Breaking News: Paddy O’Brian Bottoms For The First Time…For Rocco Reed!


Based on the top’s orange FUPA shown in the photo of Paddy O’Brian getting fucked, The Sword can 100% confirm that Paddy O’Brian’s first time bottoming is for none other than retired gay-for-payer Rocco Reed.

Some have speculated that Paddy’s top could be Topher DiMaggio or even Paddy’s “best mate” (spare me) Paul Walker, but both of them have abs, especially Topher. Based on the FUPA below, Paddy’s top is Rocco Reed.

Other than Rocco, the only other option might be Colby Jansen since he’s definitely got a belly, but as seen in the photo below, this belly is virtually hairless, unlike Colby’s. Also, this is more of a FUPA, not a belly. And whenever you think FUPA, you think Rocco Reed.

Here’s the photo. Pay attention to the FUPA.

It’s also worth noting how thick the top’s thighs are, which also tells me it’s Rocco Reed.

AND: The top’s pubes (or at least what’s left of them) are dark brown, the same color as Rocco Reed’s. Did fly Rocco out to London before he retired? Or was the scene shot here in the states before he retired?

On the left, Paddy’s top’s FUPA. On the right Rocco Reed and his FUPA getting fucked. Note the matching nipples and matching orange skin color, too.

Given the hype over Rocco Reed’s first time bottoming last year, it would only make sense to have him pass the limp baton over to another first time bottom, Paddy O’Brian. Let’s hope Paddy can maintain an erection for more than 10 seconds.


I’m willing to take the risk of being wrong if it means guessing right before anyone else. And if I am wrong (we’ll find out next month), I guess I’ll look pretty dumb. Not as dumb as a limp-dicked bottom though.

What do you think? Is is Rocco Reed? Is it “best mate” Paul Walker? Topher DiMaggio? Colby Jansen? Someone else from Do you even care? Can you at least pretend to care, like me and everyone else?



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36 Responses to “Breaking News: Paddy O’Brian Bottoms For The First Time…For Rocco Reed!”

  1. Brandon says:

    So, if both these guys are gay for pay that makes this a gay porn scene with no gay men in it.

    Just sayin’

  2. robirob says:

    That facial expression of Paddy in the first pic is hilarious.

  3. MaV says:

    It’s “Gay 4 Pay” even though they’re still gay. ;)

  4. Olaf says:

    Oh my God. I think you’re right Nancy Drew. The gut of the top does look sloppy. But in his defense, it may be the camera angle. I hope you’re wrong though… I would like to see Paddy fucked by an erect cock

  5. Calvin says:

    Is Paddy Gay 4 Pay, seriously? He kisses, rims, and fucks like he enjoys the feel of ass. The only thing he doesn’t do is suck a dick, which a lot of ‘macho’ tops don’t do.

  6. Vinicius says:

    If indeed it is Rocco Reed, they couldn’t have chosen a worse person. Rocco is so bland and uninteresting.

  7. Joe Spunk says:

    They should have gotten Antonio Biaggio in for the job.

  8. Nathan G. says:

    You’re waaaaay mean to Rocco…yes, he was not the most appealing guy in the world..Yes, his performances sucked..Yes, his dick was always more limp than an 8yo boy…Yes, he was doughy and overly tan…Wait, where was I going with this?

  9. another mike says:

    It would only make sense for it to be Paul Walker as a continuation of the Mates storyline.

  10. stranded says:

    The fupa don’t lie and I still think Rocco Reed is hot. Unfortunately with no actual gay guy. this is for sure going to be a passionless scene. Which is a shame, but really is it any different than Paddy’s other scenes? When he first came out i was amazed, but when he started doing hardcore scenes, i was bored. Which is what usually happens with gay4pay. I think this is going to fulfill some initial thrill of seeing him getting fucked, but it will wear off. Hopefully Paddy will bottom again for a gay performer who is a strong top, like Adam Killian, Austin Wilde, Landon Conrad.

  11. MCole says:

    If it is Rocco, it’s not that big of a deal since Paddy’s essentially being fucked by a soggy noodle. And if it’s Paul Walker…that’s almost even worse. Dude’s face looks like it was run over by a truck.

  12. sxg says:

    At first I didn’t believe it was Rocco Reed because his skin tone wasn’t orange enough. But now that you put these pics against each other, then yea I have to side with you and say it looks more like it’s Rocco Reed.

    But with Rocco Reed’s wood problem, could we really call it Paddy’s first time bottoming for a guy if it’s just gonna be flopping around limply inside of him?

  13. teragull says:

    you guys all complain about gay-for-payers and soft dicks but at least these guys Paddy and Rocco are bottoming and actually putting dicks in their butts!! Unlike a certain “KEvin” who retired.

    • Dimitry says:

      Yeah but what difference does it make if the dicks are limp? Why not just shove a gummi worm up there instead and call it “gay porn.” Smh

    • sxg says:

      And when did Kevin Crows not put a dick in his mouth? I remember seeing him eat ass and suck dick, granted it may not have been the best, but he was a great top-only performer. Definitely way better than Paddy in my opinion. He always had a nice hard erection and he looked very into his scene partners. And he always had a nice massive load. That’s why I don’t mind that he never bottomed, because he was impressive enough as a top-only that it didn’t matter.

  14. Perez Hilton is Ron Perlman says:

    Are you sure that isn’t Cody Cummings fucking him? Paddy is extremely hot looking but only with mute turned on.

  15. Juan Diego says:

    I don’t think the top is Rocco Reed, on the contrary, I’m almost sure the top is D.O.
    Rocco worked for USA and Paddy works for UK. In fact, you can check that all the scenes of Paddy for have been released on Men-of-UK site, and all his co-stars have been European or actors settled in Europe.
    That’s why I guess the top has to be an actor who also works for UK. Now, I think is D.O. because he, as the man of the pic, has his chest shaved, a little of pubic hair, doesn’t have tatoos and has strong legs. D.O doesn’t have belly fat but in the position of the pic is normal that skin folds that way.

  16. jessi says:

    Poor Paddy! They couldn’t find a better looking guy for him to lose his ass virginity on screen? If it would have been Raphael Alencar, it would have been a scorching scene, but if it truly is Rocco Reed… I will pass.

  17. wilfredo267 says:

    l think that’s Topher Dimaggio. Rocco has a deeper tan.

  18. Marcos Machado says:

    Baby, stop with this “gay for pay” babbling. There is no such thing as straight men having sex with other men. This is a marketing strategy only.

    • says:

      Thank you. Paddy is about as “straight” as a zig zag. It never ceases to amaze me how arbitrarily people throw around the “gay-for-pay” tag, as if it’s logical and no big whoop. If you’re a man who has sex with other men, you aren’t heterosexual…and after that scene of Paddy fucking himself with a buttplug, you knew it was only a matter of time before he bottomed. Paddy may be a domineering top, but he’s way too passionate during the scenes for me to believe that sex with men isn’t a passion of his IRL. Most of these “strict tops” that “finally” bottom were probably always versatile, but had enough of an alpha-male persona that allowed the studios to present them as “gay-for-pay” tops for however long, just to make it some kind of an “event” when they finally do a scene where they bottom. And the gay porn community eats it up every time.

      • Tommmy says:

        That was the best response on this matter and it is the absolute truth. Back in the 80 Jeff Stryker was the “Paddy” of his day and did the same things. But he is/was truly gay for pay and definitely Bi. He’s just horny PERIOD and love getting paid for it! He was married for 34 years or so, but I heard he got a divorce. So there you have it…. it’s all a bunch of hype….just enjoy the chemistry between the men and how much they and you enjoy it. I’ve seen some porn that the guys are so not into each other, I’d rather be scrubbing the floor. Lately I’ve seen some gay porn on sean cody and even though it’s bareback they are RNA by PCR tested. NOW THAT is some intense love making and those boys are loving it. That fact alone makes monogamy SOOOO APPEALING!!! Keep stroking boys!

  19. Chris says:

    It would have made SO much more sense for its best mate Paul Walker to top him for the ”first time’… Would have been kind of romantic too!!!

    Missed a treat there!!!

  20. Gustavo stewartt says:

    BUUUUU BUUU!! … waiting for someone better, Rocco is more woman than anything …

  21. JG says:

    Gay for pay?
    These queens are gay for gay.

    Come on, they suck dick and get fucked?
    They’re hot, however not straight ……

  22. alberthd says:

    The top is gay porn star Topher DiMaggio

    Please don’t erase my comment is no offensive.

  23. D says:

    You were weong it was Topher Dimaggio

  24. J says:

    Bottoms for the first time on video. If this Paddy has already made videos where he sticks a police baton up his ass then I would not say this is Paddy’s Bottom for the first time. The description of what people say and probably came from Paddy where he advises he is a straight top only and no bottom ever and all but then sticks things up his butt…sounds like an ex or two in my past……they want to appear as tough but always end up really wanting to be the bottom especially those willing to put bigger than life things up there.

    This should be interesting now that it is out…..but obviously not his first time….unsure it was a thrill ride for the top and betcha there was plenty o’ practice!

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