Asses Covered In Acne: Hot Or Not?


Acne is a fact of life for many young men, even gay porn stars. But is an ass covered in acne appropriate for something as beautiful and natural as bareback gay porn? transitioned to producing bareback content last week, and their second condomless movie features Dale Keeling fucking Jake Patrick. And like a lot of college students, Jake Patrick is dealing with a break out, but it’s not on his face. It’s on his ass.

Should bareback gay porn producers do more to limit the visibility of acne-covered asses (at least in the trailers used to sell the content)?
Does the fact that this is a bareback scene make up for the unsightly ass acne?
Does showing everything—”warts and all”—make this a more authentic bareback scene?
Is there ProActiv for asses?
Is ass acne in bareback gay porn hot or not?



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33 Responses to “Asses Covered In Acne: Hot Or Not?”

  1. Ghost Chelsea says:

    Kill me now …. oh, wait ….

  2. Jason says:


    THANK YOU for finally shedding light on what is, without doubt, the greatest shame of porn today: no, not barebacking, but ACNE.

    On a face, a back or an ass, acne has NO PLACE in porn. Same for acne scars.

    We need clear skin on our fuck stars. Zits kill boners. That’s it, that’s all.

    • LadyBoyBunny says:

      Biiiiiiiiiiiiiitch please. Do you even realize what your busted mug would look like in HDTV? Probably not cute so give it a rest. The biggest trolls are usually the ones throwing shade about performers and other gay mens imperfections. People like you are what drives gay men to constantly strive for unattainable perfection.

  3. Fenrich says:

    Jeez even if they have no one for make up you would think they could at least buy concealer or something.

  4. Derek says:

    Its irritation from shaving. Wax that crack or keep it trimmed with clippers.

  5. Denis says:

    That’s not really acne… It’s ingrown hair from bad waxing. This is just unfortunate because the kid looks syphilitic. I’ve seen this on guys a few times IRL and it really doesn’t bother me… As for steroid induced bacne… Well, that’s kinda hot. I have problems.

    • some random guy says:

      yeah this is clearly ingrowing hairs. i get them occasionally when shaving bits of my body. (admittedly not THAT part of my body)

  6. Steve454 says:

    CD goes bareback, but I get the impression no one cares. It’s going to take more than going condom-less to turn this studio around from it’s death spiral. This is a perfect example of what’s wrong with it.

  7. goofactory says:

    acne and razor burn is different

  8. bruce says:

    COUGH SPENCER REED COUGH. has anyone seen his back?!?!?!

  9. Hahaha

    I picture looking down on that pimpy ass, there is no possible way or enough money that would make Me put my dick in that ass..

    I rather do a Fat/Warped shaped/Flat/Gaping lubed black hole with blown out lips, on a guy who just got out of the gym and is Stinky sweaty and he had Taco Bell five times that day and he is a bad wiper Ass.

    Than that ass. LOL

    • Max says:


      It’s good to know you have standards.

      • QUICK! Sniff Her Chair While It's Warm says:

        LISTEN, we know if Bambi were on this shoot, that shit would not cut it!!!! Max Factor Agent Orange #17 applied with a Black & Decker sander(and a Belvedere backup drip)…BAM! Disney ass!

  10. Eddie says:

    For me bareback is the problem not the acne. If you like, if you love you take care. Acne, for me, isn’t a problem at all because if you love the guy, you are there to help him, to treat him. I like to keep the ones I love the best I can: clean, well dressed, etc.
    Acne is a problem only if you are with a ” fuckbud “, a hooker or someone that means nothing more than a ‘ hole and a pole ‘ to you. In this situation all is a problem: The hair, the clothes, the shoes, the teeth etc. When you are interested for someone you teach, you give advices you try to improve the one you love.
    The problem appears when your boyfriend quits you and let you thinking in all the trouble you had and the money that you spent to fix him ( here a butt full of dots )for nothing…And now his using it with someone else… (Just kidding: If you love you must do it ).

  11. SoYo says:

    Where’s Bambi when you need her?

    • QUICK! Sniff Her Chair While It's Warm says:

      I’m telling you–NDS is missing out on a killer comedy/instructional series: Bambi’s Defug Yer Mug!(LORD, what I wouldn’t give for the Del Rubio Tripletes to punctuate Bambi’s sentences & eye-rolls and play as her house band)

  12. christopher daniels says:

    These kids need to learn that you shouldn’t be spray tanning, tanning, coloring your hair, getting a haircut, waxing or shaving your body for at least 2 days before a shoot. That shit needs time to settle and it looks very obvious on film. Just my opinion. Porn tips 101.

  13. John says:

    pretty gross, but appears to be from his hair removal situation………..

  14. doubledose says:


  15. robirob says:

    Bambi should have a porn reality TV series where a camera follows Bambi around giving all sorts of make-up and styling tips and then at the end of each episode the viewer gets to see the results of Bambi’s work she did on porn models when said porn models do a visually appealing hardcore scene.

  16. Filip, Sweden says:

    Gross with acne!! This is really low-budget production! How rude against the viewers/customers.

  17. Robert says:

    Small dick acne surprise here, this is the kind of product today these pathetic producers wants us to shell out bucks for…credit card stays in my wallet :-)

  18. Whome? says:

    Yea, it looks like a shaving/hair removal thing. Another reason why body hair is much more appealing to me. However it would NOT be a deal breaker for me, I’d still hit it!(well maybe not this boy, too twinky for me, but I still think he’s rather cute)

  19. Joe the Bastard says:

    Acne [and skin lesions in general] are typically not considered desirable features, BUT…I’m sure there is somebody out there with an ‘ass-acne fetish’ who is wanking away to this! And, I’m sure as ShitFukenBaseball there’s a Tumblr called ‘FuckYeahAssAcne’ devoted to just this. Funny how all MY sick, F’d-up fetishes are hot-sexy-fun…all YOUR sick, F’d-up fetishes are, well…just cringey-creepy-sad. Hehehehe.

  20. Marty says:

    Where is the make up team???

  21. Skip Intro says:

    Over a span of 25 years, I’ve witnessed some awful things in gay porn including sores on dicks, anal warts, racist tattoos, concave chests, facial lipoatrophy, dirty feet, rotten teeth, lazy eyes, heart surgery scars, ear deformities, webbed feet and all manner of skin rashes … and that’s all featured in the latest Treasure Island Media release! (rimshot)

  22. Juan says:

    I’m 29, and I still have to deal with acne :( on my face

    • JC says:

      I have the same problem, but i want to get in to he industry of gay porn either as a filmographer or as an actor. I have the problem of having back acne and face, but from what i have read in the commentary section, I don’t think that acting will be an option.

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