Cannot Ever, Ever, Ever Unsee: Rentboy’s “Big Eddie” Posts More Pics To His Escort Profile [Update: Now With Video]


If you saw the last post on Big Eddie, you know what you’re in for if you continue reading.

Are you insane?

OK, you’re still reading, so you must be interested (and insane).

To be honest, I’d pay $300 just to see this thing in person, and then I’d immediately leave. (Just kidding, I’d stay and try to suck it for fun.) Here are the new photos posted to Big Eddie’s Rentboy ad (he’s showing face in one of them), along with an updated message:


Short and sweet, but sort of rude. He could always join the circus if this whole whore thing doesn’t work out.


Unless you can Photoshop a video, here’s proof that Big Eddie really is as big as his pictures. Hold me.


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45 Responses to “Cannot Ever, Ever, Ever Unsee: Rentboy’s “Big Eddie” Posts More Pics To His Escort Profile [Update: Now With Video]”

  1. CtopherDaniels says:

    I’m mortified yet turned on. Is this result of just vacuum pumping? No silicone injected into his dick?

    • TWEWY says:

      I can’t say I’m turned on, but I am curious how he achieved that would be an interesting documentary.
      I don’t understand how that’s even something that can be blown jeez.

      • half porco says:

        I think he did this with a saline injection.

        I once had sex with a guy who had it in his balls and I was afraid to touch him as I thought they might explode.

        I think it’s temporary and has to be repeated regularly to remain like this. There was a guy in Kristen Bjorn movies who had a normal dick and then came out with a “thing” half the size of the one above ( which is a lot already).

        When it deflates though, what happens? Is the dick wrinkled ? How does “big Eddie” walk around in the streets? Does he tucK???

  2. DPS says:

    I want to stick my cock inside of his dick hole!

  3. I just got a cool idea for a picture: I want to put the bottom half of my body into his urethra and extend my arms out like I’m being shot out of a (his) cannon!!

  4. TERRI STEVEN says:

    WOW japanime finally come to life ,,,marry me

  5. jessi says:

    Zach, the video isn’t working for me, it’s just black… Boo Hoo, I wanted to see what it looked like on video. Do you have another link?

  6. SkittleFits says:

    Sadly this dick still isn’t big enough to satisfy Johnny Rapid’s hungry hole. Seth Knight’s maybe, but not Johnny’s.

  7. Denis says:

    Can’t.Look.Away. I find body modification fascinating… but this just takes it to another level. The video is all sorts of genius. It’s someone videotaping a cam session on their monitor and you can hear the squishy sounds of him jerking off while Eddie, um, does something to that thing that used to be his penis. If they make another Saw movie, they should find a way to include this clip. It’s a little tragic because he’s actually really good looking.

  8. Eddie says:

    I became curious about Big Eddie’s new add so I went to Rentboy, did some more research and found at ” page 21 ( today…) – Manhattan ” : ” GAPINGANUS ” – HUGEMONSTERHOLE FOR PUNCH, Pump, Watch and Destruction.
    I think Big Eddie and GAPINGANUS are the most ‘ different ‘ options that Rentboy offers in Manhattan.

    • Hello ??? says:

      I’m pretty sure GAPINGANUS is already BIG EDDIE’S most frequent, long term client !! (kidding … I know, ‘no fucking anal …don’t ask !’

  9. SuperGay says:

    I don’t see why keep letting these g4pers who insult gays to continue putting ads on their gay escort site.Rentboy should ban them would str8 escort sites allow gays to put ads on their websites that insulted straights I don’t think so.As for Big Eddie he is one of the worst and he’s not alone with such ads on rentboy that insults gays and I’m not talking about the size of his cock yet either? Now I am who in their right mind would want that gross thing up their ass or other private parts I don’t farsee any women who would want that thing in their privates sending them to the hospital.Trying to get that freaky thing inside of them without causing them unbareable pain destroying their sex organs I don’t know what Big Eddie is trying to prove by making his cock into a gross out monster.And a freak of nature whether he pump it or use some kind of injection to get it that big I don’t care but their no way in hell would I ever want something that gross and ugly.Up my ass are other body parts either and if their are other gays that do then their crazy as hell? I think some one like Big Eddie has to be really sick to want a cock that Big and gross out completely? He need to have his head examine to see if he is suffering from some kind of childhood drama or event in his life that would make him want to do that to his penis.That’s all I have to say about it for now.

    • LadyBoyBunny says:

      Rentboy doesn’t give a fuck what you are. You pay to advertise on their site and that’s that. If Rentboy banned gay for pay escorts there wouldn’t be half the ads on there. If you don’t like G4P don’t hire them. Problem solved.

    • Jack says:

      G4P my arse… How many ‘straight’ guy have a tattoo of naked man on his thigh?

      • sxg says:

        That means nothing. There are plenty gay guys who have gotten tattoos of women and female names on their body. The names of course are an honor of an important female in their life, mostly it will be their mom. But the tats of half naked women, makes no sense to me on a gay man but to each there own.

    • gnormie says:

      god forbid a website that facilitates prostitution be less than honorable

  10. Carlos says:

    But it’s weird because I’ve remember seen one of his videos and his cock didn’t look like that, I’ll try to remember where I watch the video

  11. sxg says:

    I’ve seen some more videos of him on monstercockland and xtube.

    an HalfPorco I think you’re thinking about Muhktar Safarov. His dick already had a nice girth before his dick modification, now he is/was like 9 inch long, 12 inch girth. Speaking of Muhktar, he never had that big of a cumshot. Although this guy likes to claim his is “full of cum,” I’m more likely to believe that’s far from the truth.

  12. robirob says:

    Freak Show big. I bet people pay good money to see it in person and in action. Sadly this is one way how guys set themselves apart from the big amount of porn models, escorts, and hustlers.

  13. thony says:

    I just cannot believe someone would be turned on by this. I do find it fascinating how some people are so fucked up to do that to their bodies and some others get aroused by it.
    It so unnatural!

    Gross, PLEASE STOP POSTING HIS PHOTOS or create a section for disturbing pictures.

  14. chrisjeremy says:

    aw man, the video isn’t working for me!

  15. Marty says:

    Big dicks are so hot, but not like this….

  16. Dutch Courage says:

    Wonder how many people will vote for him as “Best Boyfriend Fantasy”.

  17. pornfreak says:


  18. Bull says:

    Wonder what he does with it when he goes out in public?… Or does he just stay in?…absolutely fucking gross!!!

  19. gnormie says:

    He”ll be dead in a year. Not healthy.

  20. Dane says:

    I got your back :)
    It took me a while to track it, but here it is.
    So this guy Eddie cams at rippedmeat.
    Seach it on myvidster and you will find this video “Eddie and his giant sized dick”.

    Sweet dreams!

  21. Absurdist says:

    I like the face. The face is working for me.

  22. Alex says:

    I’m a little obsessed with this guy, even though he has some obvious social issues. Here are some links to videos of him flouting around on xtube. I hope it doesn’t get taken down… I feel like whenever Eddie catches wind of videos of him on the internet, he either reports them, or takes them down. Enjoy them while they’re still here. Hell, find a way to steal them, that’s what I did.

  23. Ebsl says:

    The video is still not working. Please fix that.

  24. Stefon says:

    He seems like a big teddy bear to me.

  25. Ebsl says:

    Video is still not working.

  26. Reverse Reverend says:

    Bless his heart. He looks so innocent.

  27. Tough Touch says:

    I wonder if Eddie is Amish?

  28. Donald Duckson says:

    Happy New Year 2015 Honey BE (Big Eddie)!

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