60 Seconds of Dale Cooper Eating Anthony Romero’s Ass


Let the first moment of gay porn you watch this year be a moment with Anthony Romero’s ass in the air.

CockyBoys released their best duo since “Austony” and their best overall scene in months (even better and more masturbatable-to than either of the Hauntings, if I’m being honest) yesterday, and hopefully it won’t get lost over this long holiday week. In it, Anthony Romero and Dale Cooper flip-fuck:

If Anthony Romero’s insane ass perched insanely over the couch isn’t enough, there is also Dale Cooper’s insane ass-eating skills. (And I thought he was insanely hot when he was fucking himself with a butt plug? He’s even better here.) Happy 2013:

[CockyBoys: Anthony Romero and Dale Cooper Flip-Fuck]


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34 Responses to “60 Seconds of Dale Cooper Eating Anthony Romero’s Ass”

  1. DPS says:

    Are you trying to get people sick of seeing his face? Enough of this overexposed hooker.

  2. Stu says:

    Dale makes me want to throw my legs in the air and say “have at it”, he’s sex on a stick.

  3. Luke says:

    Ha Ha, it is already starting again for the new year. How come we never see this guy anywhere else but here?

  4. doubledose says:

    Love the overhead shot of Anthony on his back with Dale inside him. That shot is so fucking hot! These photos capture just how handsome Anthony really is and how much the cockyboys franchise compliments him.

  5. Alex says:

    I’m wondering if Anthony may have quietly “retired”. He deleted his Twitter account on New Year’s. http://twitter.com/AnthyRomero

    I was hoping he would stay with Cockyboys even if he and Austin have split.

  6. Edward says:

    What a very hot scene that was.

  7. A.C. says:

    Dale Cooper is a handsome man who would be even more so if he were of a stockier grade. I mean no offense to Mr. Cooper, who I understand is an outspoken critic of body fetishism and the tendency of most in our society to “prefer” certain body types to others. Interestingly though, I read his articles on the Huffington Post this weekend and though I disagreed with much of what he had to say, I found his analysis to be so intellectually stimulating that his beautiful mind more than makes up for his relatively slight frame. He is an unabashed geek, a voracious reader, and hails from the east coast, all of which make him undeniably appealing. When you are that intelligent, well written, and well read, nudity is frankly a turnoff or at very least an unwelcome distraction.

    • D says:

      God you suck.

      • Marty says:



        That is my biggest laugh all day

      • Eddie says:

        No, he/she doesn’t. You suck…

      • A.C. says:

        I am unclear, what makes me “suck”?

        • D says:

          Fine, you don’t suck. Your comment sucks. I can already sense that you’re going to get bogged down in semantics.

          Here you are with your pseudo-moralistic superiority. Yes, his intellect is attractive. Yes, he is a talented writer. Yes, he has a beautiful mind.
          But- to say that his nudity is a turnoff and an unwelcome distraction? Jesus Fucking Christ. You can respect someone’s intellect and find them beautiful at the same time. It’s not that difficult.

          I’ve known guys that weren’t exactly my type, but they would start to talk and I could feel my jaw start to unhinge. I’ve known guys who couldn’t charm a room, couldn’t tell a joke, couldn’t make a good effort at a bench press- and yet their talent made them attractive. At no point did I ever think “Wow, look at that guy. He’s beautiful, but I never ever want to see him naked.”

          If I’m attracted, I want to see you naked. And I know I’m not the minority on this one.

          And besides. Dale Cooper. Look at him. I want him to finger my mouth. With his boner.

          • A.C. says:

            First, it is terribly impolite to presume things about individuals that you do not know which is why I questioned your blind assessment of me. Second, I find it quite ironic for you to condemn me for moralizing when that is exactly what you did to me (pass judgment) before you responded to a comment that you clearly did not understand.

            My comment was about how I prefer his intangible qualities more than his aesthetic, which is a matter degree and proportion not an either or proposition as you seem to suggest. When I meet a person like Mr. Cooper my first, second, or even third thoughts about him/her have little to nothing to do with sex because if I am truly intrigued by them (as I am in his case) then I want to get to know them more; thoughts about sex or nudity tend to distract from that intention. At no point in my comment did I pass moral judgement; I just pointed out that in my opinion he is much more intellectually appealing than carnally so. Of course he is a handsome man, but my comment was about how I found his personality far more attractive than his nakedness, not that his nakedness was unattractive. Whatever you read into my comment was purely a matter of your comprehension and not of my expressed or intended meaning.

            Third, I always want to believe the best about everyone that I meet; so in situations where a comment may strike me as “off” in some way I take the time to question the commenter rather than presume their meaning and rush to judgment about them. I find that it staves off conflict and allows me to more appropriately respond. I wish that you had done that before commenting, we could have both saved ourselves quite a bit of digital ink. Having said that, thank you for clarifying that I do not suck, I appreciate that, and oddly enough, this back and forth.

    • johnn says:

      can you direct me to his article on huff post?

      • A.C. says:

        I am not sure if Zack allows you link to articles on this website, but I am including a link to one of his articles – No Fems, No Fats. If Zack does not allow that as a link then you can simply go to the Huffington Post website and type in Dale Cooper and you will see a list of all of his articles. Enjoy!


        • Zach says:

          embarrassed that he allowed himself to be published there but w/e

        • johnn says:

          wow thank you AC, he is so smart and that makes him extra sexy for me! i love the huff post and am surprised that i never ran across him before. i see he is also an hiv/aids queer counselor perhaps i should contact him about my somewhat recent fear of sex and contracting hiv. i am pretty much closeted but after coming out (sorta) a few years i ran into this group of porn stars(hence my addick-tion to the sword and all things porn)before i knew it i was on porn sets at he gay porn awards and fucking my brains out all over the place. ahh the sex parties too! anyway about 2 years ago one friend became hiv, then another, then one i was fucking with for a while told me he was too! i just freaked and after almost having a nervous breakdown DRAGGING myself to get test (i’m neg) i just cant have sex anymore..i’m convinced i was just VERY lucky and that my time is running out…ugh here i go running opn youre not the counselor ;-0 anyway thanks again you seem pretty smart (ie sexy) too ;-D

          • A.C. says:

            I will not hazard to give you advice as Mr. Cooper may be a bit more qualified to do so in this instance. Thank you for the compliment, I appreciate it!

  8. doubledose says:

    Anthony changed the twitter name, made it private and he still has his tumbler where he answers questions and posts pictures.
    The twitter page is anthony bottoms.

  9. JktheSnk says:

    Dale is hot, but could have definitely been put with a better/more entertaining scene partner. Anthony is so boring.

  10. Frankie says:

    Dale is the hottest porn star that has ever existed.

  11. Johnny says:

    I can’t decide what I want more: Dale’s scruffy face shoved between my ass checks, tonguing my hole, or Anthony’s huge, delicious ass in my face.

  12. doubledose says:

    Wow frankie bold statement but i like it.

  13. PoundnStulla says:

    that got me hard..well anything does

  14. teeMDV says:

    I know people will tell me I’m supposed to be turned on by this but I’m not. I think Romero is a young guy and in exactly the place he wants to be – and good for him, far be it for me to criticize – doesn’t mean it’s the thing that turns me on though, but do you boo.

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