asdfjkl;lkjhdsa: Sean Cody’s Ethan Is Now A Fashion Model In San Francisco


And by “fashion model” I mean here he is in some pics from the Mr. S Leather Facebook page and the Steamworks Tumblr.

Last I saw Sean Cody’s Ethan—the best Sean Cody model of all time and The Sword’s 2011 Gay Porn Star of the Year—he was at the Folsom Street Fair. Now, it looks like he’s branching out to other parts of San Francisco by modeling for Steamworks (a bathhouse in Berkeley) and Mr. S (the famous leather store in SoMa).

I’m told there are more “Ethan” (they won’t tell me if he’s changed his name or not) photos coming, and I already asked (begged) Mr. S to have him contact me ASAP so I can interview (kidnap) him.

Photos via Mr. S, Steamworks:


A reminder of Ethan’s best Sean Cody scene, when he debuted his beard and fucked Alan:

[Sean Cody: Ethan and Allen]

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19 Responses to “asdfjkl;lkjhdsa: Sean Cody’s Ethan Is Now A Fashion Model In San Francisco”

  1. Fenrich says:

    Do I smell escorting on the side (no offense) or just teen spirit?

  2. QUICK! Sniff Her Chair While It's Warm says:

    I adore the Asian queen working THE FUCK outtaher phone in the #homo photo

    • QUICK! Sniff Her Chair While It's Warm says:

      BTW, speaking of #homo photo, is that Judd Apatow deer-caught-in-headlights staring? That Judd! Executive producing ‘Girls’ 24/7.

      • jeremyrain says:

        You clearly don’t know how us Gaysians act at gay bars. We’re on the phone all the time because lots of us have no luck in having someone hitting on us. So yeah, phones are the only things that kept us from being bored to death. PS: that’s not Judd Apatow.

  3. ceem says:

    #HOMO? But isn’t she “straight”?

    • Tony says:

      I think you need to change your meds. Your obsession with saying guys are str8, g4p, and homophobes is a tired shtick

      • ceem says:

        Sorry, I don’t wear pink glasses like you. He posted on other blog advertising his “shows” and claiming how uber-straight he is.

  4. EdWoody says:

    A bit slow, Zach – the pool photo has been my desktop for weeks now.

    I love Ethan. Not only for his more obvious charms, but also because he hasn’t made the questionable career decisions of so many other former favourites.

  5. Absurdist says:

    Good to see that his dick hasn’t shrunk any.

  6. JackNasty says:

    I can’t believe he only worked for Sean Cody.

  7. Joey says:

    He’s still fuckin hot and all but it looks like he hasn’t been sleeping or something. Especially in that first photo where he looks a lil too skinny in the face from the last time we saw him looking flawless at Folsom.

  8. Jason says:

    Fashion? Model?

    • TrueWords says:

      I know right like what fashion is he modeling…that is the most generous use of the combination of words…come on…just because you pose in “some clothes” does NOT make you a fashion model…

  9. robirob says:

    Porn star turned fashion model? What has the world come to when you make more money as ‘fashion model’ than on Sean Cody???? Have we, as a world society, gone too far?

  10. Sheik says:

    omg i have been to that steamworks before… wish i had bumped into him there, lol

  11. stranded says:

    I never understood his popularity. For the most part, i find him Ok in his scenes. That being said, i do see that he has probably the most amazing genitalia in existence. Dick, balls and ass, are fucking perfect.

  12. Paul says:

    Now that Jess is back at SC, will Ethan be next??

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