Mike De Marko Talks Real Estate, Being A Closeted Frat Bro, and Explaining His Sean Cody Account To a Girlfriend

Mike De Marko isn’t interested in becoming a big porn star, despite being one of the industry’s hardest working young performers for the past two years. Read more »


Connor Maguire Plows a Very Smiley Mike Gaite in Falcon’s ‘Naughty Pines’

Let’s get back to the campsite with the Falcon boys, shall we? In the second scene from Naughty Pines, we get Hardest Working Ginger In Porn Connor Maguire fucking cute scruffy bottom newcomer Mike Gaite in a tent.
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‘Go-Go Boy Interrupted’: The Blooper Reel

You saw it. Some of you loved it. Maybe most of you didn’t care. But you know what?! I thought it was fucking funny. So it’s time to watch the outtake reel.
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Boomer Banks Sort Of Answers The Sword’s Questions About His First On-Screen Bottoming

Like I told you a couple weeks ago, Boomer Banks is getting fucked this season. Yes indeedy, Raging Stallion’s elephant-cocked Latin top is bottoming for the camera in the upcoming car-themed Auto Erotic Part 2.
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Men.com Forces Spanish Newcomer To Get Fucked In a Wheelbarrow by Paddy O’Brian

For his first scene for Men.com, Spanish newcomer Aitor Bravo doesn’t say a word. Paddy O’Brian, who barely speaks English as it is, tells him there won’t be any problem about the language barrier as the two start shoveling dirt together, and then making out. Read more »


Paul Morris Extremely Proud Of ‘Breeding Season 3′ and All the Sadistic Blood Play

Once again in an effort to court controversy and/or disgust, Treasure Island Media has put out a movie that takes their bareback ethos to the next level — this time, an anonymous model gets the name Paul Morris carved into his chest with a knife by Dayton O’Connor, and then they use the blood as lube.
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Former Channel One Model Jonathan West Is Now A New York City Firefighter

XBiz, busy as they are covering the world of straight porn, sometimes messes up with the terminology surrounding gay stuff, like in this article about former “pay for gay” star Jonathan West, a.k.a. fitness model Jonathan Jesensky, who’s now been discovered to be a firefighter in New York.
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SF Gays Make A Taylor Swift Thanksgiving Parody: ‘Shake & Bake’

The same duo who made this Sam Smith parody last month with the help of the SF Gay Men’s Chorus are back with a Thanksgiving-themed parody, this time using Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.”
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Micah Brandt Sounds Like He Really Loved Getting Fucked By Jimmy Durano On That Tractor

The last scene from Hot House’s Saddle Up is out, and in it Jimmy Durano gets to fuck Micah Brandt in the sun.
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Watch Christian Wilde Fuck Ryan Rose, and See Brian Bonds DP’d, In Raging Stallion’s ‘Guard Patrol’

One of Raging Stallion‘s last big releases of the year is now out on DVD — sadly it won’t be online for a bit, if you’re impatient — and it’s called Guard Patrol.
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Can You Spot The Porn Star In This Kirk Cameron Christian Video About Homosexuality?

Kirk Cameron came to San Francisco to make a video about being a good Christian and helping homosexuals get saved. And he managed to get a retired porn star on camera talking about getting laid. Can you guess who it is?!?!
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Ivan Gregory Says Ex-Boyfriend Jed Athens Tried To Destroy His Porn Career

Porn daddy Matt Stevens has done another shirtless interview from his Florida home, and this time he’s talking with sexy South African model Ivan Gregory.
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Fitness Model With Amazing Ass Makes Taylor Swift Lip Sync Video About Gay Marriage

Fitness model and SF-based go-go boy Bryan Hawn, who previously made this “Wrecking Ball” video in his underwear, has made a more political statement with his latest YouTube work.
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Max Ryder, Now Officially Retired, Is Writing a Porn Memoir, and He Started a Blog

CockyBoys model Max Ryder, who just last year was one of the studio’s prime stars, has made his retirement official and launched a blog under his real name, George Alvin. And he says he’s working on a porn memoir “about my 2 years in a ruthless industry and moving into adulthood.” He is 21 years old.
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Next Door Studios Pretends There Was Never A Fight With Cody Cummings, And New Scene Gets Released

That new scene marking the relaunch of CodyCummings.com called Private Lusts is now live, and it’s just as boring as anticipated.
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Gino Mosca Fucks, and Fucks Over Darius Ferdynand In Ep. 3 of ‘Dirty Rascals’

Darius Ferdynand plays the “headmaster” in the chateau of the rich, and recently deceased Countess Fellini in this new sex romp from NakedSword. And in this third installment of Dirty Rascals, he gets seduced by sexy Bel Ami model Gino Mosca, who has more than a quick fuck on his mind when he tied Darius up.
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Two Seriously Good Fucks: A Case Study

When it comes to these two new scenes, I don’t think anyone in the pornoverse is going to argue that this is some solid fucking.
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Why Does Thick And Big Claim That Every Porn Star On Their Site Has a 14-Inch Dick?

I get that the site is called Thick and Big, and they want to show off big cocks. Terrific. Everyone loves a big cock. But is there anyone out there who isn’t aware that the actual biggest cocks in gay porn top out at around 11 inches?
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Who Would You Rather?: Hot New Sean Cody Midwesterner Simon, Or Hot New GayHoopla Cowboy Colt Mclaire

In today’s installment of Who Would You Rather?, we have a twunkish brunette with a cute Minnesotan accent, and a hunky blond cowboy with a big belt buckle and a Southern drawl.
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‘I Never Thought I’d Hate a Bottom’: The Finale of ‘Go-Go Boy Interrupted’

We’ve reached the end, everyone. It was only 7 episodes long. So, 25 minutes later, it’s all over. The entire, rich, edifying journey of Danny Carter, over-the-hill WeHo go-go boy.
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Tommy Defendi Plays Sex Therapist for Two Twinks, Fucks Them

In a new scene for Helix, Tommy Defendi gets to play a sex therapist who is counseling a twink couple (Tyler Hill and Ian Levine) who are having relationship problems. They start to fuck on the therapist office couch, and you can see where this leads.
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Exclusive: Mason Wyler Explains Why He Took His Twitter Back, Hints At New Porn Project

Over the weekend Mason Wyler reclaimed his 47,000 followers after letting newcomer Brenner Bolton borrow them for a couple of months. At the time it seemed odd, maybe a little impulsive, especially from someone who’s been so honest and outspoken throughout his porn career, not to mention eager for an audience. Read more »


Brenner Bolton Now Getting Fucked By Sebastian Young For Men.com

Brenner Bolton is back, and still trying to relaunch his porn career after briefly trying to make a go of it earlier this year under the name Dalton Pierce. And now he’s shot his first scene for Men.com (under that name), with tough guy Sebastian Young.
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Max Cameron Hates Kim Kardashian Almost As Much As He Hates Dirty Bottoms

Max Cameron had only been dating his porn star boyfriend for about five months when he was brought to the set of Treasure Island Media. “One day he was like, ‘Hey, I have a shoot and I talked to the director and he said if you want to be in it, they’ll pay you and you can be in it.’ Read more »


Zach Randall Makes Some Seriously Crazy Noises While Getting Plowed By Ryan Rose

Falcon’s Naughty Pines is now coming out online, after the DVD release in September, and now you can see Zack Randall’s return to big-studio porn getting fucked by Falcon star Ryan Rose.
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Rites of Ass-age: Adam Ramzi On His First Ever Porn Shoot, Getting Fucked By Joe Parker

And now our second installment of Adam Ramzi’s semi-monthly column. See the first column here.

One of my favorite things about making porn is that I get to talk about it with people and see their faces light up with wonder. Which means one of the other things I love about making porn is the disappointment that people feel when I tell them about the nitty gritty, the not so fun, and the generally kind of shitty. That’s right, folks. Fucking on camera, while it CAN be awesome, can also really suck the life out of you. Read more »


Weekend Porn Break: Deviant Otter’s ‘All About the Base’

Sexy otter/cub Devin Totter, a.k.a. dirty Boston-based porn stud Deviant Otter, has done his own version of the ubiquitous Meghan Trainor hit “All About the Base.”
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‘Bohemia Bareback Bedtime Boyfriends’ Is What Bel Ami Would Look Like Without the Soft Focus, Or Kris Evans

This just in: There is gay porn getting made in Eastern Europe that isn’t Bel Ami. Oh, I guess we already knew that.
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New Sean Cody Model Christopher Has the Most Perfect Ass, Nipples On Planet

Holy christ. Every so often Sean Cody scores big, and if they don’t get this new model fucked within three weeks, I am going to march down to San Diego and personally raise hell.
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On Set With Jed Athens, Alexander Gustavo, Leo Sweetwood, and Dylan Knight In NakedSword’s ‘#Workout’

NakedSword’s upcoming original feature, directed by mr. Pam, is fitness-themed. Or, at least, the models are pretending to work out in San Francisco’s Dolores Park before they start fucking.
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Cody Cummings Returns To Not Having Anal Sex On Camera

Guess what everybody!? Cody Cummings was totally kidding when he retired from gay porn and claimed he shot his very last gay scene last year. He showed up to do a solo back in May, and now it looks like CodyCummings.com might be back in action, bad blowjobs and all.
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Connor Maguire Can’t Help But Fuck Phillipe Gaudin In Ep. 2 of ‘Dirty Rascals’; PLUS Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Fun

Episode 1 introduced us to the Dirty Rascals, Tommy Defendi and Connor Maguire, and in Episode 2, the butler of the late Countess Fellini delivers them to the chateau where they meet all of her beautiful Czech “nephews.”
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Boomer Banks Makes Pirate-Play Cameo In New Web Series ‘Dog Park’

Boomer Banks gets to play himself, and a bottom, in a funny new gay web series called Dog Park.
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Austin Wilde and Johnny Hazzard Shill for New Pelvic Exercise Thing Dubbed ‘CrossFit For Your Cock’

There’s a new product on the market for sexually active men that promises to make your cock harder, make you last longer, and make you shoot your loads further. It’s called Private Gym.
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Danny Learns You Can’t Go Home Again (to the Club) In the Penultimate Episode Of ‘Go-Go Boy Interrupted’

Get ready. There’s only one more episode left, after this one, of our favorite new web series Go-Go Boy Interrupted.
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Did Hot House/Falcon Know That Men.com Had Already Shot a Scene With Derek Atlas and Ricky Decker?

Welp, when Raging Hot Falcon unveiled their newest exclusive model, Derek Atlas, back in September, I’m wondering if he told them that he’d just shot a scene with Ricky Decker for Men.com. Because they went ahead and paired him with Ricky for his first shoot, in Hot House’s Saddle Up, as we just saw last month.
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Watch Manuel DeBoxer Get Spit-Roasted by Two Masked Black Men In New Maskurbate Scene

Sexy French-Canadian porn stud Manuel DeBoxer is back again, after ending his porn retirement earlier this year, in a weird new scene for Maskurbate.
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How Far He Has Fallen: Sean Cody’s Jess Appears On Military Porn Site All American Heroes

Wondering what happened to Sean Cody’s Jess after he made that one comeback scene with Tanner back in March? Well, I was too. And here he is doing a lame jerkoff scene for All American Heroes as “ROTC Tony.” And he needs a haircut.
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Talking With John Gutierrez, Artist and Creator of Deranged Underground Gay Porn Spoof ‘Ruff Haus’

Perusing my local indie comic shop a few weeks ago, I came across a strange comic called Ruff Haus which caught my eye. Its cover featured a strange cartoon cowboy holding a water ski handle and a martini and amusingly lurid headlines like, “Horny Hungarian Honchos,” “Body Dysmorphia on Vacation!”, and “Privileged Youth Driven to Gay Death!” Read more »


In ‘His Daughter’s Boyfriend,’ Nick Capra Steals Connor Maguire From His Daughter, Fucks Him

Following up her amazing (to some peoples’ minds) 2013 narrative gem His Son’s Boyfriend, director Nica Noelle is back with His Daughter’s Boyfriend. Because: obviously.
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