‘Modern Family’ Character Actor Turned Tumblr Porn Star David Pevsner Has No Shame

“People can laugh at me and say, ‘Oh he’s just putting his dick up on the internet and getting off on it.’ If that’s what they want to think, that’s what they want to think.” Read more »


Narrowing Down the Best Newcomers Of 2014: Sean Cody Edition

This is hard, right? I mean, it’s not hard for some of you who literally say “he’s ugly” every time anyone who isn’t Ryan Rose appears on your screen. But narrowing down the truly, extremely hot amidst a sea of relative hotness, especially when studios like Sean Cody debut a hot newcomer basically every week, is a tough task. But let’s do it anyway. Read more »


Jake Bass Makes His Men.com Debut as a Top, Shooting People and Fucking Gabriel Cross

Everybody’s favorite half-American, half-British motorcycle gang, Men of Anarchy, is back for a third episode, and even though we don’t get to see Paddy O’Brian fuck the cum out of Jake Bass, we do get to see Jake Bass fuck the cum out of Gabriel Cross, who also bottomed for Paddy in Part 1. Read more »


A Behind the Scenes Peek at NakedSword’s ‘Bulge,’ Premiering Next Week

To ring in the new year next week, NakedSword will be debuting their latest original feature, shot on location in Florida, and it’s called Bulge.
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Guy Edges Himself On United Flight To Houston, Sprays Huge Load Everywhere On Landing

Since a lot of you are probably doing some plane traveling this holiday season, here’s a little Boxing Day amateur porn treat.
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Colby Keller and Tayte Hanson Had a Flip-Fuck By the Tree, Harry Louis Wore a See-Through Shirt Home, And What the Porn Community’s Up To For Xmas

Some porn stars are home with family chowing down. Others are recovering from the K-hole they were in last night at the club. The rest are super hungover after a night dancing on a box and hating the world this Christmas Day. In the case of Colby Keller and Tayte Hanson, they got to fuck for the first time for a Christmas-themed porn scene. Read more »


Narrowing Down The Best Newcomers of 2014: Corbin Fisher and Helix Studios Edition

In the categories of clean-cut white jocks and hairless twinks, 2014 has brought us a handsome crew of new models. Today let’s whittle down the list of new faces from two studios that specialize in these genres: Corbin Fisher and Helix Studios.
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Of Course They Made Paddy O’Brian A Chauffeur In Men.com’s ‘Downton Abbey’ Spoof

I pointed you to Men.com’s unintentionally funny Downton Abbey spoof, The Abbey, last week. Well, now of course they’ve put Paddy O’Brian in the mix, and wif an accent like that, you betchyerarse he was cast as a chauffeur.
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Reader Poll: The Best Porn Flick of 2014, Heat #3

OK, it’s time for the third round of voting to decide the Sword’s Reader Poll winner of the best porn flick of 2014.
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Watch Some Gays Harass IKEA Shoppers With This ‘Holiday’ Version of Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ Video

These IKEA employees are just trying to do their job and watch over their monstrous store in the weeks leading up to the holidays. And those shoppers are just trying to get through the maze as best they can without killing their boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses or losing their minds. But these SoCal gays decided to gay things up anyway.
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Onetime Twink Porn Model Luka Magnotta Found Guilty In 2012 Montreal Murder Case

Back in October I alerted you to the start of the trial of Luka Magnotta, who was accused of murdering 33-year-old Jun Lin, a Concordia University student, in March 25. Well he’s just been found guilty.
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Narrowing Down the Best Newcomers of 2014: GayHoopla Edition

Are you sitting down? Are you in a room with other people? Read more »


Ugh. No.

Just, ugh. Fuck this.
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Samuel Colt Is Back, With Even Bigger Mustache, In New Scene for AlphaMales

Semi-retired porn star Samuel Colt — a.k.a. longtime boyfriend of former porn star Chris Porter who’s now known as the rapper called Stose — has just popped up again in a new scene for AlphaMales in which he bottoms for Spanish stud Bruno Fox. Read more »


Big-Dicked Men Now Giving Us #EggplantFriday

Since everybody’s a whore and an exhibitionist these days on Instagram and Twitter, you can now enjoy #EggplantFriday in which mostly straight men wear mostly gray sweatpants and show off their big, mostly hard dicks.
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Narrowing Down The Best Newcomers of 2014: Randy Blue Edition

There have been a shit ton of new faces in gay porn this year, as with most recent years. Some of these people we will probably never see again, while some are already shaping up to be “stars,” in as much as you can still use that word to mean someone who has more than 5,000 followers on Twitter.
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Helix Brings Us Another Uber-Driver Porn Scene

NakedSword tested out the Uber driver sex scenario earlier this year in Cheaters, with Landon Conrad and Angel Rock, and now we have the twink version. From Helix. So in this version neither models looks old enough to drive!
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Jason Phoenix Fucks Tiny Armond Rizzo in Channel One’s ‘Dirty Lil Brother’

For Christmas, Chi Chi LaRue is giving away the store! Well, there’s some sort of free DVD offer and 70% some stuff at C1R.com. And she’s got a new scene online featuring exclusive strapping straight dude Jason Phoenix.
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Gay Porn Stars Read Mean Tweets About Themselves… For Christmas

The first time they did this over at Men.com it was pretty funny. This time it’s just kind of awkward?
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Nick Prescott and Adam Herst Are Hot Horny Cops In ‘Bad Cop’

TitanMen’s newest movie is called Bad Cop, and if cop uniforms get you off you’re going to like this.
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Is everyone just saving the best for last this year?
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Dean and Perry Have a Flip-Fuck on Sean Cody and I Just Came

I think Sean Cody just actually paired two gay men together. And it is fucking hot.
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These Two Are Almost Definitely Going To Wind Up Fucking Someday

Have you seen this BuzzFeed thing where they had straight male best friends get naked in front of each other for the first time and compare their junk, and talk about it? It’s really fucking weird.
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Are These the Last Two Hot Newcomer Twinks of the Porn Year?

In the world of porn there’s basically a new model minted every day these days, so at the risk that there will be a dozen more hot twinks before the year is over, I’m going to place a bet that these are the last two who are going to make their debuts. Read more »


Warwick Rowers Finally Show Their Cocks

Those hot English lads, the Warwick University rowing team, are upping the ante for naked athlete calendars — they’ve actually gotten fully naked for an uncensored, NSFW video, complete with flaccid cocks.
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Reader Poll: The Best Porn Flick Of 2014, Heat #2

Yes, we’re on to the next group of contenders for Best Porn Flick of 2014, based on NakedSword’s Top 25 most viewed movies of the year.
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What’s Hotter: Sebastian Hook Fucking, Or Getting Fucked?

Over the course of their first full year in the biz, GayHoopla has gotten better at the craft of porn-making. They had that multi-part, kind of creepy feature The Edge of Desire last month (there still might be a couple more parts to that on the way), and now they’ve got a pair of scenes with new guy Sebastian Hook, at least one of which is pretty ridiculously hot.
Read more »


How Much Money Will It Take To Turn Bodybuilding Attention Whore Michael Hoffman Into a Gay Porn Star?

Young bodybuilding stud Michael Hoffman is stupidly hot, has a decently big cock, and has been gladly showing it off to the internet for several months now after spending several years showing off his ripped, semi-clothed body on Instagram and YouTube. Now we have GIFs of him fucking a girl, although we mostly only have to look at his hard dick. How long, seriously, before Corbin Fisher or Sean Cody just offers him enough cash to do this for real. Read more »


Is This Men Over 30′s Version of ‘Human Centipede’?

There’s a new threeway scene out at Men Over 30 featuring Andrew Justice, Steven Ponce, and tiny little Emanuelk Rosado, and it’s a little weird.
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Men.com Makes ‘Downton Abbey’-Esque Period Piece About Horny Young Lords Who Fuck Their Footmen

Apparently not wanting to be outdone by NakedSword, who went on location at a Czech chateau this year to film Dirty Rascals, Men.com/MenOfUK went on location at an English country manse to film The Abbey, a new Downton Abbey spoof that involves costumes, and accents.
Read more »


Dana Bryan a.k.a. Latino Fan Club Founder Brian Brennan Talks About Barrio Boys, And Turning Hustlers Into Models

It’s 7:30 PM, Friday night, in SoHo, and I’m at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay Art for the opening night of “Boys of El Barrio”, the first ever retrospective of the work of Dana Bryan, who under the nom de porn Brian Brennan created the celebrated porn brand Latino Fan Club. Read more »


Next Door’s Drake Tyler Is a Really Loud Bottom

Continuing their 10th anniversary celebrations until the end of the year, Next Door Studios is offering $1 memberships all the way through Christmas. Read more »


What’s With This Face?!

Meet Antonio Aguilerra. Something has happened to his face.
Read more »


GayHoopla Offers Up Hot New Redhead Mitchell Wright

We’re getting to the end of 2014′s crop of porn newcomers, and GayHoopla has found a whole slew of hot ones during this, their first full year of production.
Read more »


Abs for Days: It’s Ryan Rose’s Turn To Fuck Johnny V

The ass of newcomer muscle bottom Johnny V is still making the rounds of Raging Hot Falcon stars, and now, in Naughty Pines 2, it’s Ryan Rose’s turn.
Read more »


Finally There’s a GIF of Ben Affleck’s HUGE Cock From ‘Gone Girl’

I’ve been waiting patiently. And finally, FINALLY someone with an Oscar screener has made a GIF of Ben Affleck’s cock from this shower scene I’ve heard so much about in Gone Girl. And the thing is fucking huge when flaccid.
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Watch Diego Sans Fuck the Shit Out of Twink-Turned-Twunk Scotty Marx

The Randy Blue team is really pulling out all the stops to help you bust your holiday nut this year, and now we have this hot fuck scene with Diego Sans topping a newly muscly Scotty Marx.
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Reader Poll: You Choose The Best Porn Flick Of 2014

Hello and welcome all you Sword readers — even all you in the comment gallery who sometimes need an attitude adjustment. It’s almost the end of the year so it’s time to vote on the Best Movie of 2014, porn-wise.
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Is Brent Everett, Steve Pena, and Jayson Smith’s Throuple Just a Publicity Stunt?

It’s come to The Sword’s attention via a tipster that Brent Everett, Steve Pena, and Jayson Smith may all just be acting extra lovey-dovey on Twitter lately because they’ve got a camera crew following them around in Turks & Caicos and they’re going to be starring in some Canadian TV show called “I’m a Stripper.”
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Solo of the Week: Tattooed Dylan James And His 9-Inch Cock

Meet Dylan James, the latest find at Guys In Sweatpants. He’s covered in tattoos, and despite the shaved pubes I’m going to say he’s hot.
Read more »

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