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What’s With The Music, Nica Noelle?

Continuing on the daddy-son tip, Icon Male now has a feature/series called Schoolboy Fantasies which would probably be better titled Pedophile Teacher Fantasies.


Leo Sweetwood Has Huge Cumshot In Upcoming Scene From ‘#Workout’; Also, He Gives A Lesson In Douching

Cute vers bottom Leo Sweetwood is in a new flip-fuck scene with Dylan Knight, premiering next week, in NakedSword‘s #Workout — which, as I talked about earlier, also stars Adam Ramzi, Brandon Moore, Jed Athens, Alexander Gustavo, Tanner Shields, and Colt Rivers.


Muscle Bros Rusty and Randy Just Fucked At Sean Cody

Have you watched Save the Bros yet? Well, Sean Cody’s got a couple of bros who fuck bros, at least for money, having sex on Ye Olde Sectional this week.


Hot or Not?: New Helix/Guys In Sweatpants Twink Troy Accola

Helix has a newcomer for us this week.


Talking About the Death of Porn Stores With Karen Mason, Owner of L.A.’s Circus of Books

Karen Mason is showing me around the basement storage facility of the Silverlake branch of Circus of Books, the legendary Los Angeles porn chain she has co-owned and operated with her husband Barry Mason for well over 30 years.


Solo of the Week: Nick North’s Abs Meet a Bottle of Massage Oil

Over at AlphaMales they’ve got a sweaty jerkoff video for you featuring Nick North, a jockstrap, a locker room, and a whole lot of oil.


This Slow-Mo Video Of a Hot Naked Man Running Down a Road Is Mesmerizing

You’re welcome.


Tommy Defendi, With Extra-Bushy Beard, Fucks Brandon Moore in ‘The Apartment Part 4′

Tommy Defendi’s beard has reached homeless proportions, but some of you probably like that.


Who Would You Rather?: Sean Cody’s Sergei, or Titan’s Eric Nero

It’s time again for your favorite game.


Anonymous Dude With Thick, 12-Inch Cock Answers Questions On Reddit

Holy. Fuck.


Ryan Rose, Duncan Black, Leo Forte, and Mr. Pam Talk About Shooting the Rope Bondage Finale of ‘A Wicked Game’

This week marked the big, freaky finale of NakedSword’s A Wicked Game, and The Sword had some questions for stars Ryan Rose and Duncan Black, cameraman and BDSM player Leo Forte, and director mr. Pam about the stresses and joys of shooting BDSM porn.


Will Ben Affleck’s Huge Schlong Win a Manatomy Award?

The good folks over at Mr. Man, who do the important work of cataloging every full-frontal and ass shot in television and film for your masturbating pleasure, are now doing the first annual Manatomy Awards.


VICE Takes On The Scary-Sad World Of Gay Conversion Therapy

Sorry. Just don’t watch this if you’re having a bad day already.


Increasingly Gay Zane Porter Returns to Plow Big-Dicked Dominic Santos at Randy Blue

Like I’ve said, Zane Porter is gay. He debuted on Randy Blue as a 18-year-old bi-curious straight boy, and I think we can all agree he is now a 19-year-old gay man.


It’s Time To Watch Johnny V Get Fucked By His Boyfriend Joey D In Front Of Raging Stallion’s Camera

Raging Stallion/Falcon model Johnny V just arrived on the scene last year, and now he’s brought Chicago-based boyfriend Joey D along with him. Their first scene together, in Raging Stallion’s Fuckhole, goes live tomorrow, Friday, February 27.


Darius Ferdynand Does His First Scene For Guys In Sweatpants, Getting Fucked By Colton Casey

Darius Ferdynand, perfect body and all, just popped up over at GuysInSweatpants, playing volleyball on the beach with Colton Casey, and then getting the cum fucked out of him.


Watch Ryan Rose and Duncan Black Tied Up and Fucked By James Hamilton In the Finale Of ‘A Wicked Game’

This is Ryan’s first time ever trying Shibari rope bondage, everybody. And it’s goddamn hot.


GayHoopla’s Latest Incredibly Ripped Jock Sean Costin Has His First Fuck

Sean Costin, while maybe not as supidly steroid-y huge as Zeb Atlas, may just be the new Zeb Atlas of gay porn. Because he is huge. And way hotter than Zeb Atlas.


New CumPigMen Series Wraps Up: ‘You Did Good. I Don’t Think You Threw Up Even Once.’

Over at CumPigMen, cum pig Ethan Palmer sucks the dicks of eight guys, including “the best for last,” Trit Tyler.


Colby Keller Talks About Fucking Psychopaths, His Cross-Country Project, and Being An Unconventional Porn Star

After a dispute with his evil landlord resulted in him becoming homeless, America’s favorite bearded art-loving porn star Colby Keller decided to fulfill his dream of traveling around the country in a van, seeing America, fucking hot boys, and making videos out of it.

devin-colby-main Makes Ultimate Gay Narcissist Porn With Deviant Otter Playing Younger Version Of Colby Jansen, So Colby Can ‘Fuck Himself’

I gotta say, this is a new porn premise for me! So kudos for originality, even if it’s a little bit creepy on a psychological level.


Someone Needs To Put This Donkey-Dicked Stud In Porn Immediately

Who the fuck is this guy?!


Hot British Model Paul Walker Arrives Stateside To Get Fucked By Connor Maguire On a Desk

Sexy Brit model Paul Walker, who we last saw in that goofy Downton Abbey spoof, looks like he came out to L.A. or something for a little Gay Office shoot with Connor Maguire.


Hot or Not?: Randy Blue Introduces New Asian Model Cooper Dang, Breaks In His Butthole

There’s another newcomer over at Randy Blue, and he’s Asian! And kind of hairy! I only use exclamation points because Asians in gay porn are rarest of special gems, let alone hairy ones.


Rites Of Ass-age: Adam Ramzi on the Major Chemistry He Had With Tommy Defendi

WELL. The last piece I wrote garnered… a bit of a reaction. And you know what? That’s totally cool. Apparently you aren’t anybody unless you’re pushing a few buttons. Except for one thing: When it comes to this topic of gay-for-pay, I still think I’m right, at least about the proverbial surface I’ve scratched on […]


It’s Now Time To Watch Sebastian Kross Fuck Sean Zevran

The scene I, and maybe you, have been waiting for from Falcon’s KrossFire is out, in which Sean Zevran gets his ass plowed by young, hot, tattooed newcomer Sebastian Kross.


Colt Rivers Shot This Underwear Ad On Spec In Downtown L.A. With Jarec Wentworth and It’s Kind Of Hot

Colt Rivers says he and old buddy Jarec Wentworth made this Andrew Christian ad “for fun,” but Andrew Christian should probably buy it because it’s way classier than the shit they usually make.


Hungry Bottom Brenner Bolton Pops Over to Raging Stallion To Get Plowed By Derek Atlas

Sexy Brenner Bolton, who literally can not get enough cock, has just shot his first scene for Raging Stallion, which means that any second he might show up in Day-Glo neoprene on this Hot House set getting fucked by an alien dildo.


Billy Santoro Discovers Twitter’s Video Function, Uploads Sex Tape With Seth Santoro

“When did they allow us to post vids?” asks Billy Santoro on Twitter, clearly a little behind. “Was I sleeping or busy fucking?”


Icon Male Follows Up ‘His Daughter’s Boyfriend’ and ‘His Son’s Boyfriend’ With ‘His Son’s Best Friend’

What’s next? His Stepson’s Gradeschool Gym Teacher? His Gay Son’s Friend’s Cousin’s Dog? Let’s just brainstorm what Icon Male‘s full library of titles will look like if and when this daddy-son series ever dies.


Deviant Otter Fucked ‘A Bearded Boy’ Again, Talks About How He Likes Being On PrEP

Back when Devin Totter/Deviant Otter debuted his porn site about a year ago, one of the first friends with benefits who he fucked for the camera was Dominic Fournier, a.k.a. A Bearded Boy.


Watch Valentin Petrov and Ty Royal In a Hot Flip-Fuck In the Third Installment of ‘A Wicked Game’

We still don’t know who killed Duncan Black. But in the third scene of NakedSword’s A Wicked Game, just out today, we see behind the bedroom blinds as Valentin Petrov and Ty Royal pound out each other’s holes.


Colby Keller, a Fashion Designer, and CockyBoys Have Just Made Possibly The Most Batshit Insane Piece of Art-Porn Ever

So, you know how Colby Keller is doing that nationwide road trip of fucking and filmmaking dubbed Colby Does America? Well, the New York chapter has arrived, and it’s a collaboration with CockyBoys and a fashion designer named BCALLA.


Guess Which Former Gay Porn Director’s Movie Is Up For An Oscar This Weekend

I’ll give you a hint: the category is Best Actress.


Reader Poll: Thoughts On Brent Everett’s New Partnership With

I showed you the trailer last week, but now Brent Everett’s first scene with is out and available for viewing, so let’s discuss.


There’s Another Kris Evans Threeway So Just Watch It Already

You know you’re just going to fucking watch it. And you’re going to get hard.


Separated At Birth?: Porn Star Tommy Defendi and Jamie Dornan

With his pre-Fifty Shades of Grey beard, British actor Jamie Dornan really does bear a striking resemblance to porn star Tommy Defendi. At least when Tommy trims his beard.


Armond Rizzo Talks About Taking His First 12-Inch Dick, and His Dark Days In the Military

When Peter Parker was a teenager, a radioactive spider bit him and imbued him with superpowers: the ability to climb buildings, shoot webs from his wrists, and sense when danger was approaching. He became Spider-Man. When Armond Rizzo was a teenager, he got fucked by a 12-inch cock and was given the rather incredible ability […]


Watch Last Friday’s Tim & Roma Live Valentine’s Special Now, With Mr. San Francisco Max Cameron

As promised, The Tim & Roma Show aired live on NakedSword and on The Sword on Friday, and it was a really fun show! Now we’ve got the tape.


Exclusive: New Photos Of Ethan Elliott, Naked and Clothed

Last week The Sword talked to much-lusted-after former Sean Cody model Ethan Elliott, who’s lately been stripping and dancing on some boxes and stages up in Portland, only for the benefit of gay Portlanders — a fact that I cry into my pillow about every night. But now Ethan sent me a few new photos […]

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