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Dr. Santoro Is a Cock-Hungry Whore In Hot House’s “My Doctor Rocks”


Attention Everyone: This Is Clint Eastwood’s Smoking Hot Son, Scott

The prettiest pics we’ve seen on the internet today are of celebrity son Scott Eastwood, who just had a photo spread devoted to his beauty in Town & Country magazine. The 27-year-old actor and surfer appeared in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D as well as in an uncredited role in Chasing Mavericks.

[NSFW] Ronnie Kroell’s Dick Pics As Boring As Ronnie Kroell

UPDATE: Well hello, lawyer letter from Playgirl. In other news, Playgirl can afford a lawyer? Images removed. 

Ricky Martin’s Former Bandmate Also A Fag

The Homosexual Recruiter Association celebrates another success today now that former Menudo boy bander Angelo Garcia has done the yep-i’m-gay thing. And to celebrate, he’s posing nude.

The Porn Star Who Sold Daniel Craig An Apartment

Everyone’s freaking out because Daniel Craig went to a gay bar a couple weeks ago, but what I find more amusing is that his real estate agent is the gay porn star Tag Eriksson.

[NSFW] A Major League Baseball Player’s Cock

Breeders shave their balls too. Evan Longoria, the fuckable third baseman for the Tampa Bay Rays, sent a picture of his well-manicured white boy cock to a female blogger with the message, "You like that, babe?"

Nick Snider: ‘Everyone Is A Liar But Me’

Unzipped just published a totally contentious interview with that "I’ll suck your dick and balls if you take off these handcuffs" supermodel. The highlights are below.

In My Mouth Now Taylor Lautner

More pictures have surfaced showing the outline of Taylor’s lautner through his pants. Let’s look.

John Mayer: Homo

Sexually undesirable blogger Perez Hilton just went on the radio and said the following things about John Mayer: he sucks dick, he jerks off to gay porn, he liked to fuck Jessica Simpson in the ass and his favorite porn star is Brent Corrigan.

Chace Crawford Scratches His Balls In Miami

On a hotel balcony in Miami last week, pretty pretty Chace Crawford moisturized his hands with ball sweat. Someone bottle that shit please.

Fine, I’ll Post Pictures of Jamie Kennedy’s Dick

I’d rather be posting fake naked pics on Taylor Lautner’s 18th Birthday next week than these real naked pics of funny guy Jamie Kennedy. Anyway, here they are, and his softie is not unimpressive.

[NSFW] The Penis of Jesus Luz

Here’s a raw outtake from the W Magazine photoshoot where Madonna met Jesus. You can tell it’s a raw outtake because Madonna looks like shit and Jesus’ uncut dick is out.

Miley Cyrus’s Spermboat Boyfriend Moves In

That stupid fucking bitch won’t stop fucking dudes who belong on my face. Stop corrupting these jock hotties with your evil vadgey wiles, Miley. Shirtless gallery below.

Breaking: Gerard Butler Got Fat

These pictures of a newly flabbed Gerard Butler should finally put the gay rumors to rest.

Meet David Geffen’s Hot Little Fuckbitch

L.A. media mogul and multi-billionaire David Geffen brought his young hot boyfriend to the state dinner at the White House last night. Let’s look at his body.

Look At Levi Johnston’s Ass

Work it, white boy!

Get Off Taylor Lautner’s Cock Right Now, Taylor Swift, You Little Fucking Bitch

You’re doing a great job riding Taylor Lautner’s underage peen, Taylor Swift, and I’mma let you finish, but The Sword has one of the biggest black dildos OF ALL TIME!

Meet the Bulgarian Trick Stephen Gately Brought Home the Night He Died

It’s always preferable to be the guest star in a threesome — unless, that is, one of them dies while you’re fucking the other one.

These Taylor Lautner Shirtless Pics Make Me Want To Get All Statutory

That’s right. I said I want to fuck Taylor Lautner. I want to fuck him until he cries and then I want to write my name across his taint with a Sharpie.

Shia LaBeouf’s Scrotum Lounges In A Dress Pants Hammock

shia lebeouf bulgeThe Sword has confirmed that Shia LaBeouf has a penis, and the Transformers star remains in stiff competition with Taylor Lautner for the title of Hollywood’s Leading Man Pouch.

Have You Met Shia LeBeouf’s Bulge Yet?

shia lebeouf bulgeThe actor recently told Playboy that he’s “not extremely well-endowed,” but here’s a pair of dress pants that would beg to differ.

Don’t Look Up Taylor Lautner’s Birthday Until After You Masturbate To His New Shirtless Photos

taylor lautner shirtless picsRobert Pattinson may be Twilight’s break-out star, but it’s Taylor Lautner whom I’d use my last roofie on.

Shirtless Fag Propositions George Clooney

A pale furry man with a microphone professed his love for Bi-Curious George at a press conference in Italy. “Kiss me!” said the homo. “No,” said George.

Confirmed: Levi Johnston Is Actually Going to Show Us (The Outline Of) His Moose Cock

Levi Johnston ShirtlessLevi Johnston joked about posing in Playgirl on the set of a photo shoot. Within hours, the gay internet freaked the fuck out, a Playgirl producer put in a call, and now, Gawker reports, Levi’s lawyer has confirmed that Levi will pose in his skivvies.

You Knew That Marky Mark Was Hot, But Did You Also Know That He Was Lame?

mark wahlberg vintage workout videoThis vintage “fitness” video of Marky Mark circa 1993 will make you fantasize about things like ball gags and chloroform.

Yes I Will Cut Myself If Scott Herman Tells Me To

scott herman shirtless videoThe Real World fuck stud wants to teach you how to shave your chest.

The Video is Here: Channing Tatum’s Stripper Past

channing tatum stripper videoHoly shit. The perverts at US Magazine have finally released the video of Hollywood A-lister Channing Tatum’s g-string gyrations. (Warning: the video below begins playing automatically.)

Dustin Lance Black Is Suing His Fuck Buddy

Dustin Lance Black Nude Sex Pics lawsuitMonths after Black’s bareback fuck shots surfaced online, the Oscar-winning Hollywood darling is filing a lawsuit demanding $3 million and claiming that he thought the camera was aimed at his face and torso — not the underside of his alabaster shaft and the spongy front entrance to his raw anal hallway.

Jonathan Bennett, Straight-for-Pay Hollywood Hunk

jonathan bennett shirtlessEx-boyfriend to Kyle XY‘s Matt Dallas and the star of tweeny flicks like Mean Girls and Cheaper by the Dozen, Jonathan Bennett is a stud who can teach us something important.

Oprah Staffers Gone Wild on Porn Cruise

Oprah Porn CruiseOprah Winfrey paid for 2,000 of her staffers to fly to Spain and take a 10-day Mediterranean cruise which allegedly devolved into a complete drunken orgy.

David Beckham Shows Off His His Camel Toe

david beckham speedo shirtlessFrom this inverted crab angle, the only thing separating David Beckham’s furry grundle from view is a thin layer of blue Armani nylon speedo. If anyone can work the coy taint look, it’s Beckham.

Michael Stipe Documents His Morning Threesome

michael stipe gay threesomeBetween 9:23 and 10:07 a.m. on the morning of July 4th, three men in various states of coitus and undress uploaded iPhone portraits of themselves in a bathroom somewhere. One of these horndogs was R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe.

Model Undress: Brazilian Twunk Bruno Ramalho

It’s difficult knowing that for every year we get older, there is a whole new crop of young studs growing into their Speedos out there.

The Ginger Prince and Other Awkward Celebrity Boners

Awkward Celebrity BonersWelcome back from the long weekend, friends.  To kick things off today we bring you a quick selection of awkward celebrity boners, c/o

Nutjob David Gest Says Michael Jackson Didn’t Really Have That High, Effeminate Voice

David Gest Talks About Michael JacksonA claymation figurine named David Gest, who was once married to Liza Minnelli, gave an exclusive interview to a British tabloid about his good friend and client Michael Jackson.

Ryan Reynolds Likes to Get Naked

Ryan Reynolds Shirtless in Entertainment Weekly… Or at least his agent likes him to get naked!  Ka-ching!

Unsubstantiated Rumor of ‘Anderson Cooper’s Big Fat Coming Out Party’

Anderson Cooper's COming Out PartyAnd because we like to tarry in unsubstantiated rumor territory, online mag Unvogue claims that Anderson will be the unofficial host of their party tonight for the 2nd Annual Men’s Issue, which also happens to coincide with the kickoff of Gay Pride Weekend.

Soap Operas Recruit Homos to Play Homos

gay soap opera stars charactersNow that Raging Stallion is tapping former soap stars to fuck men on camera, soap opera casting directors are returng the favor, sort of, by hiring gay actors to play gay characters. Still no soft-focus cumshots, though.

Perez Allegedly Bitch-Slapped by

Perez Hilton — wildly successful blogger and wildly obnoxious addition to the cultural Jell-o wrestling pit that is Hollywood gossip — mistook his Twitter for 911 this weekend and tried to use it to summon police to his hotel after an alleged assault by a Black Eyed Pea.

Runway Pics of Jesus Luz’s Tits in Sao Paolo

Jesus Luz in Sao Paolo Runway ShowMadonna let Jesus out of her basement for a day so he could storm the runway at Sao Paolo fashion week in his most-watched stroll since walking on water two millenia ago.

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