Bel Ami’s Kris Evans Shoots Multiple Ropes Of Cum Inside Phillipe Gaudin and Harris Hilton’s Mouths and Asses


When is Kris Evans not shooting ropes of cum at people?

To be on the receiving end of an infamous rope of Kris Evans’ cum is probably a little intimidating considering the velocity with which the ropes are shot, but ultimately…it has to be worth it, right?

Kris Evans fucks Phillipe Gaudin and Harris Hilton on BelAmi:

[BelAmi: Kris Evans, Phillipe Gaudin, Harris Hilton]


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16 Responses to “Bel Ami’s Kris Evans Shoots Multiple Ropes Of Cum Inside Phillipe Gaudin and Harris Hilton’s Mouths and Asses”

  1. Peter says:

    Kris Evans is the best cum shooter working in porn; I don’t think anyone else comes close (pun intended). That’s always my biggest disappointment with most models: They’re incredibly hot and muscular and can be great performers, but shoot about as much as my dead grandmother. Not Kris — consistently shoots it out of the park, usually several times in a scene. He’s truly gifted.

  2. Boogywoogy says:

    Kris Evans is a SEXY BEAST. Too bad he’s straight. In other news, yesterday I had a dream in which I tied up, abducted and raped Zach. Have a good day y’all.

  3. PornStar Buzz Kill says:

    Pornstars MUST have big muscles, a gorgeous face, not too young, not too old, at least an 8.5 ” penis, must be fully erect as either a top or bottom, can’t be too queeny and definitely not gay for pay and must shoot buckets of cum after a 6 hour shoot with some model he’s probably not attracted to or just met after flying in the night before and barely getting any sleep. Compensation? About $800 (if he’s lucky). All to entertain some troll stroking his 5″ dick as he downloads porn illegally. No wonder so many of these men kill themselves or go crazy.

  4. ok_then says:

    Kris Evans looks stunning in this video clip. He looks much better on screen than in some of his photo shoots. You would think the opposite would be true. Kris Evans is a gorgeous man but some of his photo shoots don’t do him justice. This looks like a winner for Bel Ami fans.

  5. Jordi Lim says:

    Yuck that was slimy..I think so.

  6. MaV says:

    I think Kris Evans is so perfect in every way! That’s why he’s the star of BelAmi!

  7. Marc says:

    Ya know what would be even more impressive with Kris Evans? If he had twenty minutes of uninterrupted sex with one of those twinks instead of simulated sex. And not a vid where two of them sucking him off and touching themselves, not a jack off vid, a not a vid that’s filled with the most fake and contrived moaning I’ve ever heard. All he does is moan and come on people instead of having actual sex, I have xtube for that.

  8. DrunkEnough says:

    I’m waiting for the Bel Ami video where the guys don’t suck air through their teeth the entire time. Their scenes sound like someone’s sweeping the room.

  9. stranded says:

    I LOVE Phillipe Gaudin!

  10. Kayden says:

    I don’t think Kris is straight to be honest. There were two interviews with him were he talks about having a boyfriend. The interview where he jacks off the one where his head is shaved. They ask him if he ever considered cheating on his partner. Kris said “I’ve been in a stable relationship and I’m really enjoying it. He knows how to please me so I don’t think about cheating on him.” And there was another interview where they asked what his boyfriend thinks about his cumshots. He said “mostly he’s just worried about swallowing as I’m cumming.” He might be putting out this straight guy facade but if he’s truly bisexual or actually gay he shouldn’t hide it at all. He should feel welcomed into LGBT community as who he is and welcomed in the straight community as well. I’d like to see an interview with Kris Evans here on The Sword asking a few questions. Even if he is actually straight, I’m still a fan. Ain’t like I’m gonna have the pleasure of him fucking my brains out so I’ll just stick to being a fan.

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