Bel Ami’s American In Prague Remake Is Actually A Sequel, Not A Remake


I’m confused (what else is new), because I thought the poster and teaser info I posted last week said that Bel Ami’s An American In Prague was a remake of the original, but with the release of the XXX trailer today (watch it below), it turns out that the American In Prague remake is actually not a remake but rather a sequel, and it’s not called An American In Prague, it’s called An American In Prague 2…?

Maybe it’s a little of both? A remake and a sequel. A resequel? A sequake?

Either way, it doesn’t matter and I don’t care. Because…


He’s back. He’s finally back. He’s finally come back to me and only me.

Also: Teddy?

An American In Prague 2 debuts June 20th on Bel Ami.

[Bel Ami: An American In Prague 2]


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16 Responses to “Bel Ami’s American In Prague Remake Is Actually A Sequel, Not A Remake”

  1. Ghost Chelsea says:

    I’m confused too, Zach….

    Is the American In Prague Mick ? Or Teddy ??

    Or is the title a play on 2 Americans In Prague ?

    Is that a before or after shot of Teddy with that black dildo/butt plug ?

    Teddy likes the BBC … who knew …. Teddy’s a trooper ….and a whore, darlin’.

  2. stranded says:

    Mick needs to learn how to knock before barging into a room. lol. every 10 seconds he’s stumbling through a doorway. Also, judging by his hair, i doubt he’s back, maybe its something he did before he retired.

  3. mick lover says:

    why are you not covering the breaking story that mickaphillip’s twitter acct has been cancelled– that mick has done more flirt4free shows recently–& that george duroy called mick “unreliable”?!!!! inquiring minds want to know! thanks!

    • Dutch Courage says:

      Mick did not show up in New York for a scheduled scene with Kevin Warhol. George Duroy was not amused and called Mick unreliable.

  4. James says:

    That teddy is nothing but a ho. Doesn’t deserve to be with the sweet BA boys.

    Too bad BA didn’t use a model of color in this sequel. Probably a good thing. The fans of the site would killed themselves over the shock.

  5. belami says:

    This has been on BelAmiOnline in the members area for over a week. It’s not the official trailer it’s just a preview of the first 3 scenes as a sneak peak for members. Official trailer will be released soon!

  6. Kayden says:

    I’m really interested in that scene with Kris Evans. If he’s bottoming again, my heart is going to stand still. He’s my favorite :)

  7. robirob says:

    So unimaginative. There was An American Werewolf in London and as a sequel there was An American Werewolf in Paris. Is Prague the only city in the Eastern Bloc?

  8. sirfucksalot says:

    Wake me up when its over!

  9. Dutch Courage says:

    I think for many guys who have seen the original An American In Prague this film will probably be a disappointment. It is not directed by George Duroy himself but by Luke Hamill. The ability to hold a camera does not make you a director though. I suspect the scenes will not differ much from a regular weekly update. So not bad but lacking what made the original An American In Prague so special. I hope I am wrong.

  10. Spongey says:

    I guess sequel is correct, like “Grease” and “Grease 2″, hopefully there will be some continuity and Chance and/or Johan will make a cameo.

  11. Filip, Sweden says:

    As I written before I´m very happy to see Mick again! And it will be great to see Kris Evans bottom for a newcomer. As a very big fan of Prague I was very happy to see the wonderful Prague Castle in the beginning of the trailer.

    I´m not so fond of bondage, not even light bondage as here. To conclude: We have been waiting for this movie since july last year, so it will be great to see it! Love you Mick! :-)

  12. aslogan says:

    That butt plug(?) scares the bejeezus out of me. It looks like something that should be shot out of a mortar at insurgents.

  13. blow_me says:

    If Mick returns to gay porn, it won’t be with Bel Ami. Hopefully it happens because he is still the biggest superstar in gay porn today and his fans around the world would support whatever studio can get him to come out of retirement. Big money would have to be thrown at Mick to get him to reconsider, but the payoff for whatever studio can cough up the big bucks would be enormous no doubt. I think he would be a better fit at Corbin Fisher or Sean Cody and they certainly could afford his fee.

  14. blow_me says:

    This trailer makes it look like it is a walk on appearance by Mick Lovell. WTF? I was hoping there would be a scene between Mick & Gino. I don’t like the music, sounds cheesy but the sex scenes look sizzling.

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