Adam Baran Talks Incest Porn With Legendary Director Joe Gage

It’s impossible to overstate the impact Joe Gage has had on the world we fags live in. His iconic Working Man porn trilogy (Kansas City Trucking Company, El Paso Wrecking Corp, and L.A. Tool & Die) depicted blue collar men Read more »


Jimmie Slater Flip-Flops With Nick Cross Under Some Palm Fronds for Lucas

We continue to get new bareback scenes from Lucas Entertainment that appeared to be part of the shooting they did down in Florida in April.
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Hot Tattooed Newcomer Brett Beckham Gets Fucked By Austin Wilde, And It Looks Hot

Austin Wilde and Guys in Sweatpants continue their Randy Blue collaboration this week with a new scene where Austin gets to fuck that tattooed RB newcomer you all seemed to like, Brett Beckham.
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Threeway With Jayden, Brodie and Dean Goes Up a Day Late at Sean Cody – Was It Worth the Wait?

Another glitch? Too much Pride and/or Post-Scotus revelry? Sean Cody’s weekend update was a day late — but does this bareback, chain-fucking threeway of Dean, Jayden and Brodie make up for it? Read more »


Gay Porn Stars Ring In Pride 2015 in New York and San Francisco

Boomer Banks met Ariana Grande, Seth Fornea shook his ass at the Pier Dance, Jessie Colter partied with drag queens in SF, and every gay in America’s two gayest cities, New York and San Francisco, generally partied their asses off this weekend.
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CNN Couldn’t Differentiate Between Sex Toys And Arabic on ‘ISIS Flag’

No … it wasn’t Arabic or “gobbledygook.” They were butt plugs and dildos. Network proclaims ‘Isis Flag Spotted At Gay Pride Parade’ as CNN comes to mean Convincingly Noting Nonsense. Read more »


Kevin Warhol and Julien Hussey Try to Describe How Much Sex They’ve Had In Broken English

Bel Ami’s Summer of Love series continues, and now we get to see the flip-flop pairing of mostly bottom Julien Hussey with the verastile Kevin Warhol — who has had the honor of fucking not only Mick Lovell, but also Kris Evans and Colby Keller.
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‘Gay of Thrones’ Second Season Trailer Arrives, Looks Especially Ridiculous

Well, there’s no hardcore teaser yet, but dropped a YouTube trailer for their second “season” of Gay of Thrones. And Johnny Rapid plays the king who everyone hates!
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Pierre Fitch and Brent Corrigan Flip-Flop in Falcon’s ‘Magnitude’ And It Is Hot

On a day with equality in bold, what could be more fitting than a flip-flip of the 2nd most popular gay porn star in the world and one with the longest career? Today Falcon gives us Brent Corrigan and Pierre Fitch in Magnitude and yes, it’s off the charts. Read more »


Nick Capra Broke Up With Another Boyfriend, Calls Himself ‘The Taylor Swift of Gay Porn’

It wouldn’t be gay porn without the drama!
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SCOTUS Rules, Gay Marriage Wins, Monogamy Remains Curable

President Obama ‏@POTUS 9 minutes ago: Today is a big step in our march toward equality. Gay and lesbian couples now have the right to marry, just like anyone else. #LoveWins Read more »


Exclusive: Watch Bray Love and Kyle Kash Doing Tequila Shots Out Of Jason Maddox’s Huge Scrotum

Celebrating the wrap of NakedSword‘s Summer of Sweat last night in the Castro, director mr. Pam and models Bray Love, Jason Maddox, newcomer Kyle Kash, and Kurtis Wolfe drank a whole bunch of tequila.
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Here’s Drew Droege As Lindsey Graham Defending South Carolina and the Confederate Flag

Comic actor Drew Droege has got to be one of the hardest working gays in L.A. Read more »


The ‘Coach’s Dirty Secret’ is Out as Andrew Justice Is Into Aspen Big Time

Joe Gage called Andrew Justice one of his favorites in our new exclusive interview with the legendary director. But today, he’s on ExtraBigDicks with Aspen who has another name for him: Daddy Coach. Read more »


They Won’t Leave Chris Crocker Alone: He Shares His Lip Augmentation and the Internet Goes “Meh”

It was actually back in September of 2007 that’s Chris’s self-induced “Leave Britney Alone,” YouTube melt down almost single-handedly reinforced every negative stereotype of gay men – and damn, if his 15 minutes of lame has yet to expire. Read more »


Watch Sean Duran and Billy Santoro Taunting an Alligator In Florida

While somewhere in “the boonies” shooting for Pride Studios, porn stars Sean Duran and Billy Santoro spotted a small alligator in the water, and Sean decided to play with it a little.
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The Eight Hottest Newcomers of 2015, So Far

2015 is almost halfway over, and it’s time to take stock of the hottest new faces, cocks, asses, and bodies to make their gay porn debuts in the last six months.
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Former Porn Model Gabriel Shams In Critical Condition In New York

Remember Gabriel Shams? The former, twunky, versatile Randy Blue model who later resurfaced in 2014 as a super ripped daddy in some photos by Joe Oppedisano, has just landed in the hospital on life support after suffering a serious health decline on June 19. Read more »


Dirk Caber Fucks JD Phoenix at Icon Male and What’s That You Hear In The Background? Nothing!

As the Dean of Students, Dirk Caber was banging on doors to tell them to turn the music down. Icon Male must have listened as the only banging is done on JD Phoenix ass in Midnight Visit from the Dean in Schoolboy Fantasies 2. Read more »


The STD-Detecting ‘Smart Condom’ Is (Almost) Here

It comes as no surprise that as men, we do a lot of thinking with our dicks. So while it comes as a surprise that three English lads have developed the STD-detecting ‘Smart Condom,’ the only surprise is that it look this long. Read more »


Hillary Clinton Cheers For Gay Marriage In New Campaign Video

Tomorrow, Friday or the latest on Monday, the SCOTUS decision of marriage equality will be announced. Regardless of what they decide, Hillary Clinton has makes her position known loud and queer. Read more »


Sean Cody’s Dennis Becomes ‘Dennis West,’ Joins Cast of ‘Gay of Thrones’

Well, look at that. Longtime Sean Cody model Dennis has popped up with a new last name, and joins the ever growing case of‘s upcoming second ‘season’ of Gay of Thrones.
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Diego Sans’ Top Knot Already Needs To Go

I guess I didn’t notice it so much because I was distracted by all the gymnastic fucking in that recent scene with Jimmy Fanz. But Diego Sans isn’t doing himself any favors keeping this top-knot/ponytail thing.
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17 Years In, Pierre Fitch Shows Up on Maskurbate Looking Sober, Lean, and Hot

After seventeen years making gay porn, my first thought was this makes no sense: What was Pierre Fitch doing on Maskurbate? Well, he may be claiming his place as the industries’ own Dorian Gray because he’s never looked better. Read more »


Clay Ankler and Michael Evans Put Down the Dildo And Swap Fucks Today at GayHoopla

Between big Sean Costin a few weeks ago and big ‘Baseball Jock’ Jimmy Bona arriving Friday, there’s been a lot of ‘big’ at GayHoopla lately. Today, they give the junior varsity some airtime as Clay Ankler and Michael Evans trade fucks. Read more »


Tony Orion Makes Cameo In Big Dipper’s New Mer-Bear Video, ‘Vibin’

It’s been way too long since there’s been a new video from gay bear hip-hop artist Big Dipper. But wait no more.
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Porn Flashback: The Heyday Of Next Door Studios’ Orgies

These days, with a few exceptions, the recent crop of models at Next Door Studios is hot-ish but not quite of the caliber of the glory days of Marcus Mojo, James Jamesson, Paul Wagner, Rod Daily, and Christian Wilde when all five of them were shooting for the studio, ca. 2010.
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Gay Web Series ‘Trailing’ Is Kind Of Like ‘Devil Wears Prada’ Meets ‘Veep’ Meets ‘Looking’

Young gay writer/creator Steven Phillips-Horst has launched a new gay web series, starring himself, and based apparently on his own experiences in political consulting.
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adam-will-main Again Competing With Icon Male For Creepiest Daddy-Son Plot, Worst Porn Soundtrack

I’ve mentioned before that, despite what I or any of you might personally think about the quality of the content coming out of one-year-old studio Icon Male, it’s been one of the fastest growing brands in the gay industry and definitely capturing a niche market of viewers who a) really get off on narrative porn, and b) get major boners for daddy-son pairings and plots.
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Sean Cody Christens Brock III; Is He Hotter Than Brock I Or Brock II??

Maybe it’s not that Sean Cody is running out of names, perhaps they assign them by body type. He’s big and super muscley, just like the previous models they named Brock, so they again named him Brock. But is this third time the charm? Read more »


Leo Sweetwood’s ‘Drag Out a Porn Star Fundraiser’ for The Trevor Project

One of the most deserving awards at this year’s Hookies was Leo Sweetwood winning for Best Social Media. Saturday he announced he’s harnessing that outreach to help raise money for the Trevor Project a buck at a time. If he reaches $1000, he promises it will be a drag. Read more »


Celebrate Boomer Banks’ Birthday Next Friday In New York With Sister Roma and Killian James

Next Friday, a.k.a. Pride Weekend Friday in New York (and in San Francisco and a bunch of other cities), Sister Roma, Killian James and the NakedSword crew will be invading Easternbloc (a.k.a. the bar co-owned by Anderson Cooper’s longtime boyfriend) to throw a big birthday bash for Raging Stallion/Falcon star Boomer Banks.
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Chloe Sevigny Has ‘Friends’

It’s been TOO LONG since funny man Drew Droege and director Jim Hansen brought us a new Chloe video.
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Boomer, Rocco, Billy, and Hunter: It’s Orgy Time Again at Raging Stallion

It might not have been intended for Father’s Day, but Rocco “Daddy of all Dicks” Steele is the focal point for Hunter Marx, Boomer Banks, and Billy Santoro in Raging Stallion’s A-Team mash up of testosterone: Clusterfuck 2 – Scene 2. Read more »


Now Rafael Lord’s Ass Knows Exactly How Big Leo Alexander’s Dick Is Even If We Don’t

No, it’s not the fabled foot-long dick they trumpeted when he debuted at Lucas Entertainment, but Leo Alexander does have the real “XL” of the summer and Rafael Lords took every inch in this new scene today. Read more »


Jake Bass Picks Fight With Tommy Defendi About His GoFundMe, Tommy Calls Jake ‘The Cuntiest CockyBoy’

Ever the stirrer of shit on Twitter, Jake Bass has just started a little scuffle with newly retired porn star Tommy Defendi over that GoFundMe he launched the other day to help him get his DJ career off the ground.
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Dylan Knight and Brandon Wilde Crowned Season 5 Winners Of ‘So You Think You Can Fuck’

The fifth season of So You Think You Can Fuck, better known as “the couples season” out of which there’s only one remaining couple, has now ended, and the Red Team of now ex-boyfriends Dylan Knight and Brandon Wilde took home the big prize.
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Viktor Belmont, the First Trans Man Hookies Winner, Loves His Job as a Rentboy has just launched their Pride campaign, which is dubbed “Love What I Do,” and the first featured Rentboy is the Hookie Award winner for Best Newcomer, trans man Viktor Belmont.
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The Best Thing About Austin Wolf Leaving Randy Blue: We Get To See Him Fuck Ryan Rose

Austin Wolf’s first scene for Hot House is now out, and it’s him fucking Ryan Rose on an auto-repair shop set in Fine Tuned Ass.
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Bel Ami Unveils Part 1 Of Three-Year-Old Mick Lovell Threeway As Part of Their ‘Summer of Love’

Just two weeks ago we got the teaser, and now we have Part 1 of this long-archived, never-before seen bareback threeway starring the great Mick Lovell, with Colin Hewitt and Ariel Vanean.
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