

NakedSword Wants You To Show Us Your CREAM FACE

I know you’ve all been sitting at the edge of your seat since last night’s post, but now finally all can be revealed: It’s a contest, with really cool prizes! In conjunction with the release of their original series Frat House Cream, NakedSword is asking you to show us your best Cream Face.


Get Back to Fire Island’s Meatrack One Last Time With J.D. Phoenix and Gavin Waters

Summer may be basically over on Fire Island, and all the houseboys and their well-heeled Manhattan-dwelling sugardaddies are packing up the summer china and disinfecting their hot tubs as we speak. But Dominic Ford gives us one last glimpse of that special slice of Sodom with his latest, Fire Island Meatrack: Scene VIII, featuring ridiculously […]


Daniel Radcliffe Coached In the Art of Gay Sex

Plucky young Daniel Radcliffe is game for whatever when it comes to acting, including getting naked and blinding horses on stage as he did in the 2008 Broadway production of ‘Equus,’ and getting naked for the hell of it in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. Now he’ll be naked and having hot […]

2014 Cybersocket Nominees

2014 Cybersocket Award Nominations Are Announced (Again!)

They were announced last week, but then they were un-announced but now they’ve been re-announced! (Supposedly, someone accidentally published the page before it was supposed to go live). But anyway, the 2014 Cybersocket Award Nominees have OFFICIALLY been announced.


“America’s Got Talent” Semi-Finalist Jerked Off On Camera Once

Timber Brown, an acrobat who made it to the semi-final round on this season of “America’s Got Talent”, jerked off for DirtyTony in 2006.

Give Them All The Oscars

Coming soon from Rock Candy Films, it’s His Son’s Boyfriend, starring Matthew Rush, Landon Conrad, Damian Taylor, Connor Patricks, CJ Parker, and Darla Crane.


Citing Industry “Chaos,” Greedy Studios, Ignorant Directors, And Bareback Backlash, Superstar Dean Monroe Announces Retirement

After nearly 13 years in the industry, Dean Monroe has announced his retirement, but don’t worry, he’s not going out quietly. The dashing Brit porn star has some choice words for everyone in a farewell retirement blog post entitled “Shame Shame Shame.”

In Case You’re Wondering How Brad Star Has Been Doing

Now you know. [Twitter: Brad Star]


[Updated] CEO: ‘Rod Gave It To Cameron’’s heterosexual CEO Peter Acworth has told the San Francisco Chronicle that it was Rod Daily, a gay porn performer who always wore condoms, who infected his girlfriend Cameron Bay, a straight porn performer who never wore condoms, with HIV. I guess it’s time for a moratorium on all gay porn productions then, right?

I Guess Marc Dylan Won’t Be Working For Falcon/Raging Stallion Anymore


Shirtless Zac Efron Shows Off Rippling Abs, Bulging Biceps, and Surprisingly Hairy Chest In Neighbors Shirtless Promo Video

Good God.

Happy Birthday, Johnny Rapid!

His big party isn’t until next week, but Johnny Rapid’s actual 21st birthday was last weekend, so why not start the celebration early? Here’s Johnny Rapid enjoying some adult beverages with his manager, Tee Gates, and his wife, Candie Rapid. Cute couple!  

Who Wore It Better: Conner Habib Or Lady Gaga?

One is a polarizing performer whose career has often been overshadowed by off-screen controversies, a complex persona as an artist and provocateur, and too many highly intellectual blog posts to count. The other is Lady Gaga. Who wore it better?  


The Sword Welcomes Back Returning Editor Zachary Sire

On behalf of The Sword, I would like to personally apologize to twink performer Seth Andrews, who was unfairly and cruelly attacked yesterday by a former writer on this site, Benjamin Bottoms.

Randy Blue’s Justin Owen Is The Hottest Gay Porn Star To Come Along Since Brent Corrigan

In my opinion, Brent Corrigan is the hottest gay porn star of all time, but it looks like he might finally have some competition, not to mention a long lost twin brother!


Slutty Twink Andy Taylor Gets Gangbanged By Four Of The Biggest Dicks In Gay Porn

I’m not into twinks, but I sure am jealous of this twink Andy Taylor for getting to fuck four of the hottest guys with four of the biggest dicks in all of gay porn.


This Week’s Top 10 Gay Porn Studios Are…

Bareback’s done it again.


Dirty Double: Meet Nick and Andrew, The Stars Of NakedSword And DirtyBoyVideo’s Co-Production

Get to the know the stars of NakedSword/DirtyBoyVideo’s latest Down & Dirty episode in this jumbo-sized double interview!


Exclusive: Insanely Muscular Gay Porn Star Ricky Larkin Reveals Upcoming Bottoming Plans

In the past year, Ricky Larkin’s body has gone from average swimmer’s build to ridiculously ripped muscle man. Find out how and why he made the big change, whether or not he has a boyfriend, and if he ever plans on bottoming.


Gay Porn Newcomers Michael David And Shane Jacobs Fuck For!

One of my favorite things about being a gay porn blogger is seeing all the fresh meat saunter though the studio doors, and today’s GuysInSweatpants update features two newbies who are ripe for the picking. Which one do you think is hotter: Michael David or Shane Jacobs?


Sean Cody Brings Back Horse-Hung Muscle Hunk Cameron To Fuck Daniel Bareback

The Sean Cody model whom I know a lot of people wanted to see come back has come back…for bareback!


Dale Cooper Gets Double-Stuffed By Colby Keller And Gabriel Clark In Thing Of Beauty Finale

Talk about saving the best for last!

jesse (1)

This Week’s Most Popular Gay Porn Stars Are…

Two African-American gay porn stars, one big bareback performer, and one big retired model help comprise this week’s list. And for the first time this summer, Christian Wilde has been knocked out of the top slot…but by whom? This week’s top 10 gay porn stars are below.


Do’s Photo Editors Hate Rocco Reed?

Rocco Reed may have left high and dry when he abruptly announced his retirement and sent their production schedule into a tailspin earlier this year, but is that any excuse for the mega studio to publish photos like this?

Tyler Vs. Taylor: Who Would You Rather?

Two twinks (one with tattoos, one without) who both have names that start with “T’ are going toe-to-toe in today’s tag team production from NakedSword and DirtyBoyVideo. Who would you rather?


Should The Sword Stop Bullying Gay Porn Stars?

Welcome to The Sword, the internet’s #1 bullying blog.


To Fund His Move To London, Seth Knight Is Getting Pissed On Now

Having spent all of his GoFundMe donations on a new sleeve tattoo, Seth Knight has now turned to performing in piss videos in order to fund his move to London. Has Seth Knight finally gone too far?


Lawson Kane Retires



Marc Dylan Receives Scathing Escort Review—Is He Worth Hiring?

Embattled gay porn star turned “sexual preferences” vlogger Marc Dylan is facing more backlash today, but for once it’s not about his racially-charged YouTube videos or his controversial endorsement of a potentially deadly drug. This time, it’s about his performance as an escort.


Suck It Helps Make Treasure Island Media The Most-Watched Gay Porn Studio Of The Week

Congratulations to Treasure Island Media. For the second time in a row, the bareback studio sits atop the week’s top ten list of the most-clicked gay porn studios. Suck It trailer below.


The 13 Most Insane (Illegal?) Sentences From The Scene Descriptions Of Treasure Island Media’s Bad Seed

It was hard to pick only 13 from these scene descriptions, but I did my best.


Introducing The First Gay Porn Acid Trip

It’s the trailer for Knightbreeders’ Horsehung Knights Of Cockmore.


Justin Bieber Gets Naked And Shows Off Tight Bare Ass For Grandma!

Warning: Photo of Justin Bieber completely nude below.


The Top 20 Gay Porn Star Bodies In All Of Gay Porn

If you liked The Sword’s Best Gay Porn Star Cocks and Best Gay Porn Star Asses, you’ll love The Sword’s Best Gay Porn Star Bodies in all of gay porn.


10 Questions With Max Ryder

CockyBoys’ queen bee opens up to The Sword about his future, his love life, and his weakness for worms.


Did Marc Dylan Make Racist Comments In Order To Drive Traffic To His Affiliate Blog?

Following The Sword’s coverage of Marc Dylan’s racist YouTube videos in which he defended his right to not have sex with black men, the embattled gay porn star sent the below two emails to The Sword.


Connor Kline Exclusive: How His Ass Has Healed, What He’s Got Planned With, And Why He’s Not A Racist

Last month, Connor Kline’s butt was not doing so well, but I’m happy to report that the world’s greatest ass has made a full recovery, and it’s ready for action with Below, Connor shares pics of his healed ass and his thoughts on becoming a Men exclusive. Also, he is not a racist.

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