Are Tristan Jaxx’s Cum Shots Photoshopped?


And if you’ve somehow never seen one of Tristan Jaxx’s cum shots, here’s video proof.

But first, a preview of Tristan Jaxx’s new TitanMen scene, which includes the above photo that made me think of Photoshop (even though, amazingly, it’s not Photoshopped).

It’s with Stany Falcone. I always want to read that first name as “Stanley,” because how do you even pronounce “Stany”? Stainey? Stanny?

[TitanMen: Tristan Jaxx Fucks Stany Falcone]

Tristan Jaxx could win a lot of awards for a lot of different things (best dick, best body, best DJ!) but the fact that he has never won an award for best cum shot is a gay porn crime. Tristan Jaxx’s cum shot on Josh Weston’s face in Falcon’s Fleet Week is the best facial cum shot I’ve ever seen. (If you know of a better one, please point me to it.)

With high volume, explosive trajectory, and expert aim, this is how to cum on someone’s face:


[Falcon: Fleet Week]


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13 Responses to “Are Tristan Jaxx’s Cum Shots Photoshopped?”

  1. Stu says:

    Very impressive, good thing he shut his eyes or Josh would have copped that right in the eyeball.

  2. Steve says:

    Looks photoshopped to me.

  3. sxg says:

    wow what a cumshot! I’m jealous that Cavin Knight gets to swallow a load like that whenever he wants!

  4. Loki says:

    He’s got a really nice looking cock too.

  5. Luke says:

    Not sure about the pictures but everyone knows Jaxx and really shoot as the video from Falcon demonstrates. He shoots so far that most times it goes over the performer on the floor somewhere and we cant see how much spunk he spurt. But I dont know why Jaxx is not told to perform more facial shots like the Falcon video. I hate jerk off shots like the picture.
    BTW, can you believe this Falcon clip did not win for best cum shot of the year that year? NOPE, it went to Barrett Long in another video. This is one of the best money shots and facials in gay porn!!!!!

  6. T-Bird says:

    Tristan has a hot body, great lips and a hot as hell cock. Oh Josh Weston.. you were one of my faves back in the day with Ch 1. Hot all over and a fantastic moaner! Seeing you def brings back the memories. I agree with Zach, they may look a little fakey but the guy never gets the credit he deserves, maybe this article will start some.

  7. What a trooper ... says:

    I like how Josh Weston goes in for ‘clean up’ duty after taking that massive shot in the face ….

  8. Spongey says:

    Let’s ask Cavin Knight to verify! Or is he the greedy kind and swallows it all? LOL!

  9. Rupertbare says:

    Looks like he hasn’t cum for a few days, is all…..I’d still rather see it pouring out of a guys arse hole, lol…..

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