Betty Bowers (a.k.a. Deven Green) Defines Bible-Based Marriage

Speak of the Devil!… this is one of Deven’s other characters, Betty Bowers, ‘America’s Best Christian’ — who joins the Brenda Dickson voice she used her ‘Welcome to My Home’ spoofs and this V.D. PSA, and Brenda-like character Susan Denis in Deven’s comedic stable.

We especially love the rapist illustration.  Enjoy!


Deven Green’s “Welcome to VD”
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Mrs. Betty Bowers (YouTube)

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No Responses to “Betty Bowers (a.k.a. Deven Green) Defines Bible-Based Marriage”

  1. T Porter says:

    Yeah, totally unrelated to post but…WTF??? Why you bitches linking Perez?? Thought you had integrity. You (rightfully) slammed the creepy pee in the past and now you’re linking him??? explain.

    • Jay @ The Sword says:

      Well… the fact is he breaks gossip stories, because people send him shit, and I guess we’re softening in our old age. Let us just say we do it with gritted teeth, and he is still creepy and fat and a moron.

  2. Legend says:

    Good one.

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