Bahrain Bans Gaydar, Other Gay Sites

Internet filtering has proved difficult even in large, semi-sophisticated countries like Australia, but apparently the Bahrainis are determined to clamp down on all evidence of homosexuality.  Said one Shaikh who is a Member of the Bahraini Parliament:

“We have homosexual rates on the rise, with such people working in flower shops, massage parlours or barber’s salons… Sluts walk around residential neighbourhoods untouched.”

Sluts indeed.  We mentioned early last year that Bahrain was targeting children in a homophobic witch hunt and denying entry to the country to foreign homosexuals, and the Parliament recently announced a further crackdown on homos.

We suppose, like Collin O’Neal, we’ll just stick to Dubai. And god bless America, ladies and gentlemen: even our kids can look at porn here.


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Bahrain’s government blocks access to gay sites in internet crackdown
(Pink News)

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