Evil Jeff, Randy Blue’s Creative Director, Talks Straight Guy Freakouts and His YouTube Alter Ego, Jiz

Back in the 70s and 80s, the director used to be a highly exalted figure in gay porn. Auteurs like Joe Gage, William Higgins, and Kristen Bjorn created styles distinctive enough to become brands for a certain type of porn. Read more »


And Now, Connor Kline’s Last (Known) Porn Scene, With Jimmy Durano, In NakedSword’s ‘Addict’

As we mentioned back in February when he retired, barring any surprises from the vaults at Men.com or wherever, Connor Kline’s last shot sex scene for the porn cameras was with NakedSword’s own mr. Pam, getting fucked long and hard by Jimmy Durano in the third scene of Addict.
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Who Would You Rather?: Sean Cody’s Stan, or New Helix Virgin Kody Knight

One is blond, one is brunette, both are hairless white boys with tight little bodies.
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Michael Weinstein Is a Backwards, Out-of-Touch Slut-Shamer Who Needs to Resign, Says New Petition

Those in the porn industry are already very familiar with the name Michael Weinstein of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), because this asshole has been on a righteous condom crusade in L.A. for years now, culminating in the passage of Prop B in 2012. And now that Weinstein has ignored medical evidence showing the effectiveness of the drug Truvada in preventing HIV transmission — medical professionals are saying it’s actually more effective than condoms, which can break — his own people are turning against him. Read more »


GayHoopla Takes the Anal Virginity of Four Hot Straight Guys, Including This One

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: GayHoopla is on a hot casting streak, no matter what you might think of their finished products. (Yeah, I’m pretty much done with the pillow-fucking and the weird sterile hotel rooms too.)
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Regarding the Footwear Choices In Raging Stallion’s Latest ‘Man Power,’ ‘Tight,’ and ‘Size Matters’

We all remember Landon Conrad’s recent fuck-fashion don’t which came in the form of those very distracting cheetah-print high tops. (Landon, gurl, they’re totally cute. Srsly. Maybe just not for a sex scene.) Well, high tops are all the rage in porn these days! Just look at the literally hundreds of recent Hot House scenes like this one, and two of Raging Stallion’s latest, Man Power and Tight. Read more »


Chi Chi LaRue Chats With Rupaul About Bareback, Shovel-Fucking, and the Dying Art of High-End Porn

Rupaul’s been scoring better and better guests for her web series Rupaul Drives (John Waters and Olivia Newton-John were fun), and in the wake of Drag Race doing that talk show challenge last night, we have a new episode with Ru interviewing 28-year porn industry vet Chi Chi LaRue.
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And Now, the Top 10 Videos Of the Last Week (and Top 5 of the last Month)

The Sword’s Department of Statistical Clicking has come up with the following lists for your ongoing wanking pleasure.
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BrokeStraightBoys Celebrates 1000th Scene With Bareback Orgy, Unkempt Pubic Hair

Today marks the 1000th scene for high-class web outfit BrokeStraightBoys, and the celebrated by paying five skinny dudes with unfinished tattoos to pay for to suck and fuck each other without condoms on some IKEA furniture.
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Update: Mike Dozer Now Also Charged With Possession of Child Porn

Embattled porn star Mike Dozer, who’s currently out on bail in his Delaware home [see update below] awaiting trial for statutory rape and endangerment of a minor (a 14-year-old he allegedly hooked up with on Grindr in Pennsylvania last summer), now faces federal charges both for transporting that minor over state lines and for possession of child pornography.
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Three GIFs and a Video of Zac Efron Getting Stripped Last Night at the MTV Movie Awards

Obviously it was planned. And that shirt tore off him like it was velcro’d. But anyway, the entire gay internet just exploded with this.
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Dato Foland Gets Punished By Paddy O’Brian and Leo Domenico… And Is Paddy Gay Yet?

For the fourth scene in Men.com‘s mostly asinine Voyeur feature, we get a threeway finale featuring Damien Crosse’s boyfriend (I think they’re still together anyway) Dato Foland getting what he deserves for being a creepy stalker from stalkee Paddy O’Brian, and Leo Domenico.
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Attention, Everyone: Landon Conrad Fucked Armond Rizzo Standing Up in the Rain

Landon Conrad is definitely going to win points for athleticism and butchness this week on Season 4 of So You Think You Can Fuck, because he took little Armond Rizzo for a ride on his cock, both in standing and squatting position, in the woods, in the rain, and then they ate each others assholes.
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Shay Michaels Talks Meth, Fucking for Days, and Almost Going Blind

Paul B. is back with the second installment of this four-part series, all on the topic of addiction, in conjunction with the release of NakedSword’s Addict. Read more »


Which Would You Rather Fuck?: New Sean Cody Model Oliver, Or Life-Like Silicone Sex Doll Gabriel

You know how occasionally a Sean Cody model comes along who looks like he was molded out of plastic? Yeah, well, Oliver, while somewhat cute, fits in that category, and his debut happens to coincide with the rollout of the latest in “real” sex doll technology from Sinthetics. His name is Gabriel. Read more »


Christian Wilde Is Addicted to Lust, and Trelino’s Ass, In Episode 2 of ‘Addict’

NakedSword’s edgy new feature Addict continues with a second scene all about sex addiction, or in this case addiction to lust, and this time we see Christian Wilde working out his issues with the butthole of one-named porn newcomer Trelino.
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Exclusive Video: Ryan Rose Shaves Off His First Ever Beard

In this Sword exclusive, Falcon’s Man of the Year Ryan Rose talks about how he was never allowed to have facial hair, either by his parents or by the Marine Corps, and just recently he grew out his very first, actual, big-boy beard.
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Diego Sans Could Have a Second Career As a Drag Queen in His Future

Just observe his phenomenal lip synching skills in this new promo video/Calvin Klein underwear ad by Randy Blue, featuring a bunch of their models trying their hand at Beyoncé’s “Blow.”
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Treasure Island Models Max Cameron and Drew Sebastian Talk HIV, PreP, And Romance

A new documentary video about Truvada use among gay men has just come out from Fusion TV, and it centers on serodiscordant couple Max Cameron and Drew Sebastian, who both happen to be porn models and shoot for Treasure Island, among others. Read more »


Hot or Not?: Guys In Sweatpants Models Scott Bridgeston and Tyler King

Over at Guys In Sweatpants, porn star turned smut peddler Austin Wilde has found a couple of big-dicked twinks from the midwest are into fucking each other bareback. Their names are Scott Bridgeston and Tyler King. And they don’t talk a lot.
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New Randy Blue Model Dominic Santos Sucks Himself Off, Cums In His Own Mouth

Uh, whoa.
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Some Ideas For Reviving the Hanky Code

It’s a little antiquated for today’s youth, the Hanky Code, but once upon a time before the internet it did the job of helping horny gay men trolling bars and public bathrooms to find that fisting top they so desired.
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The 10 Most Eyeroll-Inducing Things Conner Habib Has Tweeted In the Last Month

Oh, Conner Habib. I’ve enjoyed seeing you have sex on camera over the years — particularly when it involves Connor Maguire and a tree. And we’ve all enjoyed your public disputes with academia, Grindr-use advice, and thoughtful essays on porn and culture, etc. But must you tweet your every brain fart?
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When Will COLT Let Us See Seth Fornea Do Some Fucking??

Yes, Seth Fornea is definitely the hottest find COLT Studio Group has scored in eons, but do we have to wait months to see him actually have sex with someone? Is he actually going to have to sex with anyone? Must they drag this out?
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How Tall Do They Look?: Bel Ami’s Jim Kerouac Plows Claude Sorel

First of all, did anyone know Jim Kerouac played the piano?

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Why Are Lip Rings Such a Thing In Montreal?

I’m just noticing that at least three of the Canadian/French-Canadian models at Men of Montreal have lip piercings, and some others have other facial/tongue piercings too. Don’t they know that shit gets infected?
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A Few Words on the Wonder That Is Jimmy Durano’s Cock

Jimmy Durano is, I think we can all agree, stupidly hot. He has one of the best bodies in gay porn, with abs so ripped you could get your tongue caught between them, and then, then my friends, there’s his cock.
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