Logan Stevens Discusses the Pleasures and Politics of Bareback, and His Downtown L.A. Party Called EWW

The first time I walk into Logan Stevens’ loft in downtown LA, a giant fake Read more »


Next Door’s John Smith Is a Slut for Mark Long’s Cock in ‘Parlor Trick’

Even though Next Door Studios newcomer John Smith was your least favorite top, in this poll last week, to have fucked Markie More in one of the studio’s “auditions,” he’s back this week as a bottom in a new tattoo-themed scene with Mark Long.
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The Top 10 Male Celebrities Posing Naked In Movies

Just for a quick break from the porn world, turning back to nude male celebrity aggregator Mr. Man, we bring you the Top 10 Male Celebrities Posing Naked/Modeling, in movies.
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Andrew Christian Swipes Ari Gold Theme Song From Michael Lucas’s ‘Assassin’ For New Lap-Dance Video

Watching the new, predictably odd Andrew Christian underwear promo today — for their Blow (?) line of undies — I thought something sounded familiar.
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‘Friends With Benefits 3′ Is One More Reason to Lust After Matt Stevens

With allegedly nefarious gay porn stars grabbing the headlines this week, the intentionally quiet focus of TitanMen’s Friends With Benefits 3 with Tyler Edwards & Matt Stevens almost flew under my radar. “When the men are hot & the chemistry is genuine,” Titan’s Jasun Mark shared with The Sword exclusively, “You don’t need gimmicks. You let the sparks fly.” And fly they do, along with the jizz.
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Who Fucked Darius Ferdynand Best?!?

Darius Ferdynand continues his rise to the top of the bottom pile this week with three new scenes, one from DylanLucas.com with Cameron Foster, the CockyBoys scene from earlier this week with Gabriel Clark, and one from Hot House with the great Ryan Rose.
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Alexander Gustavo and Jed Athens Have An Insane Flip-Fuck in the Finale of #Workout

In the finale of NakedSword’s #Workout, hings start with Jed Athens and Alexander Gustavo cruising each other in San Francisco’s Dolores Park, and then they race back to one of their apartments to rip each others’ clothes off and have an incredibly hot flip-flop.
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Dominic Ford Unveils ‘So You Think You Can Fuck’ Season 5 Trailer With Non-Boyfriends Theo Ford and Logan Moore, Trots Out 5-Year-Old Spencer Reed Scene

Porn star-turned-DJ Spencer Reed has been way off the radar since 2013, when he married his boyfriend Damir in Berlin (not sure if they’re still together, and there’s no recent photos of them on Twitter).
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Watch A Bunch Of Straight Indian Teenagers React To Their First Glimpses Of Gay Porn

I’m not sure what the point of this is, but somebody decided to “shock” a group of teens in India by showing them hardcore scenes from CockyBoys, and see how they react.
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Jaxton Wheeler Gets Hairy During ‘Doctors’ Double Dose’ at NextDoorTwink

Shaved and raw at Chaos.Men, condomed, clippered and Colby’d at RandyBlue, and now fully pelted (think of a manscaped Chewbacca growing out a light mullet), Jaxton Wheeler returns to the fold today exactly where you expect to find such a glorious example of hirsuteness, ‘Doctors’ Double Dose’ at NextDoorTwinks. Read more »


Yes, Men.com, We Get It: Every Husband Is Gay

My Brother In Law Part 8 follows the “four is more” theme we looked last week that led us to the conclusion that Sean Cody’s Curtis distinguished himself at the top top. Today’s Men.com offering also distinguishes itself by finding a jumping off point not at a construction site, a frat house or a half-way house, but more like that awful TLC show My Husband’s Not Gay. Read more »


Vintage Euro-Twink Break: Eurocreme Relaunches DreamBoy Line

Back in 2013 I was all over the release of CottageBoy from Eurocreme, starring JP Dubois, which along with the acclaimed BirthdayBoy marked a comeback of sorts for the 12-year-old DreamBoy line of twink features from the studio. Now the studio is coming back with a new feature that went into production this week, and they’ve just put their archive of 30+ DreamBoy titles on NakedSword.
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Bel Ami Bottom Dario Dolce Turns Top To Fuck Claude Sorel In The Rain

Though he’s spent a lot of his Bel Ami career taking dicks, Dario Dolce is damn hot as a top, as he proved not that long ago in a flip-flop scene with newcomer Dylan Maguire.
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Behold the Beauty of Will and His Perfect Uncut Cock at Maskurbate

Taken from far away or by way of the gentle touch of the ‘Gaussian Blur’ Photoshop filter, anyone can look good in a Facebook profile pic. That’s where Pascal first spotted Will and I have to hand it to him… he chose wisely.
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‘Not Looking’ Season 2 Trailer Looks Amazing

As I said multiple times last year, Not Looking, the LA-based web series spoof of Looking that centers on four mostly superficial friends, is everything and more.
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‘His Son’s Best Friend:’ Did Icon Male Get it Right This Time?

It was as if the default mail sound was replaced by a “Bahahaha” as the promo pack for Icon Male’s latest scene, His Son’s Best Friend with Nick Capra and Colton Grey arrived in my inbox. Would this be the post that had me doing a Kathy Griffin and running away from The Sword after seven days because I couldn’t be that mean?
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Here’s One of Jarec Wentworth’s Final Scenes As a Porn Star, Fucking Seth Santoro In Men.com’s ‘The Listener’

Just as we learned that Jarec Wentworth has been in jail for the last several weeks following an FBI investigation into some pretty crazy extortion claims, Men.com is in the middle of releasing some of the last footage they have in the can of him fucking other dudes for money.
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Curtis Forced To Fuck Everybody In Sean Cody’s ‘Four-Way Part 2′

Longtime, seven-year Sean Cody vet Curtis, as noted in Part 1, had to be the journeyman top in this two-part, four-man orgy the site just released, and he’s gotta be pretty tired.
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Now Watch Leo Alexander Pound Tomas Brand’s Hole With His 9- or 10- (or 12-) Inch Dick

You know how I got confused the other week about the actual length of Lucas Entertainment newcomer Leo Alexander’s dick? Well, it’s time to see that dick in action in his debut scene with Tomas Brand, however big it is.
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After Jarec Wentworth, The Six Most Notorious Gay Porn Crimes

Jarec Wentworth is likely to become more famous under his real name, Teofil Brank, and known more for his alleged seven-figure extortion plot — a story that broke this weekend on Str8UpGayPorn — including cash, a condo and a car, than anything he ever did at Sean Cody, Randy Blue, or Men.com. So far in this juicy tale, there’s an FBI sting, an unnamed and probably closeted Hollywood fat cat, threats of Twitter exposure of said fat cat, and a loaded .357 Magnum. Read more »


‘The Edge of Desire’ Finale: Did GayHoopla Pull It Off?

It’s been six months since we first wrote about GayHoopla’s ambitious Blair Witch meets Animal House quasi-epic narrative series, The Edge of Desire. We’ve been wondering all along if they could possibly keep this up without jumping the shark into absurdity. Today we learned they can, and they did. The Edge of Desire Finale is at times moody, creepy, and scarily hot. Read more »


‘The Porny Bunch’ at the Hookies

Here’s the story of a man named Rocco,
Whose spigot hose of a cock nabbed two awards.
Leo Sweetwood talked to his mama,
And Wolfe’s pants hit the floor.
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Which Fourgy Is Hottest?: Sean Cody’s, Raging Stallion’s, or Guys In Sweatpants?

There were a trio of fourgies this week, all different, for different tastes. But let’s compare apples to oranges, because why not?
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Now Watch Logan Moore Get Barebacked By Rocco Steele

We saw this coming earlier in the week, and now it’s here: Lucas Entertainment has released the new bareback scene featuring Logan Moore getting plowed by horse cock belonging to Rocco Steele.
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Ryan Rose Featured In Fake Andrew Christian ‘Bubble Porn’ With Murray Swanby

Sword crush object Murray Swanby is back in a new, ridiculous Andrew Christian video promo called Bubble Porn, along with a stubbly-bearded Ryan Rose.
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David Benjamin Gets Gloriously Bukkake’d In Raging Stallion’s ‘Clusterfuck’

A clusterfuck [kluhs-ter-fuhk] according to the dictionary is a “hot mess” and never a good thing until it was redefined by Raging Stallion in their new release today, Clusterfuck. The ‘hot’ today comes from four exclusives on top of their game: Derek Atlas, Dario Beck, David Benjamin and Sebastian Kross. Read more »


Behold the Metamorphosis of Sean Duran

A lot has changed since that lean pup with a full head of hair that is Sean Duran first appeared in late 2012. Those smoldering baby blues aside, even then, his ink didn’t wear him, it just made him sexier. Read more »


Grabby Awards Organizer Explains Why There’s No Award For Best Non-Sexual Performance This Year

In a move that effectively denied Jake Cruise the glory of taking home a trophy for his star turn as a pizza delivery boy in Dominic Ford’s Fire Island Staff House, there were no nominations this year for Best Non-Sexual Performance when the Grabby Awards noms dropped earlier this week.
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Allen King’s Cock Helicoptering Around While Riding Connor Maguire Is Everything

In Men.com’s latest installment of #Pornstar — the hashtag title thing… enough already — Connor Maguire fucks sexy Spanish twink Allen King, and it is beyond hot.
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Underwear Model Max Emerson Launches New Web Series, Makes Colby Melvin Pretend To Be Straight

Categorically fuckable underwear model Max Emerson has launched a new web series called Max’s Underpants, and the tongue-in-cheek point, I guess, is to teach other aspiring “underwear supermodels” the ins and outs of visible penis lines, and such.
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Watch Osiris Blade Bend Over For Theo Ford in Hot House’s Leathery Feature ‘Submissive’

The Sword just took a look at white guys and their racial hang ups. But when it comes to interracial porn, this latest Hot House scene with Theo Ford taking relative newcomer Osiris Blade for a test drive is as hot as it comes.
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Scott Hunter’s Hole Thanks Casey More’s Cock For Being a Friend

Unlike so many studios these days using the family tree as their jumping off point, Titan has just delivered the second scene in a series that actually resonates with those of us who didn’t grow up in a rural southern town, Friends with Benefits, featuring Casey More and Scott Hunter.
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Watch Tanner Shields Give Colt Rivers the Pounding Of His Life in NakedSword’s ‘#Workout’

We’re back at the gym at Steamworks in Berkeley for Scene 3 of NakedSword’s #Workout, with a sweaty Tanner Shields on top and a sweaty Colt Rivers his bottom.
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OMG. Next Up In Nica Noelle’s Family Porn Oeuvre: ‘My Dad’s TS Girlfriend’

We knew that Wolf Hudson was making a comeback to gay porn in Icon Male’s Forgive Me Father Part 2. But that’s not all family-centric directrix Nica Noelle had up her sleeve for Mr. Hudson.
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Who Audition-Fucked Markie More Best?

You may have seen hot, straight, slightly dentally challenged Next Door exclusive Markie More in some of the recent Buddies Audition series videos they’ve been doing — just in the last week he power-plowed Brandon Moore’s hole, and bottomed for ginger newcomer Jordan.
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Bennett Anthony Pretends to Be Straight In ‘My Brother In Law Part 7′

One look at those Technicolor pubes spilling over the top of those more than amply packed briefs of Bennett Anthony at the NakedSword release party for Bulge in January, and I found a new reason 2xist. Read more »


Someone Needs to Tell Male Reality to ‘Sashay Away’

I think I’ve figured it out: After being told to, “Sashay Away” when her Lisa Vanderpump failed to impress the judges in “Snatch Game,” a distraught Detox wandered upon a couple of second-string twinks in a hapless fuck and said, “Turn the cameras on! This will make a great web series and let’s call it… My Boyfriend is Gay
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Logan Moore Will Be the Next Model Split In Two By Rocco Steele’s Cock

Logan Moore, who was just in San Francisco shooting for NakedSword and in Las Vegas shooting for Raging Stallion, will be appearing in the next Lucas Entertainment scene due out Friday (March 20), bottoming for the one and only Rocco Steele.
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Black Guys Talk About How Fucking Weird Some White Guys Can Be About Race

In this smart documentary short, a bunch of gay black guys talk about the many ways race can get weird in the gay community — both with white guys treating them as exotic objects, and with the ways that white-dominated porn tends to shape their own desires as gay men.
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Sean Cody Debuts Anthonie, Spelled Just Like That, With A Super Hairy Ass

Anthonie — who got that unfortunate spelling because Sean Cody already has the maximum three Anthonys in the archives, and like with hurricanes, they’re running out of names — makes his debut today, and wow is his ass hairy.
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Brandon Jones & Andre Donovan @ TheSword.com

How to Say ‘I’m Sorry’ as Told by Brandon Jones’ Ass

NextDoorEbony reminds us that some of the hottest sex is make-up sex in today’s Lovers’ Quarrel as Brandon Jones and Andre Donovan squash their beef by laying some pipe. Then again, maybe Andre saw the way Brandon took a pounding from Nick Sterling in Hotel Hook-Up and didn’t care what Brandon did as long as he was sorry with that legendary ass.
Read more »

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