A New Jenneration: Sister Roma Recaps The Bruce Jenner Interview

Hours before the West Coast premiere, I was inundated with reports and comments about the Jenner interview via email and social media. Apparently 30 seconds after the show aired on the East Coast GLAAD hit the ‘send’ button on an email heralding Jenner for helping people understand what it means to be transgender, suggesting I visit a link to GLAAD’s Tips for Allies of Transgender People. I saw a tweet from Perez Hilton claiming that two of Jenner’s previous wives made supportive comments but that Kris Jenner reportedly refused to comment. His tweet was promptly rebutted by Kris in a tweet telling Perez to “Fuck off,” no one asked her for a comment and to “keep it real” because she was sitting with Bruce watching the show. Read more »


A Few Words About Fratmen Knox’s Beautiful, Amazing Cock

I gushed when Fratpad/Fratmen‘s Knox debuted in the frat house just a few weeks ago before I’d even gotten a look at his cock. But now that has changed, and he thoroughly makes me want to give up all my worldly possessions and follow him around like a messiah for the rest of my days.
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BOMBSHELL: Tommy Defendi Retiring After The Grabby Awards

Holy shit, you guys. After seven marvelous years in the gay porn industry, superstar Tommy Defendi is calling it quits, as his agent Howard Andrew announced today.
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Rocco Steele Snowballs With Boomer Banks After Fucking Him Stupid

It’s the really big opener to ‘Clusterfuck 2‘ and Raging Hot Falcon hauled out the big guns. Which big guns? What do they do? Let me put it like this: Boomer and Rocco, fucking for all to see, s-n-o-w-b-a-l-l-i-n-g. Read more »


Behold: Bel Ami Teases Out Photos Of Upcoming Mick Lovell/Kevin Warhol Bareback Scene

Bel Ami is seriously milking whatever they have left in the archive from retired porn god Mick Lovell.

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Male Reality’s ‘Gaykakke’ is a Plain, Fucking Mess and We’ve Got the Cumshots to Prove it

MaleReality offers a fairy’s tale where six blokes find a “mystical treasure.” As a reward, they get to “unwind on lucky guy.” By unwind, they mean unload. By lucky guy, they mean a tweaking twink beyond his expiration date. The scene, as they’re calling it at Male Reality, is Gaykakke.
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Deviant Otter Has Now Taken Both Tommy Defendi’s and Boomer Banks’ Dicks

Deviant Otter Devin has now shot scenes for his site with both Tommy Defendi and Boomer Banks, proving he can lure legit porn stars into his otter clutches/ass.
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"How about 'Not even friends, let alone boyfriends, but we've fucked a couple times and it was OK.'"

Theo Ford and Logan Moore Have Basically Zero Chemistry So Far On ‘So You Think You Can Fuck’

I’ve been curious, now that we know that Theo Ford and Logan Moore’s engagement was a total sham for the purposes of making So You Think You Can Fuck Season 5 an all-couples season, whether they’d even be convincing as a couple with the cameras rolling. And the answer is: Nope!
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Dylan Knight Pounds Colton Grey in ‘Cruising for Sex’

Last week Hot House trotted out their 100th movie, Cruising for Sex, and the studio debut of Boomer Banks. Scene 2 dropped today and who drops in with it but blue-eyed Colton Grey. Read more »


Check Out Jimmy Clay’s Latest Amazing Cumshot

The biggest explosion last July was not the Independence Day fireworks, but the blast from Mr. Cumshot himself, Jimmy Clay at RandyBlue. While it was a shiny silver dildo that helped him reacquaint himself with his prostate after a two year absence, in a new scene, titled Jordan Levine Gives Jimmy Clay the Hate Fuck of His Life, Jordan gives Jimmy a hand, and it’s the real deal.
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COLT Poaching Models From Bel Ami Now; Florian Nemec Becomes Jamie Blyton

It looks like COLT flew to Europe to shoot a solo with Bel Ami’s Florian Nemec, and they’ve re-christened him Jamie Blyton?
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bear-weekend-colby-jaxton’s Bear Weekend Series Ends With Six-Man Orgy That Only Has Two Bears

On Friday you’re going to get treated to the finale of’s Bear Weekend series, which should have really just been called Jaxton Wheeler Is Too Hairy For Regular Porn Now So We Made a Bear Series.
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Logan McCree Is Doing Porn Again, But That Visconti Triplets Scene Is Way Old

You know how Logan McCree, perhaps because he’s single, resurfaced on Twitter a couple months ago and subsequently got a little defensive with Sword commenters who wanted to question some things he said about “losing his gay membership”?
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Who Would You Rather?: Newcomer Noah Jones or Sean Cody’s Holden

It’s another difficult decision day, gents.
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Porn’s Jaba-the-Hut, Fabian Thylmann, Could Go Away Longer Than Jarec Wentworth For Tax Evasion

Sooner or later, they all get caught. Sometimes, you can’t run. Just ask Jarec Wentworth. Sometimes, you can’t hide, ask Donald Burns. And if your name is Fabian Thylmann, you can’t do either. Who, you ask? The properties this Jaba-the-Hut of Porn once controlled have likely caused you to spill your sperm once or twice.
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In New Scene From Bang Me Sugar Daddy, The Daddy Gets Banged By the Twink?

If ‘Bang Me Sugar Daddy’ was a book made of stories from Hookie winners and their favorite clients, count me in. But based on ‘This Cop Knows How To Use His Authority,’ the latest from the dot-com iteration of ‘Bang Me Sugar Daddy,’ not today thanks: I’ll sit this one out.
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Watch Levi Madison’s 9-Inch Dick Split Cody Avalon In Two In Ep. 3 of ‘Vegas Hustle’

Like at any fun party, you might not get to go home with your first choice at Hustlaball. But Cody Avalon makes the best of things and finds a monster cock to fuck him on a pool table anyway.
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We’re Back at’s British Version of ‘The Ivy League’ With School Chums Theo Ford and Jay Roberts

Even though doesn’t know that the Ivy League is in America, they do know how to pin down the very busy Theo Ford. And Theo knows exactly where Jay Roberts wants Theo’s big dick to go, and in Ivy League Part 2 there are no geographical challenges with that.
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Hot or Not?: Gay Priest Porn

Is there an actual market among recovering Catholic homosexuals for porn involving priests? Is there just something inherently hot about fucking a man of the cloth that I’m not getting?
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Theo Ford Still Saying He Didn’t *Lie* About Being Engaged to Logan Moore, Admits He Was Cast On ‘SYTYCF’ Couples Season First

Theo Ford just gave a weird Skype interview to Daily Xtra where he sheepishly admits that he and Logan Moore weren’t really a couple for long, but says we really need to watch So You Think You Can Fuck Season 5 so we can see how much more of a couple they appear to be than the other two couples on the show.
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AlphaMales Makes Some Auto Mechanic Porn With Two Hairy Europeans

Fucking in a mechanic’s garage is all the rage this season.
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Sean Cody’s Big-Butted Forrest Just Fell In Love Again Getting Fucked By Brodie

Forrest just can’t stop falling in love, you guys!
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Sean Duran Makes His Bareback Bottoming Debut This Friday On Lucas

The number of porn stars who refuse to do bareback is dwindling (because: PrEP), and add to the list of crossover performers Sean Duran.
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Stoners and Boners: Gay Porn Stars Embrace 4/20

In honor of today’s high holiday, we’ve got a roundup of stoned porn stars and all the weed you can find creeping into gay porn, as well as Adam Killian‘s pot brownie recipe!
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Now Jaxton Wheeler Is Bottoming For Another Muscle Bear, Giving Gymnastic Blowjobs

Jesus daddy muscle bear Jaxton Wheeler, who’s gone through quite the transformation in the last two years, is doing scenes for basically everyone this month, and the latest is this bear-on-bear flip-fuck at The Guy Site.
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Sean Costin Gets His Muscly Ass Fucked by New Guy Derek Jones at GayHoopla

Another case in point for the consistent hotness of GayHoopla’s new recruits: Sean Costin. Underscoring that point, new muscled hunk Derek Jones. A lot of the models at GayHoopla are pretty obviously straight, sure, but in today’s scene, Sean and Derek sure don’t kiss like straight guys — but can they really fuck?
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Exclusive: Talking With TitanMen’s New Exclusive Eric Nero About Sex On Military Bases, and Deep-Sea Diving

This interview with Titan’s new exclusive was done by new Sword contributor Danny Zee. Welcome, Danny.

There is a new hunk that’s just been added as an exclusive model to the TitanMen stable named Eric Nero, and as Sword readers already decided after his debut in February, he is ridiculously sexy. Read more »


[Updated] Brent Corrigan Pulls Odd Facelift Prank, Did Not Get Facelift

Brent Corrigan took to Twitter Friday night to go public about the fact that he just got some kind of plastic surgery!? Or maybe this is some kind of joke.
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Tim & Roma Live, The Full Broadcast: Killian James Jiggles His Ass, JD Phoenix Gets Emotional About Prep, Jackson Fillmore Gets Hard

Friday night’s Tim & Roma Live, shot at the NakedSword offices in San Francisco, featured a whole lot of ass.
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Logan Moore Just Took Tim Kruger’s Huge Cock and a Cumshot To the Beard at TimTales

After he got plowed recently by Rocco Steele, Logan Moore proved that he’s not afraid of big dicks and his hole is ready for anything.
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Is This Jarec Wentworth’s Final Porn Scene, Or…? is being cagey about how many more Jarec Wentworth scenes they have shot and ready to release, and they’re not making any sort of big deal about this one, which comes out on Monday (4/20) called Longing, in which Jarec fucks the cum out of Christopher Daniels on a couch.
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[Updated] Mr. Pam and Crew Kicked Out Of Castro Restaurant During Shoot By Porn-Hating Owner

It appears that mr. Pam, her NakedSword crew, and models Casey More and Killian James got caught in the middle of a dispute between three owners of a restaurant in San Francisco’s Castro district yesterday where two of the owners had signed off to allow a porn shoot in the backyard, and a third was scandalized by this.
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Watching Paint Dry, Jerking Off to Cody Cummings, and Other Ways to Waste Hours Of Your Life That You Will Never Get Back

With a couple notable exceptions like the new scenes from Vegas Hustle or the return of Big Jack to Sean Cody, it’s been a lackluster week in porn. Studios, fearful that the most folks are left broken during tax week be it literally or spiritually, have put forth some tepid offerings. Yes boys, it’s time for the latest from the lamest: Cody Cummings’ Private Residence.
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FX Rios and Mike De Marko Deliver One Hot Fuck In ‘Auto Erotic Part 2’

FX Rios with his signature snarl and hefty uncut dick received the full star treatment in the opener of Vegas Hustle last week. He is back today in the fourth scene from of Raging Stallion’s Auto Erotic Part 2, with Mike De Marko. There’s plenty of dick to go around and none of it goes to waste. Read more »


Tune In Friday For Tim & Roma Live! With Killian James, JD Phoenix, and More

Sister Roma and NakedSword’s Tim Valenti are doing another live installment of The Tim & Roma Show on Friday, April 17, and you can watch it here and on NakedSword.
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Separated at Birth: New Helix Twink Greco Rai and Minnie Driver?

Look everybody, it’s Minnie Driver’s little sister brother!

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Curtis Couldn’t Wait To Bottom Again At Sean Cody, So They Called In Big Jack

Really tired of playing the only top at the orgy, vers bottom seven-year Sean Cody vet Curtis is back again this week in a new scene where he gets fucked by big hunk of smiling blond man meat Jack.
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Braxton Smith Is Way W-A-Y Hot for Alessandro Del Toro’s ‘Huge Property’ at ExtraBigDicks

Honestly, I thought the Cody Cumming’s Fellatio School was an April Fools’ episode that dropped three days early. The most watchable thing in the scene was the hairy deliciousness of Alessandro Del Toro. He is making his ExtraBigDicks debut with fellow site newbie Braxton Smith in Huge Property. This time around, there is nothing to laugh at. Read more »


Boomer Banks Makes His Hot House Debut with Alexander Gustavo in the Studio’s 100th Movie

There’s little of note, porn-wise, that hasn’t been covered in Hot House’s first 99 releases, with the notable exception of Boomer Banks. That changes today with Boomer plowing the ass of Alexander Gustavo in the first scene of Hot House’s 100th movie, Cruising For Ass. Read more »


Chris Harder Plays Private Dancer For Brent Corrigan, Gets Fucked With Sock Garters On

For the second episode of Vegas Hustle, we get superstar and Falcon Exclusive Brent Corrigan’s first ever scene shot for NakedSword, and his scene partner is sexy burlesque boy Chris Harder.
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