And For His Next Trick, Johnny Rapid Transforms Into Hairless 1950′s Mail-Order Sex Toy


No doubt inspired by any one of the performances from fellow exclusive Rocco Reed, Johnny Rapid plays a lifeless, wooden mannequin in his new scene, “Johnny In A Box.” This is the creepiest/hottest thing I have ever seen.

Despite portraying an inanimate object, Johnny Rapid is able to convey more passion than most other gay porn stars working today, and he has easily delivered the most believable, natural, and convincing performance of the year.

The only downside to “Johnny In A Box“? Johnny Rapid’s famously hairy asshole is completely shaved, because I guess 1950′s sex toy mannequins didn’t have body hair? (And 1950′s straight men like Marcus Ruhl had stupid tribal tattoos?)

One more reason to not use fake cum: It looks like some of that Cetaphil is diluting/smudging away the ink on Johnny Rapid’s left shoulder. Oops. :-(

[ Johnny In A Box]


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19 Responses to “And For His Next Trick, Johnny Rapid Transforms Into Hairless 1950′s Mail-Order Sex Toy”

  1. T-Bird says:

    Rapid actually looked like a mannequin, so I have to give them credit he really pulled it off. I kept thinking lol he looked so lifelike. I kinda like his shaved look for this scene too, for a change at least. Don’t know how old rapid is (does anyone ?) but he is a cute guy none the less.

  2. James says:

    I want one! If I put it on my Amazon Wish list will someone buy it for me?

  3. Spongey says:

    This was quite good, I almost thought they had made a doll of him. Until I saw his hairless peen.

  4. Luke says:

    Very clever
    I want one!!!!

  5. Loki says:

    LOL! The joints aren’t visible in the “real” thing AND it has pubes!

  6. Karl Rove's Mama's Dead Vag says:

    That was hot in a ‘creepy foreclosed home/old perverted Calvin Klein banned wood paneling ads’ kinda way

  7. Wonderer says:

    It’s kind of creepy…

  8. DPS says:

    NO, this is VERY creepy.

    • phallus says:

      If this is suppose to be a Johnny Rapid mannequin then why is Marcus using a condom to fuck a mannequin? You think he’d be more worried about getting splinters in his dick.

  9. arlo says:

    loved the smudged black makeup around the “joints.”

  10. TNT says:

    I only watch the scenes where Johnny is double fucked. Other than that i’m not interested in his scenes or in him. But i must admit he takes it in the ass like a champ. Unfortunately he doesn’t turn me on, and i envy him, he gets fucked by a lots of hunks and he’s just a skinny twink. :) This is porn and i like guys with great boddies (i’m not that exclusive in real life)

  11. Luke says:

    There is something VERY HOT about objectification
    Rare to see in gay porn but this is HOT

  12. Marty says:

    Interesting to look at, but I don’t find Johnny sexy

  13. Roy says:

    Creepy but so well done, and a big turn on. If Marcus Ruhl could just stay hard!

  14. dissi says:

    I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say that this works well as BAD performance art…

  15. Perseo says:

    I prefer unshaved Johnny but he’s hot…And I think its a perfect gift for Christmas.

  16. omg says:

    Only a woman could have come up with this shitty concept.

  17. Iltman says:

    My thoughts, very creepy and men obviously got the doll from the same manufacturers as most of the NDS stable

  18. teeMDV says:

    Maybe it’s just me but I find no fault with Johnny’s cock. It ain’t a rocket but I can hitch up to that without breaking a sweat. I have no complaints with that.

    (I do wonder if his girl and daughter are on set when he’s getting railroaded by insanely massive cocks though)

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